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7 Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K In 2024

The Alder Lake CPUs by Intel is a superb pick for high-end gaming PCs and hardware enthusiasts, but a solid motherboard is required to achieve desired results.

Intel has introduced a new LGA-1700 socket which means no previous generation is supported on the new platform.

Also, the support for new DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5 has been enabled by Intel as they tend to win a long-lost battle from AMD. Do check out the guide of Best motherboards for i7-11700K if you want to go for the previous generation, So, our list of best motherboards for i7 12700K will make things unchallenging. All the tech details are briefed hereinafter.

Best motherboards for Core i7-12700K Our Picks

#PreviewProduct NameAwardDetails
1ASUS ROG Z690-EBest Overall Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
2Gigabyte Z690 AORUS MasterBest Looking Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
3MSI MPG Carbon WifiBest Overclocking Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
4Gigabyte Z690-I AORUS UltraBest Mini-ITX Motherboard For i7 12700K
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5MSI MEG Z690 ACEBest Enthusiast Motherboard For i7 12700K
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6MSI Z690-A PRO WIFIBest Budget Motherboard For i7 12700K No products found.
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7Asus TUF Z690-Plus Wifi D4Best DDR4 Motherboard For i7 12700K
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Product NameASUS ROG Z690-E
AwardBest Overall Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
Product NameGigabyte Z690 AORUS Master
AwardBest Looking Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
Product NameMSI MPG Carbon Wifi
AwardBest Overclocking Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
Product NameGigabyte Z690-I AORUS Ultra
AwardBest Mini-ITX Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
Product NameMSI MEG Z690 ACE
AwardBest Enthusiast Motherboard For i7 12700K
Check Price
Product NameMSI Z690-A PRO WIFI
AwardBest Budget Motherboard For i7 12700K
Details No products found.
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Product NameAsus TUF Z690-Plus Wifi D4
AwardBest DDR4 Motherboard For i7 12700K
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1. ASUS ROG Z690-E

Best Overall Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Marvelous Connectivity
  • Spot on Aesthetics
  • Supreme performance
  • Quality VRMs


  • No 10Gbps Ethernet Connectivity
  • Price is a bit high

1,377 Reviews

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR5-6400 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 12x rear IO, 7x internal | Network: 1x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 5x M.2, 6x SATA | VRMs: 19 Phase

The ASUS ROG motherboard series has always been a top choice when it comes to robust motherboards. Also, this lineup is the fan-favorite as these motherboards offer eye-catching visuals with colossal functions and specifications.

This impressive motherboard is great for hardware enthusiasts as their main requirement is to use their processor at its full potential. With robust VRMs and quality features, the Z690-E is definitely the best overall motherboard for i7-12700K.

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Asus has done a really nice job with the power solution of this motherboard. It offers 18+1 power phases rated for 90A that are ample for the 12700K to reach its maximum frequency. 

The large VRM heatsinks are enough to control the temperatures at extreme loads. Thermal throttling won’t be an issue unless you increase the voltages to achieve more speed.

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E – Image: ASUS

Asus has introduced an exceptional feature of Hyper M.2 card for NVMe Raid that supports four M.2 drives. The Hyper M.2 card is an exclusivity of this motherboard which is not available in any other motherboard of this price range.

The internet connectivity may not be desirable for most users as 2.5Gbps ethernet cannot be considered great but it will get the job done as Wi-fi users can take advantage of Wi-Fi 6E.

The price tag can be considered a bit higher as compared to other options the price tag can be ignored since it has every premium feature inside it.

The appealing visuals make the Z690-E worth considering. The bulky heat sink with a brushed aluminum finish gives it a top-notch glance. Customizable RGB using Aura Sync makes it easy to pattern colors according to one’s desire.

All in all, this motherboard is a sweet spot for most overclocking enjoyers having an excellent power delivery system as it’s designed for hardware to work at its top-most performance.

2. Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master

Best Looking Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Powerful 22 Phase VRM
  • Support for 10GbE LAN
  • Superb Overclocking


  • Costly Motherboard
  • Audio isn't that great

180 Reviews

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR5-6400 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 11x rear IO, 9x internal | Network: 1x 10 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 5x M.2, 6x SATA | VRMs: 22 Phase

Master of the Z690 boards makes our list since Gigabyte lives up to the expectations of extraordinary motherboards in this large motherboard market.

This motherboard has got everything for its price and performance. The i7-12700K can deliver maximum clocks without any issues when paired with this motherboard. Thanks to the beefy VRMs.

