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Best Coolers For Intel LGA 1700 Processors

Are you on the hunt for the best cooler for LGA 1700?

Intel’s newest comer, Intel Alder Lake, has been on the market for a while now, but consumers who are still trying to get into PC building are confused about which cooler to go for with this CPU.

12th gen Intel processors might be a huge leap in performance but come with the drawback of overheating. This is why you need a reliable cooler to ensure the CPU stays below high temperatures even if you decide on overclocking. Intel Alder CPUs are simply astonishing as they pack plenty of processing power in their next-gen glory.

How we choose the best cooler for LGA 1700

Putting together a list of the best cooler for LGA 1700 requires a good amount of research and several key factors are taken into account.

The first and foremost is the performance factor. Having good heat pipes, heat sinks, and top-notch fans are vital for good performance, but these aren’t the only factors to be looked upon. Besides these, for the best heat dissipation, copper and aluminum pipes are to be considered and good spacing to spread heat distribution are some of the few factors we at Appuals researched to our very best.

Secondly, coolers come in every variety and varying radiator sizes, so to ensure the best possible one for you, we included coolers in different sizes and made sure that our list is suitable for as many cases as possible.

Moreover, a CPU cooler’s primary job is to help cool your PC, but it also boosts your PC’s aesthetics. Therefore, we focused on adding coolers that are on point with their looks as well. Coolers from manufacturers like NZXT and ASUS that deliver up-to-the-mark aesthetics with impressive performance are some of the few included in our list.

Furthermore, a cooler that carries out silent operations is another important factor we take into consideration. Although coolers, in general, are not that noisy, they still make a bit of noise and that can interrupt your preference. Coolers with larger fans and with the lowest dBA are the perfect choice to go for.

Lastly, while compiling these coolers, we were bent on having coolers that are affordable and come under budget for many consumers.

Best Cooler for LGA 1700 – Our Picks

1. Noctua NH-D15

Best Overall Air Cooler


  • Outstanding cooling performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Silent Fans


  • Aesthetically not good
  • Incompatible with smaller cases

Type: Dual-tower | RGB: No | Fans: 1 | Fans RPM: 300-1500 | Dimensions: 160 mm x 150 mm x 135 mm | Warranty: 6 Years

It is no surprise that when Noctua first announced their new NH-D15 PC enthusiasts had high expectations, and Noctua did not let them down. It delivered industry-leading quiet cooling performance, flawless quality, and perfection in every aspect. Noctua NH-D15 had it all and delivered the best for its international silent enthusiasts.

The NH-D15 has two NF-A15 150mm fans that deliver the utmost silent performance by the use of anti-vibration pads and low noise technologies. The maximum fan speed is 1500RPM and can go as low as 300 RPM. These fans are rated at a noise level of 24.6 dB.

A dual-tower heat sink that has aluminum cooling fins with six copper heat pipes with a nickel-plated finish. One other thing to note here is that Noctua has increased heat pipes spacing to spread heat distribution over a larger area. The contact plate has a mirror finish to it and its size is exceptionally flat.

It is moderately big especially in regard to its tallness so it’s best for those with mid-tower or even smaller-full tower cases to look for something suitable for them.

In terms of installation, it is easy to perform and has no ram clearance issues. Noctua’s secufirm 2 mounting system has everything covered as it ensures safety, quality, and ease of use by providing perfect contact pressure on all current sockets.

Aesthetically, the Noctua NH-D15 isn’t the best choice, a lot of users won’t like the brown and beige style, instead, you can go with the chromax black version of the cooler.

All and all, the Noctua NH-D15 is an absolute monster that competes with a dual radiator AIO in terms of performance. The NH-d15 is almost perfect and is hard to not be blown away by as it surpasses many competitors and delivers brilliant results. Hence, it takes the spot as the best overall air cooler on our list. 

Mounting Kit Availability:

Noctua has excellent customer service as it gives out free of charge mounting kit for existing users and on top of that now comes with the LGA 1700 socket in rolling products.

2. NZXT Kraken Z73

Best Aesthetics


  • Best Aesthetics
  • Admirable Cooling
  • LCD Screen


  • Expensive
  • Noisiness at 90+ Load

5,010 Reviews

Type: Triple-fan AIO| RGB: Available| Fans: 3 | Fans RPM: 500-2000| Radiator Size: 360mm | Dimensions: 121 x 394 x 27mm| Warranty: 6 Years

NZXT is said to be the pioneer of making aesthetic products. NZXT’s latest flagship Kraken Z73 is one of their finest lineups for AIO cooler that is also compatible with the all-new LGA 1700 keeping the performance of the CPU at max at all times while being visually stunning.

