The Best MMO Mouse of 2024: Gaming Mice Ranked

Key Takeaways
  • Look for ergonomics for comfort, versatility for game demands, a responsive sensor, and low input latency for better reaction time.
  • Top picks include the Razer Naga V2 Pro for its versatility and customization, Corsair SCIMITAR ELITE for its balance between performance and price, and SteelSeries Aerox 9 for its lightweight design.
  • Consider the Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ for ambidextrous design and customization, and the Redragon M913 Impact Elite for a budget-friendly choice without sacrificing too many features.

A good mouse can make all the difference in games, especially in MMOs. But what exactly makes a good mouse? And how should one know whether it’s well worth the price or not? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Read on below to find out what makes a gaming mouse good, and which one should you buy.

A gaming mouse built for MMOs can greatly enhance your gameplay experience | FOX

What Makes A Gaming Mouse Good?

A gaming mouse is vastly different from the normal mice that are used commonly in offices, schools, hospitals, etc. They’re tailored specifically for gamers, and are designed to satisfy the needs of every kind of gamer. However, a mouse, like any other device has its limitations. And the biggest factor of all is your preference; which mouse best speaks to you.

Regardless, here are the factors that you should look at when you consider buying any gaming mouse:

  1. Ergonomics: The most important aspect of the mouse. If it doesn’t fit your hand just right or if it’s too small or too large, it’s never going to work how you want, no matter how good it is. Your hand needs to be comfortable while using the mouse.
  2. Versatility: MMO games generally require split-decision making. While a keyboard is mainly used for assigning keys to the more essential functions, some keys are too far or hard to reach. Utility buttons that can be customized are a huge help, and should definitely be on your benchmark.
  3. Sensor: The sensor of your gaming mouse should be one that supports a wide range of DPI (Dots Per Inch), so that it can adjust to your needs for different games.
  4. Input Latency: The latency is the delay formed by how long it takes your CPU to process the input from your mouse. This should be as low as possible, so that you’re always the first to react.

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Best Gaming Mice for MMOs

Now, let’s take a look at the mice that are best suited for MMOs. You can decide whether they’re good for your setup, and your hand, by yourself.

1. Razer Naga V2 Pro

Best Overall MMO Gaming Mouse


  • Versatile and large amount of programmable buttons
  • Customizable scroll wheel
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Low latency thanks to Razer's HyperSpeed technology
  • Solid build
  • Sleek design
  • 5 configurable and easily switchable profiles
  • Easily swappable side buttons
  • Clicks and buttons are smooth and responsive
  • Wide range of DPI
  • Extensive battery life
  • Both left and right-handed versions available


  • Scroll wheel has only 1 custom profile and is very inconsistent
  • Heavy for most gamers
  • Glossy coating can wear out early
  • Grips on the side may be slippery to some
  • Cases of faulty mice being shipped
  • Hyperpolling dongle and other accessories sold separately
  • Very expensive

579 Reviews

Dimensions: 4.7×2.97×1.72 inches | Warranty: 2 years | ARGB Lighting: Razer Chroma ARGB Lighting | Programmable Buttons: 10/14/20 | Maximum DPI: 30,000 | Connectivity: Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, Bluetooth, Type-C connection | Weight: 134 g/0.295 lbs | Battery life: Up to 150 hours on Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, 300 hours on Bluetooth

Making a list about the top gaming mice and not mentioning Razer would be a crime. The company’s reputation speaks for itself and their peripherals are unparalleled. Such is the case here with the Razer Naga V2 Pro. This mouse is highly versatile; with 10/14/20 fully customizable buttons, along with a customizable scroll wheel. The wide DPI range, great battery life and the sleek look with ARGB lights make it worth it.

Razer’s exclusive HyperSpeed technology allows you to achieve better latency in games and connect multiple Razer peripherals to a single dongle, although this isn’t recommended by most users. Synapse, Razer’s own software, helps you fine-tune your mouse for every game according to your needs, allowing you to set up to 5 different profiles, which can be cycled through an exclusive button.

The Razer Naga V2 Pro has 3 side plates depending on your preference of the number of buttons | Razer

Unfortunately, the Naga V2 Pro is not without its issues. First off, it’s pretty expensive; at $179.99 you would want to get the complete package, but this just covers the mouse alone. Other accessories like the Hyperpolling dongle and charging dock are sold separately. Second, the mouse is pretty heavy and many would find that unsuitable.

The glossy finish, slippery grips and the wildly inconsistent scroll wheel are also problems faced by those who use the mouse. Another noteworthy problem is that some users have reported that they received faulty units. While these are easily replaceable, it’s something to watch out for.

If you want to stick to Razer but find the Naga V2 Pro too expensive, you can check out the Razer Naga Trinity; which offers more or less the same features, at a reduced price.

