5 Best Mesh Routers To Buy In 2020

Mesh Wi-Fi routers are a thing for the future as well as the present. There are more and more people starting to engage in work from home as well as people who are forced to work from home due to these uncertain times.  In such a world where your entire livelihood depends on the stability and reliability of your internet connection, the use of Mesh Wi-Fi Routers might become really important. Many domestic setups as well as small offices or software houses have employed the use of these Mesh Wi-Fi routers.

Mesh Wi-Fi routers enable users to minimize and even eliminate areas in your house where your internet signals or connectivity is hampered. So, in case you work from home or even if you have a setup which covers a larger area and you are witnessing dead spots as far as your Wi-Fi Signals go, you now have a way to counter such a problem. Mesh Wi-Fi routers have become really popular in this era of quarantine and they continue to pave the way for remote working becoming an actual thing, permanently. Mesh Wi-Fi routers use multiple devices to bounce off signals or create a larger net of signal, so you can no longer feel the rage felt due to dead or weak signals. Today we look at some of the best Mesh routers on the market today.

1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Best Coverage and Speed

  • Minimalist Design
  • Smart Speakers
  • Easy to use
  • Google Assistant
  • Overall performance is comparatively decent at best

1,680 Reviews

Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 3.6 inches | Wi-Fi Specs: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band | Extra Features: Google Assistant and Speakers with Bluetooth

The first product on our list comes from Google. Google has constantly been a major player in most tech areas but they take home solutions regarding smart software really seriously and that is where this product comes into play. The Google Wi-Fi system was a very popular and critically acclaimed product in many ways as it combined smart home solutions to your Wi-Fi setup.  The Google Nest mesh router takes over where the predecessor left off and brings to us a very solid product.

The Google Nest Wi-Fi comes in only the option of the white color. This might be seen as a limitation when it comes to what users might want but the good side is that the range extenders come in the choice of 3 colors, snow (white), mist, and sand. Apart from the choice of colors, the devices are built in a very homely design, they are very minimalistic and don’t stand out. The router and the devices are similar in size, with the router having a 4.3-inch diameter (4.3 x 4.3-length and width) and 3.6-inch height. You get the router with 1 of the extender points; you have the option of connecting more points to the router if that is your need. If your required area is more, or you have multiple floors to cover with good sustainable Wi-Fi signals, you might need more than 1 of these. Each of the points has fantastic user-friendly features with the use of Google assistant and its voice commands. You can also run music or audio with the various Bluetooth connectivity options within the extender points.

This is one of the easiest mesh routers to use. You can just connect it easily with the use of its mobile app and set up the points and the router. The extender points can be used with voice commands as well as sync or used in combination with other smart Google devices such as smart TV and other products. Versatility and a wide range of uses with other Google products further its uses. As for the Wi-Fi, this is an 802.11 dual-band (2.4/5Ghz) and the device takes about 15 W power. This is also backward compatible with other older Google Wi-Fi devices. The device does not support Wi-Fi 6 but that is hardly an issue as not many people have that space power level internet.

Overall, the Nest Wi-Fi setup is one of the best options for the common user as you get easy to use with the added ability to use it in combination with other Google smart devices. The major issues with this product are that as far as the configuration options go, this device sort of has that in low variety. The speakers are not the best both in volume and quality and comparatively some of the other options give more power with a lower price tag.

2. Netgear ORBI Wi-Fi 6

The Premium Pick

  • Wi-Fi 6
  • High range
  • Fast and user friendly
  • Costly
  • Few extra advanced features

9,925 Reviews

Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.2 x 2.8 inches | Wi-Fi Specs: Wi-Fi 6 (over 4x a 802.11ac) | Extra Features: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support

Netgear is one of the world’s most renowned internet connectivity solution makers right now. Netgear primarily deals in products which enable users to enjoy uninterrupted and top quality internet results with its routers and various other solutions. They are also one of the more hardcore router makers in the world. So, it hardly comes as a surprise to see a product from such a massive name make it to our list.

The Netgear ORBI Wi-Fi 6 is one of the most premium and top-end Mesh Wi-Fi routers in the market right now. Premium in the sense that this has some of the widest coverage areas and it comes with Wi-Fi 6. 5000 sq feet of area coverage is no joke; basically, this will run seamlessly with an uninterrupted supply of Wi-Fi for any number of devices over a large area. Wi-Fi 6 is a newer technology that is still largely untapped and most of the world right now is not really sure how to use this effectively. Wi-Fi 6 makes it have close to over 4x the speed of a normal Wi-Fi setup, although Wi-Fi 6 is more about future-proofing rather than for now. In case you have an overkill internet connection, this just might be the perfect pick for you to use alongside Wi-Fi 6.

The Netgear Wi-Fi 6 has a more standout design and it offers a lot of aesthetic value as well. This will look quite cool sitting on a shelf as the very attractive border accents combined with the overall cute shape of the router and its satellite make it very attractive. This is much larger than the Google Nest product at 9.1 x 7.2 x 2.8 inches in measurements. This product has the ability t be controlled with a mobile app or even voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant. You also get some built-in virus protection tools for your devices connected.

All in all, the Netgear ORBI Wi-Fi 6 is a monster when it comes to raw ability to send signals without interruptions or drop in speeds, but it lacks when it comes to extra features. This product is built for one job, and it does that better than most. The major downside with the Netgear ORBI is that it will cost you over 2 times the price of the Google Nest. Depending on the person, you probably only need this kind of product if you can make use of the Wi-Fi 6.