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The Z690 Aorus Master is very well fitted out in terms of power delivery as it offers a 19+1+2 VRM Design with a 105A power stage. The heat sinks are widely spread all over the motherboard to ensure its effective cooling with the VRM heatsink being bulky enough to handle longer gaming sessions.

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Master – Image: Gigabyte

The network connectivity is superb on the Aorus Master. Gigabyte has included 10Gbps Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. The addition of 10Gbps Ethernet can be notable for many users. The audio quality isn’t as top as it should be considering the mighty price tag.

Aesthetics are never kept aside when Gigabyte is the brand. A humongous heatsink makes it ultra-fine which charms the user to sum up his finding. Keep in mind that the e-ATX can be a bit troublesome for some mid-tower case users so get a full-tower chassis to avoid this mess.

On the whole, the Master stays to the promise of being the Master of its League. The price can be a bit concerning for some users but one can compromise on some factors since it is a great deal considering its qualities. Surely, the best runner-up motherboard on our list.

3. MSI MPG Carbon Wifi

Best Overclocking Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Great Value
  • Finest Overclocking
  • Nice Looking RGB
  • Better DDR5 speeds


  • Looks same as previous carbon models
  • Could've added more USB ports

371 Reviews

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR5-6666 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 10x rear IO, 7x internal | Network: 1x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 5x M.2, 6x SATA | VRMs: 20 Phase

The MSI Performance gaming lineup is a distinguished choice of users when premium performance is the prime concern. The Intel Core i7 12700K can offer prime as the overclocking capabilities of the MPG Z690 Carbon are on fleek.

The MSI Z690 Carbon Wifi offers a sublime power delivery system with a ton of compelling features so the enthusiasts cannot dwell on the results it has to offer.

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The MSI MPG Z690 can be considered an incomparable motherboard since its power delivery is spot on. The 18+1+1 phase VRM with 75A power stages is ideal for maximal CPU Overclocking

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
MSI MPG Z690 Carbon – Image: MSI

The Z690 carbon offers substantial heat sinks to cool the VRMs so the temperatures don’t rise during long gaming or work sessions. With its competitive price and robust power delivery system, we can easily consider the Carbon as the best overclocking motherboard for i7 12700K.

The feature which makes the Carbon more dominant is the support for comparatively higher DDR5 speeds which goes upto 6666mhz. With such amazing memory speeds, pairing the Carbon with the mighty RTX 3080 can result in the most dominant gaming performance. Do check our guide for the Best RTX 3080.

The connectivity and storage options are adequate for day-to-day users since this motherboard is packed with great features. The all-new PCIe Gen 5, 5 x M.2 ports, and 6 SATA ports are available to connect to your needs. While W-Fii 6E and 2.5Gbe LAN fulfill the internet needs of the consumer without any hurdles. The USB ports are lesser than other entrants but they can get the job done for most users out there.

Aesthetically this motherboard is the same as other MSI boards with an MSI logo on the motherboard armor with a black color theme. The RGB job is well done though, the lighting on the MSI dragon logo looks pleasing. The PCB is covered with premium-looking black heat sinks which makes this motherboard a special choice for aesthetics too.

Overall the Z690 carbon is a complete motherboard that can surely be selected above many pricey motherboards. The overclocking capabilities are the main highlight of this motherboard so hardcore overclockers will find this motherboard as their premier.

4. Gigabyte Z690-I AORUS Ultra

Best Mini-ITX Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Best Mini-ITX option
  • Good VRMs
  • Good price


  • Only up-to 64GB Ram
  • RGB doesn't look great

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 2x DIMM, 64GB, DDR5-6400 & DDR4 5333 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 8x rear IO, 7x internal | Network: 1x 2.5GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 5x M.2, 6x SATA | VRMs: 13 Phase

Gigabyte never disappoints the small form factor enthusiasts as Z690I is a godsend addition to the new chipset line-up.

The Z690I is the finest choice for Mini-ITX enthusiasts as they can throng oceans of power in a tiny enclosure without worrying about thermal problems.

Worth looking at, Best Mini-ITX motherboards for i9-9900K

The power delivery system of the Z690-I Aorus Ultra is outstanding. It packs a 10+1+2 VRM design with a 105A power stage that can handle the i7-12700k comfortably.

The principal thing about the Z690-I is its price considering the cost of other variants of the same chipset. The VRM design of this little beast is enough to handle the powerful i7 12700K at boost clocks. 

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
Gigabyte Z690-I Aorus Ultra – Image: Gigabyte

The Z690-I comes in both DDR4 and DDR5 variants. The DDR4 variant provides memory speeds up to 5333 Mhz while the DDR5 edition manages memory speeds smoothly at 6200 Mhz. The option of 2 DIMMs is due to their size which limits the desire to upgrade the memory in the future. Also, the memory support is up to 64GB which might be a problem.

