30 Fun & Unique Time Pass Websites to Visit When Bored

Key Takeaways
  • We uncovered a collection of over 30 unique and engaging websites perfect for dispelling boredom, encompassing a variety of interactive games, educational resources, and creative platforms.
  • Intriguing sites such as 'Find the Invisible Cow', '100,000 Stars', and 'Little Alchemy 2', each offering a distinct and captivating experience ranging from audio puzzles to cosmic exploration and interactive learning.
  • Diverse activities provided by 'Neal.fun', experienced the gravitational allure of 'Gravity Points', and tracked marine life in real-time with 'OCEARCH Shark Tracker', enriching my knowledge and entertainment options.

From productivity tips to DIY hacks to everyday shortcuts, the Internet can be a goldmine of knowledge. But what about times when you’re bored? Well, turns out it also happens to be one of the best places to find cool and interesting websites to kill time. In this article, we will go over 30+ websites you can visit to get rid of the boredom that’s haunting you.

30 Time Pass Website to Kill Your Boredom

Listening to music, watching YouTube, or playing video games are often some of the most common ways to have fun on the Internet. However, if you are looking for something new and exciting, our list explores that side of the internet that you might not even know exists.

1. Find the Invisible Cow

Starting this list off we have Find the Invisible Cow which you guessed it is a puzzle game where you have to find an invisible cow. How? Well, that’s the best part. With the help of an audio that changes in levels depending on how close your cursor is to the invisible cow, you find the cow

Follow the audio!

As you level up, the game progresses to newer animals with over 25 million animals recorded around the globe. However, it can get a bit annoying listening to a guy screaming “COW COW” in different volumes so keep that in mind if you plan on sticking there for long.

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2. 100,000 Stars

This one is a whole experience. 100,000 Stars is a phenomenal website that takes you on a space journey, exploring the different stars around us. You can zoom in or zoom out to see the stars up close or get a handful of insights about them. On top of that, you can also take a short tour that will surely make you wonder, are we alone?

Tons of stars to explore

3. 2048

2048 is another classic online game that you should give a try at least once. The rules are simple, you have a 4×4 box and you have to move the tiles inside the box to add up the same numbers. The game gets challenging as you start to fill in the tiles making the end goal of reaching a score of 2048.

Can you make it to 2048?

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4. Neal.fun

Neal.fun is not just a single-purpose website, it’s a collection of different games and fun activities that will keep you entertained for a long. It has almost 32 different experiences including our favorites like the “Design the Next iPhone” which as it says is your chance to show Tim Cook a new breakthrough. Similarly, Dark Patterns helps you learn about the dark side of online surfing and shopping.

Multiple games and activities to enjoy!

5. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a website that beautifully sums up the idea of interactive learning. On this website, your purpose is to create different items by combining them into one another. You have over 720 items to discover and along the way, you can also learn about them through the encyclopedia section. We could only figure out 10 combinations, but let us know how many you can do!

Find all the 720 items

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6. Wait But Why

Wait But Why is a blog website where the author Tim Urban expresses his thoughts in a comedic manner by using stick figure drawings and a bit of humor in his writing. You will find different posts varying from current trends to random thoughts. The website has several different sections to explore along with a store page featuring their merchandise.

A humorous dump of thoughts

7. Gravity Points

If you are a fan of physics or love to play and interact with oddly satisfying fidgets, this website features a circular body with a gravitational field that pulls the particles towards it. You can use your cursor to move the body around, create multiple points, and even manipulate the way the particles move around in different orbits and trajectories.

Learn about gravitational field

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8. The Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a website by Matthew Inam — a cartoonist publishing comics on the website since 2009 —that’s based around hand-drawn graphics. The website features a comic section where you can read short and fun comics, an “Animations” section where you can watch animated cartoon TikToks, and a games section to play mobile and browser games.

Read fun comics

9. Pointer Pointer

Next on our list, we have Pointer Pointer where you move your cursor around the screen and stop it at a specific spot. Once your cursor is Static, that’s when the magic happens. You will be presented with a random picture on your screen with a finger pointing directly at your cursor.

While the idea might sound silly, it’s the science behind it that makes it such an interesting website to visit as the studio Moniker made the website back in 2012 without the help of any AI. This means that each image was selected by hand to correspond to the exact placement of the cursor pixel to pixel.

It always points correctly!

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10. The Useless Web

Another time-wasting website that you will not get enough of is “The Useless Web” which takes you to different “useless” websites on the web. As you hit the Please button, your mystery game or activity will open up in a new tab ranging from puzzles to making drawings to different fidgeting toys, the options are pretty much endless.

Try your luck

11. Hacker Typer

Hacking is often portrayed in movies with someone mashing up keys on their keyboard and getting their way into pretty much everywhere. With Hacker Typer, you can also smash your keyboard, and lines of codes will start to appear in green on a black background just like how it’s done in the movies. You also have the Acesses Granted or Acessed Denied screen that can make things look even more suspenseful.

Become a hacker!

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12. Paper Toilet

Another oddly satisfying and stress-release website on our list is the “Paper Toilet.” With the help of your cursor, your job is to finish an entire roll of toilet paper and see how long it takes you to reach the end. During our test, we found that you can also roll the toilet paper back to bring it back to life. It’s a weird yet addicting game that will surely cut a few minutes of your time.

Roll out or Roll in?

13. MapCrunch

For all you explorers, MapCrunch is a great way to take a tour of random places around the world. Using Google Street View, the website puts you in a random location that you can explore and find more about. You can also choose specific countries to explore and even share your street view with your friends.

Explore the world!