Kraken Z73 is a strong competitor for high-end coolers in the market with a price tag of 300 dollars. The biggest flaw of the cooler is that it’s quite expensive, which leads to the customers deciding whether this is the right choice or not.

Looking into the fans, the cooler consists of 3x120mm AER RGB static pressure fans with an RPM ranging from 500 to 2000. Moreover, the fans that come with it are some of the cleanest looking ones you will come across. The fans feature a bezel intake and fluid effective bearings, that deliver powerful cooling, durability, and silent operation.

The spotlight of the Kraken Z73 is an improved 7th gen AIO pump design that has a very impressive flow and durability. The pump at stock works at its 100% potential with an RPM of 3000. However, at 90+ load the cooler starts to lose its silent operation ability, which results in an annoying gaming experience.

Kraken Z73 consists of fine nylon mesh pipes to protect from leaks. These solid pipes don’t interfere with any of the memory slots, and the tubes can be easily rotated to assure that your PC’s minimalism doesn’t get cornered up.

Kraken Z73 has a base plate built of pure copper that makes the installation process a lot easier and, to make that even better, it comes with pre-applied thermal paste as well. Some other things included are pre-installed rubber grommets to reduce vibrations and AM4 brackets.

The cooler has a very neat RGB style that screams minimalism all over it. Additionally, Kraken Z73 also has a built-in staggering LCD with a size of 2.36”. the LCD can be used to simply just check temperatures or display your preferred images, gif, custom logos, and much more with a 24bit color rate plus it can be controlled using the cam software to alter according to what you want. Other than that the cam software allows you to control fan and pump speeds, fan curves, RGB control, etc.

To sum it up, the Kraken Z73 is just a really good cooler if your pockets are filled. The cooler doesn’t disappoint in any way and performs like an absolute beast while being visually stunning. The LCD on the cooler takes it to a whole new level of aesthetics.

Mounting Kit Availability:

NZXT has confirmed that they will be introducing mounting kits for its Kraken units produced after mid to late November 2021. Also, pre-existing Kraken users will get a free upgrade to LGA 1700 bracket kit.

3. Dark Rock Pro 4

Most Silent Air Cooler


  • Super silent
  • Easy Installation
  • Excellent Cooling


  • Massive and Bulky
  • No RGB

14,626 Reviews

Type: Air cooler |  RGB: None | Fans: 2 | Fans RPM: 1400 | Dimensions: 146 mm x 136 mm x 163 mm| Warranty: 3 Years

As it is in the name BeQuiet’s Dark Rock Pro 4 is the quietest cooler you will find on this list. It comes with a Classic dual tower design with a size of a behemoth, but the all-black aesthetics makes this cooler neat. The cooler is a strong contender among other coolers present, but it takes a pretty suitable spot at the top of the line due to its impressive performance.

The cooler consists of two PWM fans that work just as well as a 240mm AIO cooler. The fans are custom-made pure wing 3 with a diameter of 135mm. They consist of tiny holes that improve the airflow and agitate the air while rotating. These fans are best for silent operations, with maximum noise being 24.3dB, and even at 90 or 100% fan speeds, the noiselessness doesn’t stir away.

Now let’s move on to the heat pipes. The Dark Rock Pro 4 has 6 black tinted heat pipes of size 7x6mm that, when combined with 1500 RPM PWM fans, can make your PC’s performance skyrocket. The cooler has a TDP of 250W that helps in managing your processor’s thermals.

Dark Rock Pro 4 follows a fairly easy installation procedure that doesn’t require a lot of effort. In addition to that, it’s even easy to install the cooler with the motherboard still in your case. The cooler also might not be the best option for those who are fans of small cases as it will not fit in them.

Talking about its aesthetics, the Dark Rock Pro 4 is a very elaborate model on the market that competes with cooler not only based on their performance but also their aesthetics.

The cooler does not come with RGB. Instead, it is more of a minimalistic design focused more on delivering the best performance. The cooler, due to its enormous size, covers a slight area of your first ram, making the RGB less visible.

All and all, The Dark Rock Pro 4 is an exceptionally good cooler that makes your processor reach its potential. The cooler has a really neat and sturdy build quality, and extravagantly low noise levels, and putting all of this together you have the best air cooler for LGA 1700.

Mounting kit Availability :

As the CPU is quite new in the market, BeQuiet introduced a mounting kit for this CPU that they have started providing to owners of compatible coolers, which can be secured and acquired free of cost (invoice is compulsory) through their website.  