This mini creature doesn’t settle for less when it comes to storage as five M.2 drives can be fitted for daily utilities. Looking at the internet connectivity of this motherboard, we get a regular 2.5Gbps LAN and Wi-Fi 6E option which is appreciable considering the price tag. 8 USB ports can do the job as Mini-ITX motherboards don’t have many ports as a consequence of their size.

Examining the looks, the armor has a brushed finish texture all over the motherboard which makes this baby more attractive. RGB isn’t great but asking too much in this mini beast would be a bit unfair.

All-inclusive, this small-scale motherboard is unquestionably the Mini-ITX king for everything it offers, one cannot get a better option than this as there are not many reasonable yet magnificent options available in the market. Definitely our pick for the best Mini-ITX motherboard for i7 12700K.


Best Enthusiast Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Excellent VRMs
  • Features Thunderbolt 4
  • Supports 8K display
  • Two Ethernet ports


  • Too Pricey
  • Lesser USB ports

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR5-6400 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 8x rear IO, 10x internal, 2x Thunderbolt 4 | Network: 2x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 5x M.2, 6x SATA | VRMs: 22 Phase

The Z690 ACE by MSI is an elite offering by MSI. It has everything an enthusiast wants to have for its gaming rig.

The Ace has Aced the motherboard market as there is no competitor in terms of robust VRMs and overall design. The price is very high. So, only get this if there is no other preference for an enthusiast motherboard.

The CPU overclocking capabilities of the Ace are very well done. The Core i7-12700K delivers tremendous temperatures since MSI doesn’t compromise on the thermal quality of their products as the Z690 Ace manages 19+1+2 Phases Power Design and 105A power stages.

If you are interested in previous generation CPUs, then have a look at Best motherboards for i9-11900K.

The motherboard is well equipped with sturdy VRM heat sinks that are enough for enthusiasts to carry out huge tasks without getting worked up.

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
MSI MEG Z690 ACE – Image: MSI

MSI has done a remarkable job in providing the all-new Thunderbolt 4 port for fast external connections. For internet connectivity, a pair of 2.5GbE ports have been given with Wi-Fi 6E.

Aesthetics-wise, the motherboard has everything for an enthusiast, a snazzy design with flashy heatsinks that contains a golden MSI logo and golden touch on the armor. One can’t get his eyes off when something looks attractive like this elite production.

All things considered, the MSI Z690 Ace is a noteworthy option for enthusiasts. A true Masterclass by MSI and surely our pick for the best enthusiast motherboard for i7 12700K.


Best Budget Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Best Budget Z690
  • Both DDR4 and DDR5 variants are available


  • No RGB
  • Weaker connectivity

No products found.

No products found.

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR5-6400 & DDR4 5200 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 9x rear IO, 8x internal | Network: 1x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 4x M.2, 6x SATA | VRMs: 16 Phase

The second last motherboard on our list is from MSI as MSI provides the best value for every price range. This motherboard can be labeled as the best budget motherboard for i7 12700K as it can be a great choice without spending a big amount of money and getting maximum performance out of 12700k.

The budget beast comes with robust VRMs that can handle the 12700K at maximum overclocking speeds. Thanks to MSI for doing their job flawlessly. If you are interested in budget builds then do check the best motherboards for i5 11400.

The MSI Z690-A Pro is a cost-effective motherboard that doesn’t settle for less when it comes to thermal design, the 14+1+1 power phases and 55A power delivery is sufficient to handle the 12700K at moderate to extreme speeds.

The VRMs on this budget-friendly motherboard are cooled by medium-sized heat sinks that get the job done while the Core i7 12700K is being used at its most.

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
MSI Z690-A PRO Wifi – Image: MSI

The Z690-A Pro covers both DDR4 and DDR5 users since the motherboard comes in two variants. The DDR5 model is well equipped with speedy memory of 6400 Mhz while the DDR4 alternative provides blazing-fast DDR4 memory up to 5200 Mhz with 128GB of maximum memory capacity.

The USB connectivity can be difficult since the Z690-A Pro lacks a decent amount of USB ports. With only 8 USB ports, the external hardware connectivity can be problematic for several users. MSI has done an appreciable job by giving Wi-Fi in this low-cost motherboard with a standard LAN connectivity of 2.5Gbps.