3. Linksys Velop

The Decent Choice

  • Modern Wi-Fi Tech
  • Simple to install and use
  • Nice design
  • Expensive
  • Average Performance

4,382 Reviews

Dimensions: 3.0 x 3.0 x 7.5 inches | Wi-Fi Speed: 802.11ac/Tri-Band | Extra Features: Parental Controls, Virus protection

As the name already suggests, Linksys is another tech maker that prioritizes in dealing and making networking solutions in the form of Routers of various kinds. These days when the market is primarily very choosy in the kind of product they purchase, it is refreshing to see other companies than Google, TP-link, etc making products to allow people with a choice. Linksys has launched a very large variety of Mesh routers, both in Wi-Fi mesh routers and all in one router as well.

We start off with the aesthetic point of view of this product. This is a pretty well-designed product. The product is built like a small tower, with sort of vents at the top. The product comes in black and white colors. The Linksys Velop has a build that is not too flamboyant and it does not stand out too much, which makes for it is an ideal product to put on a shelf, desk, or even in the living room. The Linksys Velop features a modular setup, meaning that all the wires and ports are detachable and are not built-in. This adds further value as the wires can be replaced and changed at will.

The Linksys Velop offers a faster Wi-Fi signal and internet overall as compared with the Google Nest setup. However, this product also lacks the sheer amount of features and cross sync ability to connect with other Google devices or the Google assistant. The functionality and the router can be controlled with the mobile app and the features within the controls are decent in nature. You get good internet limiters and good parental controls. You can control your home network with the use of such a mesh Wi-Fi device as well. The range and consistent performance of this product are still not the best and wavers sometimes.

We believe that this product provides a better Wi-Fi speed and more new tech options but it lacks the pedigree that some of the other routers bring. It has a decent range, good throughput but it comes at a decent cost towards your pocket.

4. TP Link Deco M9

Connect Anywhere & Everywhere

  • Virus Protection
  • Very user friendly
  • Possibility of Home automation HUB
  • Enters a very hard price range
  • not the very top level of performance

64 Reviews

Dimensions: 5.7 x 1.8 inches | Wi-Fi Specs: 802.11ac | Extra Features: Parental controls, virus protection and more

TP-Link is another major name in the Wi-Fi game. TP-Link is also one of the most readily available brands in the entire world when it comes to internet and Wi-Fi solutions. They have various products ranging from USB Wi-Fi dongles to big office-grade routers. Reliability at an affordable price is the name of the game for TP-Link. It is one of the most easily identified networking brands in the world and therefore a solid product in the Mesh router department is easily within their reach.

This is one of the very uniquely designed products in this category of tech. Every Mesh router that we have seen yet has differed to the other in some way shape or form and this product is no exception to that. This, however, is a very different product when it comes to its designed.  You could say that the individual router and its Wi-Fi points do look like tablets, while others might argue that the closely resemble what we could only call UFOs. These circular shaped products come in a modular state and feature the company’s logo at the top. This is a product that comes in a set of 3, two extenders, and one router. While this enables a better spread and a larger covered area at about 6500 sq ft, this also makes it one of the more costly products as well.

The Deco M9 plus has a plethora of many useful features. The most sought after feature would perhaps be the Home automation features through which you are able to control all your smart devices with the use of this one router. There is also a USB port at the back which is not yet fully functional, this might be used later on for Wireless printers or something. Virus protection, useful protection tools, and the app itself allow for further excellent user-oriented tools. The overall internet speed this offers is pretty good, but it is still not the very highest and takes its place in the acceptable range.

We found that users had complained about this product having some issues in situations where signals had to cross over through multiple walls; this might be an isolated problem or a trend. Whichever is the case this is still a very good product. It gives you excellent features with the added value of a very easy to install setup and guide.

5. Asus ZenWi-Fi AX XT8

The Home Package

  • The very highest level of performance
  • Very good set of features
  • USB connection
  • Very expensive
  • Two router limit

283 Reviews

Dimensions: 160 x 75 x 161.5 mm | Wi-Fi Speed: 802.11ax (WIFI 6) | Extra Features: Parental Controls, Traffic Analysis, Virus protection and more

ASUS is one of the largest manufacturers of PC related tech products in the world at this time. They make some of the most premium stuff when it comes to any kind of hardware. They have their noses in almost all kinds of products. They range from Motherboards, monitors, peripherals and they even make some of the highest grade overkill routers as well. ASUS is probably for those who want something from the very top shelf for their use.

The ASUS Zen Wi-Fi AX is ASUS’s answer to the Netgear ORBI in many ways. This is also a product that is aimed at users with the highest level of requirement regarding internet speeds with the use of Wi-Fi 6. The cool part about the ZenWifi is that either of the two routers can be used as the parent router and the other can be the range extender sort of. This is a very unique product in many ways, it also features some of the highest numbers of features we have seen in any Wi-Fi mesh router till now. You get hoards of configuration abilities with the phone app; you get a plethora of parental controls as well as virus protection tools for life. The individual routers are fully identical and are very basic in design. They kind of look like small-ish cubes.

The ASUS Zen Wi-Fi is a very trend changing product. It has various ways in which it can be used as more than just a Wi-Fi provider. Comparing it with the Netgear ORBI, the ORBI offers much stronger hardware but the ASUS product on the apparent surface trumps it in many ways. The Asus Zen Wi-Fi is also great in a way that it offers USB connectivity for other devices which can be controlled in such a way, such as printers. Only two of these can be paired so there is a limit to the amount of area they will be able to successfully cover though. Wi-Fi 6 is very well utilized by this router; it was built with a good idea in mind.

Lastly, the ASUS ZenWifi would be higher on our list but it is still largely untested even though it offers some of the best features we have on any product really. This is a great product for people with a larger budget and higher needs than the normal person. It still costs less than the Netgear competitor though.

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