4. DeepCool AS500 Plus White

Best Mid-Range Air Cooler


  • Impressive cooling performance
  • Easy installation with no clearance issues
  • Aesthetically on point


  • Limited case compatibility
  • Noisiness when overstretched

Type: Single Tower | RGB: Available | Fans: 2 | Fans RPM: 500-1400 | Dimension: 142×102×164 mm | Warranty: 2 Years

Deepcool has been around for a while now and is currently on track as an industry heavyweight. Their AS500 Plus is an excellent mid-size cooler for moderate-to-high-end CPU systems and can even support mild overclocks. It delivers excellent performance for a single tower cooler and gives some of the biggest air coolers a fit competition.

AS500 is a slim single tower and comes with a 5 x 6mm copper heat pipe configuration. And in addition to that, the copper base is also nickel-plated. Moreover, the heatsink is limited to 48mm to ensure RAM compatibility

Let’s dive into the fans. These are two TF-140s white fans that deliver great performance in a slim profile. The fans are engineered to keep noise levels as low as feasible while delivering a solid performance. These fans have a maximum RPM of 500-1400 and at anything below 1200 RPM, this cooler is essentially noiseless but above 1200 RPM the overall noise gets quite noticeable.

In terms of installation, the mounting hardware that comes with the AS500 Plus is quite good, which makes the installation procedure quite easy for even first-timers, and has zero ram clearance issues. It comes with a height of 164mm and limits case compatibility, making it an unsure choice for a lot of small or medium-sized case gamers.

Aesthetics is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on, as the all-white look is a stunning sight. To complete the look, Deepcool went with white heat pipe, fins, and even fans design which looks visually remarkable, and to add on to the white theme you can go for an all-white motherboard as well. Subtle A-RGB lighting under the white color top cover adds to its style.

To sum it up, the Deepcool AS500 Plus is a remarkable cooler that perfectly balances performance and aesthetics. It covers all fronts and can easily handle general CPU cooling needs while giving you the ease of silent operation.

Mounting Kit Availability:

Deepcool announced that they will be providing customers with supported coolers free of charge mounting kits for LGA1700. In addition to that future, Deepcool coolers will also include the new mounting hardware.

5. ASUS ROG Ryujin II 360 AIO

Best AIO Cooler


  • Marvelous Cooling
  • High-Quality Fans
  • 3.5” LCD Screen
  • Artistic Design


  • Very Pricey
  • Massive size
  • No RGB

Type: Triple-fan AIO| RGB: No| Fans: 3| Fans RPM:2000| Radiator Size: 360mm| Dimensions: 87.5 x 78.1 x 81.0 mm| Warranty: 6 Years

Asus is always up to the game and with their first launch of the Ryujin II 360, they sparked the enthusiasm of high-end PC builders. Although some time has passed since the cooler officially launched but even today it doesn’t disappoint.

The Ryujin II 360 is more suitable for high-end pc fanatics who are willing to spend a good amount of money on a CPU cooler as it comes at a whopping price tag of $300.

The cooler is equipped with 3x high-quality Noctua NF-F12 2000 PWM fans. These fans, even at their maximum, provide silent operation and help keep noise to its minimum. However, its noiselessness starts to drop when it is overstretched.

As their pump, Asus went with the Asetek 7th gen that operates at a starting range of 840 RPM. There’s an embedded fan that helps to cool VRM and M.2 areas while providing cooling to multiple other sectors of your PC. The pump housing is designed and engineered beautifully, keeping every detail in mind.

Moving on to the tubes, the Ryujin II comes with 380mm long, thick durable rubber tubes. These tubes are flexible in material and can be adjusted according to your needs.

Moreover, it has a massive water block that makes it unique in the AIO space. The downside of this is that although there aren’t any ram clearance issues, the massive water block can mess with your motherboard during the installation procedure. It also comes fitted with 38cm of tubing to make mounting and routing easier.


The installation procedure is pretty standard. All you have to do is to screw the radiator and fans into the front side of the case, plus the cooler comes with pre-applied thermal paste to make things easier for you. Unfortunately, its size is quite big for ITX cases or even some standard cases.

One more eye-catching component of the Ryujin II 360 is its 3.5-inch display that can be used to show custom animations, temperatures, voltages, and much more. All of these features can be controlled through the software. The screen is magnetically attached to the pump housing and can be easily removed.

As to its aesthetics, the cooler is made with aluminum and is coated with matte black paint to give it more of a clean vibe, and to top it off it has ROG written in italics on each side. One thing to keep in mind is that there aren’t any A-RGB fans with the cooler and that is a huge downside considering its heavy cost.