Aesthetics are never judged when the product is focused on performance. The Z690-A Pro doesn’t rock any RGB lighting but it has a sleek black and grayish texture that looks gratifying. Furthermore, the Z690-A Pro can be a great option for buyers who prefer simple and clean looks over RGB lights.

All-embracing, MSI Z690-A Pro is a bargain for users who don’t want to spend an enormous amount. A wise decision by MSI to introduce a terrific motherboard at a low cost while maintaining magnificent quality.

7. Asus TUF Z690-Plus Wifi D4

Best DDR4 Motherboard For i7 12700K


  • Best for DDR4 builds
  • Decent VRMs
  • Great Value


  • Unpleasant RGB
  • Limited SATA ports

Chipset: Z690 | Memory: 4x DIMM, 128GB, DDR4-5333 | Video Outputs: DisplayPort | USB Ports: 8x rear IO, 7x internal | Network: 1x 2.5 GbE LAN, 1x Wi-Fi 6E | Storage: 4x M.2, 4x SATA | VRMs: 15 Phase

The Asus TUF series has kept its reliance when consumer-friendly motherboards are the choice. The Asus TUF Z690-Plus Wifi offers significant features considering its price as the users of DDR4 memory shouldn’t be worried about leftover DDR4 modules since this motherboard will keep them cheered with its DDR4 memory support.

The Z690-Plus by Asus is a cheaper alternative to its premium offerings of ROG motherboards. The Z690 can offer decent overclocking on the Core i7 12700K as Asus has done a clean job in terms of VRMs.

Have a look at our updated list from previous generations: Best motherboards for i7 7700K in 2022.

Talking about the power delivery on the TUF Z690 Plus, we get a satisfactory 14+1 power phase with durable capacitors to make stable power delivery.

Best motherboards for Intel Core i7-12700K
Asus TUF Z690-Plus Wifi – Image: ASUS

The manufacturers cut some nice features in their budget motherboards which in this case are USB ports. With just 8 ports on the entire motherboard, the TUF Z690 Plus is not ideal for people who require excessive amounts of USB ports. However, the Z690 Plus comes with the standard 2.5GbE LAN and support for Wi-Fi which is commendable for a budget-oriented motherboard.

Aesthetics have always been a priority for brands like Asus. A good-looking RGB emits from the upper right and lower right side of the motherboard while the Asus TUF logo also emits RGB on the chipset heat sink which also has TUF Gaming written on it. The heat sink isn’t very huge but has Z690 written over it along with its TUF Gaming logo.

Conclusively, the TUF Z690 Plus Wifi is one of the best DDR4 motherboard options available in the market. It’s a low-cost option for gamers who prefer value and performance without burdening their pockets. Potential buyers should definitely consider this as their priority if they want something worthy.

How we choose the best motherboard for Intel Core i7 12700K

Since the motherboard is the most fundamental part of a computer system, the consumers should keep an eye on some key points which are ignored by numerous people as they go out and buy whatever makes them oblige.

The brand manufacturers don’t necessarily provide the information that a normal consumer requires.
VRM design is always our prime concern. Putting a mighty i7 12700k into a cheap motherboard can result in a disaster. So, we have selected these motherboards based on the best power delivery systems.

We also look for the best feature set that the motherboard has. These motherboards rock loads of features such as PCIe Gen 5 and WiFi-6E. 10Gb ethernet is also available in various high-end models so one should definitely look for them.

Aesthetics are a crucial factor for many enthusiasts. Everybody wants a good-looking RGB setup so some attractive motherboards can land them a superior gaming setup. Lastly, the price tag and overall performance factor kept our list competitive.

Buyer’s Guide

The Core i7 12700K is a power-hungry processor so one should definitely opt for a motherboard with a robust power delivery system in order to take full advantage of their CPU.

There are some other key features to inspect while purchasing the best motherboard for 12700K. This includes excellent LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, DDR5 support, the number of M.2 options it has, and of course the aesthetics which apparently are the first priority of many users.

DDR4 vs DDR5

The choice of DDR4 and DDR5 could be confusing for some people as Intel supports both generations in the new Alder Lake lineup but there is not any significant performance difference between the two generations.

The tough part is that Alder Lake does not support both DDR4 and DDR5 in one motherboard. Separate motherboards should be considered as the motherboards come with both DDR4 and DDR5 support.

The users have to make a tough choice between both DDR4 and DDR5 since the price of DDR5 is massive right now. There is not much performance difference either as per our benchmarks.

The faster DDR4 rams are available with massive speeds of 5333Mhz with a CAS Latency of 22 while the DDR5 comes at comparatively higher speeds of 6000+Mhz but the CAS Latency is lower than DDR4 which makes it a bit useless right now considering the price it offers.