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2. Corsair SCIMITAR ELITE Wireless

Best Mid-Range MMO Gaming Mouse


  • Comes with both wired and wireless connectivity
  • A total of 16 customizable buttons
  • Movable button panel
  • ARGB lighting
  • Durable build
  • Clean glossy finish
  • 3 configurable and easily switchable profiles
  • Low latency thanks to Corsair's SLIPSTREAM technology
  • Wide DPI range
  • Smooth and responsive clicks and buttons
  • Great battery life


  • Right-handed design only
  • SLIPSTREAM dongle sold separately
  • A bit heavy
  • A bit pricey
  • Corsair iCUE software is resource-heavy
  • No swappable side buttons

3,023 Reviews

Dimensions: 4.69×2.89×1.66 inches | Warranty: 2 years | ARGB Lighting: Corsair iCUE ARGB lighting | Programmable Buttons: 16 | Maximum DPI: 26,000 | Connectivity: Wireless via SLIPSTREAM or Bluetooth and wired mode via Type-C (1.8m braided fiber cable included) | Weight: 113.4 g/0.25 lbs | Battery life: Up to 150 hours

Corsair‘s SCIMITAR ELITE Wireless is the best gaming mouse you can get for its value. Sporting the classic Corsair smooth, glossy, black finish with a sturdy build quality to match, the SCIMITAR comes close to the Naga V2 Pro, but doesn’t quite catch up. Still, it’s a solid mouse in its own right; 16 customizable buttons, a wide DPI range, responsive clicks and ARGB lighting through Corsair’s iCUE software.

The SCIMITAR ELITE Wireless has a smooth, glossy, black finish | Corsair

Corsair’s SLIPSTREAM technology ensures the best possible latency and higher polling rates, so that you react first, but you’ll have to purchase it separately. Alternatively, the SCIMITAR ELITE works fine on Bluetooth and wired modes. It has a great battery life too. However, it is a bit on the heavy side, but lighter than the Naga V2 Pro.

The worst part about the SCIMITAR ELITE Wireless is that it has no side button replacements like the Naga V2 Pro. However, the side buttons are movable, so there’s that. iCUE allows for a lot of customizations, including 3 customizable profiles, but is quite taxing on your RAM. Unfortunately, the mouse only caters to right-handed gamers. Still at $129.99, it offers great value and remains a great choice.

3. SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless

Best Lightweight MMO Gaming Mouse


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Water-resistant
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Smooth responsive buttons and clicks
  • Unlimited game profiles
  • Great battery life
  • Honeycomb shell design
  • Good latency
  • Customizable scroll wheel
  • ARGB lighting
  • Lots of customizations through SteelSeries Engine


  • Expensive
  • SteelSeries Engine is very hard to work with
  • Bad side button placement and shape
  • You'll have to manually set a bind for profile switching
  • Side buttons cannot be swapped
  • Suitable for big hands only

Dimensions: 5.08×2.76×1.67 inches | Warranty: 1 year | ARGB Lighting: PrismSync ARGB lighting | Programmable Buttons: 18 | Maximum DPI: 18,000 | Connectivity: Wireless via Bluetooth and wired via Type-C | Weight: 89 g/0.196 lbs | Battery life: Up to 180 hours

SteelSeries is another reputable name when it comes to computer peripherals, and they certainly did not miss here with the SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wireless. Featuring a honeycomb shell design that directly contributes to its light weight, the Aerox 9 has a great feel to it and makes for easy handling when gaming. Its wide range of DPI ensures that you have just the right amount of swerve in your movement.

The Aerox 9 features 18 programmable buttons, including the scroll wheel, and the PrismSync lighting shines through its honeycomb shell. All of these are configurable through the SteelSeries Engine, their exclusive software. The side buttons and clicks are responsive and snappy, while SteelSeries’ Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology helps achieve the best possible latency. It’s waterproof to a certain degree too.

The SteelSeries Aerox 9 is very lightweight compared to other MMO gaming mice | SteelSeries

The Aerox 9 can also function via a wired Type-C connection, although you won’t need to as it has a great battery life. However, while the Aerox 9 may be lightweight and features an ergonomic design, it is a large mouse. If you have small or medium-sized hands, this mouse is not going to work out. Further adding to this issue is its long and non-removable side button panel, which is hard to reach for many.

Another major problem lies with the SteelSeries Engine, which is notoriously user-unfriendly and hard to navigate, much less work with. While you can set up as many gaming profiles as you want, you’re going to have a hard time doing so. It’s also pretty expensive too; being priced at $149.99. So while it may be a great deal lighter than most mice on this list, it’s only suited for gamers with a specific anatomy.

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4. Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+

Best Ambidextrous MMO Gaming Mouse


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Ergonomic
  • Lots of customizations
  • 10 programmable buttons
  • Side plates are removable and replaceable
  • Swappable palm wrists
  • Sleek and stylish look
  • ARGB lighting
  • Durable build
  • Value-for-cost
  • 5 configurable and easily switchable profiles
  • User-friendly software
  • Good latency and high polling rates
  • Wide DPI range
  • Smooth and responsive clicks


  • A bit heavy
  • Wired connection only
  • Fewer buttons compared to other MMO mice
  • ARGB lights are covered by side plates

Dimensions: 4.92×2.6×1.65 inches | Warranty: 2 years | ARGB Lighting: Configurable through Mad Catz software | Programmable Buttons: 10 | Maximum DPI: 16,000 | Connectivity: 1.8m braided fiber wired connection | Weight: 115 g/0.253 lbs | Battery life: N/A

Mad Catz is a company known for their unique designs and highly customizable peripherals. The Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ is the best at showing what Mad Catz has to offer. An ergonomic and ambidextrous design, featuring swappable side plates and palm rests, a sleek and stylish look that sticks to its name, and a durable build, the B.A.T. 6+ is a beast of a gaming mouse, priced at a modest $69.99.