The Ryujin II 360 delivers ultimate thermal performance and also some really neat customization options. The AIO present is a stellar one on its own that can handle high thermal outputs with zero concerns. Even though it costs a pretty penny but the cooler is the best and most advanced AIO cooler on our list with very high reliability.

Mounting Kit Availability:

ROG Ryujin II 360 coolers ship with mounting brackets for LGA 1700 so you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with LGA 1700.

6. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 RGB

Best Budget AIO Cooler


  • Budget AIO Cooler
  • Bright RGB
  • Clean Design


  • Complicated Installation
  • Concise Coldplate

Type: Triple-fan AIO |  RGB: Available | Fans: 3 | Fans RPM: 200-1800 | Radiator Size: 360mm | Dimensions: 398 mm x 38 mm x 120 mm | Warranty: 6 Years

Arctic sets the trend of low noise PC coolers and components and continues to improve its quiet cooling systems. Arctic liquid freezer II coming with its Silent Acoustic Performance and a very decent look manages to balance both performance and aesthetics excellently and gives gamers a perfect budget AIO cooler.

The cooler has a high-density water micro-channel copper finish that blocks efficient thermal conduct very effectively. In addition to that, the Arctic has Aluminum Fins to maximize its cooling performance. Cable Clutter is pretty much nonexistent which gives your PC a really neat look. A radiator of 360mm is what provides a lot more surface area for the fins that keeps the performance to its best.

Moreover, the artic liquid freezer is equipped with 3x Arctic P12 120mm (ARGB) fans that give out high air pressure and can go up to 1000 RPM being minimum and 3000 RPM maximum, keeping your system cool for a longer duration of time at surprisingly low noise levels.

In addition to this, the cooler also has a small embedded fan at the cooling block that functions as a VRAM fan. Its size of it is about 40mm, its speed can be tweaked to 1000-3000 RPM. This slight component helps you to cool down the area near your GPU, something most AIOs don’t seem to fill in.

Around the cooling block/pump, there’s a copper base that gives the cooler a very good look. The PWM-controlled pump block has an unusual beetle-like shape that consumes less power and produces less noise.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II features 450mm full black braided tubes that are refined to keep them from leaking all over the place. The fabric used on the tubing is very high quality. In addition, these tubes are quite thick, but that doesn’t affect the amount of water flowing.

Talking about the aesthetics of the Cooler, it comes with a notch of RGB lighting that can be adjusted through a 5V ARGB header on the motherboard to sync up all the lighting. RGB connectivity is provided through 3 pins ARGB connector.

One thing to look out for in this cooler is that its installation is more of a nuisance than anything else and can make gamers quite stressed out during the installation procedure, it comes with a small copper cold plate which can cause difficulties with some CPUs.

This cooler is a masterpiece that is made for professional gameplay with its beautiful design and impressive performance. This has to be the best budget AIO cooler out on the market. Smooth VRM fans, a top-of-the-class radiator, and well-thought engineering just make this cooler the best value for money.

Mounting Kit Availability:

ARTIC has also confirmed its making LGA 1700 mounting brackets for a number of its present coolers. Moreover, they will be offering LGA mounting kits to former consumers for free of charge on compatible coolers (a receipt is compulsory).

7. Hyper 212 Black Edition

Best Budget Air Cooler


  • Budget Cooler
  • Simple Installation
  • Impressive Cooling
  • No RGB


  • No RGB
  • Not for serious overclocking

Type: Single Tower air cooler| RGB: None | Fans: 1 | Fans RPM: 800-2000| TDP: 150W | Dimensions: 123 x 77 x 158.8 mm| Warranty: 2 Years

Coming in with the best budget cooler on our list, we have the Hyper 212 Black Edition. Hyper 212 is quite popular among PC enthusiasts and works well with a lot of CPUs. The cooler comes with a beautiful sleek gunmetal finish and an all-matte black finish that just sits with the theme perfectly on top of that Hyper 212 is best for a sleeper system as well.

The cooler consists of a single tower that is equipped with a single Silencio FP120 wide, sweeping blade fans that are put together in direct contact with the heat pipes. The cooler is relatively quiet, with fan noise being 26dB. There’s also room for an extra fan if you want the performance to increase but at stock, this cooler isn’t the best choice for serious overclocking.

Hyper 212 has Four copper pipes and aluminum fins that come in direct contact with the base plate. The heat pipes and heat sinks feature a dark chrome color, providing a touch of dark shimmer. The cooler performs quite slightly with overclocked CPUs. In addition to that, there aren’t any ram clearance issues as well.