It’s too early to validate the purchase of DDR5 as it can be improved in the future but as of now, DDR4 looks like a sweet spot for DDR4 memory motherboards or peeps having leftover DDR4 modules.

Chipset Choice

There are a number of differences between the chipsets of the new 12th Generation Alder Lake lineup. One should know all the key differences between them so that they can make a fine purchase.

Z690: The Z690 chipset is the foremost chipset that has the highest overclocking potential. It provides maximum CPU and memory overclocking and has a DMI 4.0 x8 chipset link. It provides a total of 28 PCIe lanes and 12 usable PCIe Gen 4 lanes

H670: The H670 is a mid-range chipset that does not support CPU overclocking. However, memory overclocking can be done to boost some speeds. It has a DMI 4.0 x8 chipset link and provides a total of 24 PCIe lanes with 12 usable PCIe Gen 4 lanes.

B660: The B660 is also a mid-range chipset that only enables overclocking the memory and has no support for CPU overclocking. It consists of a DMI 4.0 x4 chipset link, and has a total of 14 PCIe lanes with only 6 usable PCIe Gen 4 lanes.

H610: The H610 is an elementary chipset and has no support for CPU and memory overclocking. It consists of a DMI 4.0 x4 chipset link and has 12 maximum PCIe lanes with zero usable PCIe Gen 4 lanes. This chipset should be avoided for gaming purposes because of its basic features and should only be used for office work.


The Z690 series is very well furnished with networking features. The support of 10GbE LAN in some motherboards makes it trouble-free for users who demand high-speed connections at any cost. Wi-Fi 6E support and standard single or dual 2.5GbE LAN support is ideal for most users.

Storage and PCIe slots

Storage shouldn’t create hassles for consumers if they are out to buy a motherboard for their gaming or office needs. The Z690 fits extremely well in this regard as there are sufficient M.2 NVMe ports as NVMe SSDs are a go-to option these days. PCIe Gen 5 support has been introduced with the release of Intel’s Alder Lake series.

Rear I/O

USB connections have remained an essential part of motherboards since the genesis of computers. The Z690 variants offer abundant USB ports with faster Type-C connections that go up to 20Gbps.

The addition of Thunderbolt 4 port has been made in previous generations and newer generations motherboards to transfer data from external devices at flashy speeds.

Price and Value

Motherboard prices can differ due to numerous reasons. An expensive motherboard does not mean that it can be considered the best motherboard but consumers should look out for several factors before making a purchase. In this case, our Z690 list would definitely help you in deciding the foremost thing.

Prices vary due to many factors such as aesthetics, VRMs, connectivity, etc. But one should go for the option that suits him the best.

Best MotherboardS For i7-12700K - FAQs

Is the i7 12700K worth buying?

The Core i7 12700K is surely worth buying if a top-tier CPU is your choice. It is the most desirable and the most suitable CPU available on the market right now. There is no competition from AMD till now which means the Alder Lake lineup can be crowned as the best CPUs right now with i7 12700K being the best for enthusiasts as it’s one of the fastest gaming CPUs available right now.

What chipset supports i7 12700K?

The i7 12700K is supported on all the chipsets released by Intel. Z690, H670, B660, and H610 are the available chipsets for i7 12700K. However, only the Z690 chipset is suitable for i7 12700K since it offers CPU overclocking which is not the case for the remaining chipsets. [/wsfa [wsfq]Does i7 12700K support Z690?[/wsfq][wsfa]Yes, the i7 12700K is supported by the Z690 chipset. As a matter of fact, the Z690 is the perfect chipset for the 12700K since it allows both CPU and memory overclocking. The PCIe support in the Z690 includes 28 maximum lanes and 12 usable PCIe Gen 4 lanes which can be up to the mark for storing adequate M.2 NVMe SSDs.

Is PCIe 5.0 better than PCIe 4.0?

Technically, PCIe 5.0 is better than PCIe 4.0 due to a considerable upgrade in bandwidth. The PCIe Gen 5 is a future technology since there are not many devices available that can take maximum advantage of PCIe Gen 4. So, it’s too early for PCIe Gen 5 to make any difference. .

Should I buy DDR5 or DDR4?

The option between DDR5 and DDR4 is consumer-dependent. DDR5 can be considered a future technology as of now since the performance gain over the DDR4 isn’t noticeable. The price of DDR5 memory makes it a bad choice even more. So, the consumers should stick with DDR4 right now and wait for the DDR5 platform to polish up in the future.


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