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14. Giphy

Giphy is the go-to for all your GIF needs. With millions to choose from, you can spend hours finding funny and relatable animations. Plus, you can easily make your GIFs with their simple tools.

Find new GIFs everyday!

15. Scream Into the Void

Screaming is often the best way to get rid of stress and anxiety but if your neighbors are tired of your screams, you can check out “Scream Into the Void.” This website allows you to type in your feelings and throw them into the void by pressing the Scream button which activates a scream noise that is sucked with everything else.

Let it go

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16. Wayback Machine

If you are a 90s kid and want to take a trip down memory lane, Wayback Machine can help you experience what the Internet looked like decades ago. It’s not just a website; it’s a search engine that features old versions of more than 886 billion web pages so you can see how much websites have changed over time.

Take a nostalgic trip

17. Don’t Even Reply

Don’t Even Reply is a collection of email exchanges between the author and the seller where he messes with them and tries to get them angry. It’s a great way to kill time while also getting a good laugh.

Funny online interactions

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18. Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is a collaborative project by Nikolaus Baumgarten created in 2004 that features different infinitely zooming paintings. You can use the arrow keys to go forward or backward in the loop or simply sit and watch the mesmerizing loop unfold right in front of you.

Never-ending paintings

19. Freerice

Freerice offers enjoyable quizzes that not only entertain but also make a positive impact. With each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to combat hunger through the United Nations World Food Program. It’s a simple yet powerful way to play, learn, and contribute to a meaningful cause.

Play a quiz and help those in need

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20. Radio Garden

With streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, taking over the Internet, radio may seem like a thing of the past. However, Radio Garden proves how fun it can be to explore music and culture through live stations from all over the globe. All you have to do is either place the mark on the globe or search for a place and a list of radio stations will open up.

Listen to music from countries around the world

21. 29a.ch

If you are a fan of Nebulas, the NeonFlames tool of 29a.ch allows you to come up with your Nebula using different colors. You have a black canvas that represents space along with a bunch of different colors and settings to tweak when drawing the cosmos. This website is a perfect blend of art and science allowing you to play and paint around.

Create your own Nebula!

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22. Animate Your Drawings

Animate Your Drawing is a fun little website where you can convert your still drawings into animated ones. When you open up the website, you are first supposed to upload a picture of your drawing and after a short process, your drawing will now be able to dance, jump, walk, and a lot more.

Animate your drawings

23. Patatap

A lot of times listening to music is a great way to kill time when you are bored. However, if you are bored of listening to them you can start making your tunes with Patatap. This website plays sounds and animations based on the keys you press allowing you to dive into the world of music at your own pace.

Make your own beats

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24. Drench

Drench is a unique and interesting browser game that will keep you entertained for hours. In Drench, you get a board full of different colors and your task is to well “drench” it in one single color. It might sound easy but with a limited number of moves, you’ll need to think about how to use them carefully to finish the game.

Drench it in a single color

25. Forgotify

Another music-related website is Forgotify which randomly gives you a song from Spotify that you must have forgotten about. With the press of a single button, you’ll get a random link to an old Spotify song that you can listen to for either the first time or catch up to your old music taste.

Give old songs a new life

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26. I Waste So Much Time

This website is designed to literally waste your time. There are no games, activities, or long articles, instead, you get memes and funny pictures with captions that will keep you hooked for long.

Funny memes and pictures

27. OpenPuppies

OpenPuppies shows you GIFs and pictures of adorable puppies and dogs you can sit and just admire. All the content is shown in high-resolution graphics and you can also download your favorite ones with just a single click.

28. Pixel Thoughts

Pixel Thoughts is a 60-second meditation tool that allows you to clear your thoughts by comparing them to how minuscule even your biggest worries are in perspective. The website gives you calming statements with beautiful music in the background to make you feel less stressed and anxious.

Meditate your mind!

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29. SuperCook

Midnight cravings can be tough to deal with especially when you have limited ingredients that don’t seem to make up anything. That’s where SuperCook comes in, a website that allows you to simply select whatever ingredients you have and get recipes according to them. Whether you have fruits, vegetables, cheeses, or even seeds SuperCook has a recipe that you can start working on.

Create a recipe from your ingredients

30. OCEARCH Shark Tracker

OCEARCH Shark Tracker is a fun way to follow sharks as they roam the ocean. Developed by the Marine Research Group OCEARCH, this website lets you track tagged sharks, each with its own name, in real time. You can see where they’ve been swimming and traveling over the past year by zooming in on specific locations. It’s a cool way to learn about these fascinating creatures and pass the time online.

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Wrapping Up

From solving puzzles to making colorful nebulas, our list of 30 fun and interesting websites will surely help you get rid of boredom. Explore each one on your own and let us know in the comments down below your favorite ones!


What is the United Nations World Program?

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization focused on hunger and food security. It provides food assistance to millions of people in crisis situations, including conflict zones and natural disasters, and works to improve nutrition and build resilience in vulnerable communities around the globe.

Is it GIF or JIF?

The pronunciation of “GIF” has been a subject of debate for years. The creator of the format, Steve Wilhite, has said that it should be pronounced like “jif” with a soft “G.” However, many people still pronounce it with a hard “G” sound, like “gif.” Ultimately, both pronunciations are widely accepted, and it really comes down to personal preference.

How to play 2048?

2048 is a strategic puzzle game where players merge numbered tiles on a grid by swiping in four directions. When two tiles with the same number collide, they combine to form a new tile with the sum of their numbers. The goal is to create a tile numbered “2048” by merging tiles efficiently while strategically planning moves to avoid gridlock. The game continues until there are no more possible moves or the player achieves the 2048 tile.


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