When it comes to installation, Hyper 212 has a very simple installation procedure that requires you to separate it from the cooling tower and simply put it together in place. The cooler also includes mounting brackets for both AMD and Intel as well.

In terms of its aesthetics, the hyper 212 takes place as a fairly simple cooler because there isn’t any RGB around it, but still, its all-black theme adds to the minimal design. The absence of RGB can be listed as a con for the hyper 212 black edition however, there is an RGB version for it if you are willing to spend a little more.

The Hyper 212 Black Edition is a perfect cooler for gamers on a budget. The cooler itself is incredibly valuable for money and is a plucky go-to cool for many gamers. Thus, this cooler gets the spot as the Best Budget LGA 1700 CPU Cooler.

Mounting Kit Availability:

Hyper 212 has a separate version for the LGA 1700 CPU, but the ones who have bought the cooler before the launch of the Alder Lake Series will receive the mounting kit free of cost.

Best Coolers for LGA 1700 – Buyer’s Guide

Before deciding on any one of the coolers, you first need to have some know-how about the cooler itself and your PC’s current situation, whether your case supports the beefy cooler or not, let’s talk about this in detail.

LGA Socket

The first and foremost thing you should be aware of is that the new LGA 1700, as mentioned earlier, comes with an LGA socket 1700. Previous 11th gen coolers came with a 1200 socket and that won’t work with the LGA 1700 due to the increment in pins so be sure to note this down too.

Case Compatibility

Now that you are aware of the socket size, let’s move on to the fact that your case even supports a behemoth-like cooler, or should you go for a small minimal cooler. Air Coolers come in different sizes whereas AIO coolers have varying radiator sizes, so to ensure the best possible one for you, try measuring your desired cooler with your case to make sure you aren’t lacking behind.

Related read: Best budget cases


Moving on, a noiseless system is every gamer’s preferred choice. But it isn’t like every cooler gives you the ease of this feature. A lot of aftermarket coolers don’t create that much noise but when overstretched some of them lose their potential, which leads to you questioning your choice, so it’s best to go for something that ensures a noiseless system.


Moreover, selecting a cooler with a good heat sink is another factor you want to look into as it helps in the dissipation of heat that a cooler produces and this thing should be top-notch. Furthermore, good-quality pipes also help in heat dissipation, so make sure you select the best one. If your cooler can not keep your CPU cool that can result in CPU throttling, which leads to a decrease in performance.

Aesthetics and RGB

Aesthetics is a vital component of making your setup stand out and the most common way to increase some style is through RGB. Coolers come with RGB panels, screens, and fans making them a product you would not want to miss. A lot of renowned manufacturers not only focus on their cooler’s performance but also on looks.


One more important factor to look into is an associated software that helps in fan management, checking temperature, RGB control, RPM control, custom fan curves, and much more. Having a designated software for your cooler is like a cherry on top.

Best Coolers for Intel LGA 1700 - FAQ

Difference Between LGA 1700 and 1200 sockets?

The Intel LGA 1700 is a perfect substitute for the previous LGA 1200 CPU socket. The 1700 socket is taller while having an asymmetrical design. On top of that, the socket is 7.5mm longer with 500 more pins than the 1200 socket. However, this modification means that this socket is only compatible with 12-Gen Intel Core processors.

How do I know which cooler will fit in my case?

Try to check the physical dimensions of your desired cooler and measure whether it’s the right fit for your case. In addition, look for a cooler that supports AM4 mounting and is equivalent to your case’s height. Furthermore, you can go search through google to see if anyone has tried the same combo as yours.

Difference between Air Cooler And AIO?

The difference between an AIO and an air cooler is that AIO covers more surface area and because of that it takes longer to reach max limits. A good air cooler will most definitely cover all your needs unless you are doing tasks that require overstretching your CPU. In addition, air cools down faster than liquid.

Do CPU coolers increase boost performance?

A CPU cooler itself doesn’t boost performance. However, if your processor is slowing down because of thermal throttling, then a CPU cooler would definitely increase your performance. CPU coolers have the potential to give you the most satisfaction for the handsome amount of money spent. On the other hand, if you are overclocking your CPU, then in that case having a CPU cooler becomes more of a necessity.

How much temp should a good CPU cooler deliver?

Using a good CPU cooler can get you some pretty nice temps. The coolers mentioned in our list when paired with your desired CPU can deliver impressive temperatures, like at idle use you should look forward to temperatures between 35-50 C, and when playing games or at high CPU load you should expect temperatures between 60-85 C.



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