The Mad Catz B.A.T. 6+ features customizable palm rests and side plates | Mad Catz

The B.A.T. 6+ features 10 programmable buttons and 5 customizable profiles, all configurable within the user-friendly Mad Catz software. It also has high polling rate and good latency, along with a wide DPI range. The clicks are smooth and responsive, and reports of the clicks and scroll wheel malfunctioning are nearly non-existent.

The only bad part about the B.A.T. 6+ is that it’s a wired mouse, although the cable is of good quality and does not suffer from any stiffness. Additionally, the ARGB lights are hidden by the side plates and rarely get a chance to shine. The B.A.T. 6+ is a bit heavy too, and has fewer buttons compared to other MMO gaming mice. Still, for its price tag, it is more than worth it.

5. Redragon M913 Impact Elite

Best Budget MMO Gaming Mouse


  • Budget-friendly
  • 16 programmable buttons
  • Has a white color option
  • Supports both wireless and wired connectivity
  • Wide DPI range
  • ARGB lighting
  • Durable build
  • Smooth and responsive clicking
  • User-friendly software offers a lot of customizations


  • High click latency
  • Side buttons can be a bit hard to press
  • The top part of the mouse is a fingerprint magnet
  • Low battery life
  • Heavy
  • Stiff charging cable
  • No swappable side buttons
  • Only 2 customizable profiles
  • A bit of wireless delay sometimes

Dimensions: 6.89×4.53×0.04 inches | Warranty: 2 years | ARGB Lighting: Configurable through Redragon's software | Programmable Buttons: 16 | Maximum DPI: 16,000 | Connectivity: Wireless via Bluetooth and wired via Type-C | Weight: 129 g/0.284 lbs | Battery life: Up to 80 hours (Eco mode)/Up to 40 hours (With ARGB lighting enabled)

Redragon is a Chinese brand that mainly caters to budget and the lower mid-tier gamers. However, we believe in credit where credit is due. The Redragon M913 Impact Elite wireless gaming mouse is the perfect mouse for MMO gamers who want to get the best of a MMO gaming mouse, at a fraction of the normal cost. Priced at an inexpensive $49.99, the M913 Elite is the best budget MMO gaming mouse.

It features 16 programmable buttons, a wide DPI range, customizable ARGB lighting through the user-friendly software, and smooth responsive clicking. The body is durable and in a surprise twist, the mouse has 2 color options; black and white. It has both wired and wireless connectivity and is a great mouse for its price.

Unlike most MMO gaming mice, the Redragon M913 Impact Elite Wireless also has another color option besides the traditional black | Amazon

Only in a perfect world would you expect a mouse like this one to have no shortcomings. The M913 Impact Elite has many, but to be frank, most of them are minor. A stiff charging cable, fingerprint magnet body, slightly stiff side buttons and the fact that it only offers 2 customizable profiles; all these factors can be overlooked.

But the high-click latency and wireless delay on occasions are something you should be prepared for if you decide to go for this mouse. It also has a short battery life; only up to 80 hours on “Eco Mode“, which results in all ARGB lighting turned off. If left on, the battery lasts up to 40 hours only. It is also heavy; almost the same weight as the Naga V2 Pro. Still, it remains a great option for those on a budget.

↪ Honorable Mentions:

While the 5 listed above should be more than good enough, there are a few other worthy options that we feel deserve a shout out:

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MMO gaming mice are a dying breed. While there may be other options in the market, the ones listed above are the best you can get.

It’s up to you to decide which mouse best suits your needs, and your wallet, because let’s face it; gaming mice aren’t cheap. Anyways, we hope that you find the mouse that best fits you and helps you clutch every time. May you be blessed with good latency, ping, frames, and most importantly, good teammates.


What should one factor in when buying a gaming mouse?

The 4 most important factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse are: Ergonomics Versatility Sensor Input Latency

Does input latency matter?

Yes, input latency is extremely important. If your input latency is high, you’ll suffer delayed reaction times in games, even when you know that you clicked first. So, to avoid future ragebaits, stick to a mouse that has a low input latency.

Can I use a normal mouse for MMOs?

Yes, a normal mouse—as long as it’s modern and functions properly—should be good enough for a pleasant MMO experience. However, if you’re looking for that competitive edge, consider investing in a proper gaming mouse specifically tailored for MMOs.

What is the best MMO gaming mouse?

If you don’t mind the cost and if it fits your needs and hand, the Razer Naga V2 Pro is the best choice. However, if you decide to go another way that’s fine too. Just make sure that it satisfies the criteria we’ve set out above and you’re good to go.


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