How to Fix “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” in YouTube Kids

Key Takeaways
  • "Oops. Couldn't load any videos" error in YouTube Kids is mainly seen on devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, and media players, indicating issues with video retrieval.
  • Potential causes include a problematic app update, internet connection issues, server problems, or app malfunctions.
  • To fix the error, try restarting your device, checking Wi-Fi connectivity, clearing the app cache, updating the app, deleting and reinstalling YouTube Kids, changing the age range, or using YouTube Kids signed out.

YouTube Kids is the kid-friendly version of YouTube. It offers visual content suitable for young audiences, with parental controls and features designed to ensure a safer viewing experience for kids.

However, recently, the app has started showing “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” to some users. If you’re one of these unfortunate ones, hang on tight because we have got some good news!

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll discuss 7 ways to get rid of this error successfully. We’ll also discuss what causes this error and tips to prevent it in the future. 

What is the “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” Error?

“Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” in YouTube Kids is an error that indicates a problem with retrieving or displaying content. It first showed up in February 2024, when users around the world couldn’t load videos for their kids. 

This error is common in iPhone and iPad users. However, people have also reported it on Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and other media player boxes like Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

Why is this Error Showing Up?

YouTube Kids released an app update in early February 2024, after which the “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” error became a popular glitch. The YouTube for Families Help Community was flooded with user complaints.

YouTube Kids Error Complaint
YouTube Kids Error Complaint

But the app update doesn’t seem to be the main reason. After the recent update on March 6, 2024, some users are still facing this issue. It could be due to internet connection issues, server problems, or app malfunction. 

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7 Ways to Fix “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” in YouTube Kids

Fortunately, this problem in YouTube Kids is 100% solvable. You can try one of the following ways to fix it on your device:

1. Restart Your Device

This is the easiest way to troubleshoot minor issues. Restarting your device closes all the applications and allows the system to start again. You will notice a smoother, glitch-free performance. 

  • For iPhone Users: Hold the power and volume down button together for 30 seconds. Slide the power off button and let the iPhone shut down. Then, press the power and volume up button to restart the device.
Restarting an IPhone
Restarting an IPhone
  • For Android Users: Hold the power button to access the Power Options menu. In Samsung phones, you will need to hold both the power and volume down button. Tap on the Restart button. 
Restarting an Android Phone
Restarting an Android Phone

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2. Check the Wi-Fi Connectivity

At times, the internet network may get overwhelmed with all the traffic it’s receiving. This can slow down the speed and cause trouble in loading videos on your devices. You can resolve this by turning the WiFi option off and on.

Slide down the menu bar from the top and tap on the Wi-Fi icon. This method is the same for both iPhone and Android users. Once it turns gray, wait for a minute or two. Then, tap it again to turn on the WiFi. 

Turning WiFi On
Turning WiFi On
NOTE: If you can’t find the WiFi settings on your device, turn off the internet router for 5 minutes and then reconnect it. This should clear out the memory and improve the connectivity. 

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3. Clear the App Cache 

A cache is the temporary storage area in your device. It has all the basic files and instructions saved from the most frequently visited apps. This saves the system from having to download them again and again.

However, if an app’s cache gets too large, your device performance may start lagging. You may also notice outdated information and glitches in that specific app. Here’s how to clear it:

  • For iPhone Users: Go to Settings and tap on General. Tap on iPhone Storage and find the Search icon in the top right corner. Use it to search for YT Kids. Tap on Offload App. 
Clearing Cache on iPhone
Clearing Cache on iPhone
  • For Android Users: Go to Settings and open App Management/App Manager. Search for YouTube Kids in the search engine and tap on it. Find the Clear Cache option in Storage and press it. 
Clearing Cache on Android
Clearing Cache on Android

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4. Update YouTube Kids

If you haven’t updated your YouTube Kids since February, it’s time you do it. The support team keeps an eye on the problems faced by users and updates the app accordingly. So, having the latest version may resolve the error. 

Updating App on iPhone
Updating App on iPhone

Here, we have attached a screenshot of YouTube to show you where the Update button will be present. Just open your Google Play Store or App Store and search for YouTube Kids. Tap on the Update button. 

5. Delete and Reinstall YouTube Kids 

Deleting the YouTube Kids app doesn’t delete your profile. It only removes the data stored on the device, including downloaded videos, cache, and other unimportant files. 

This frees up a lot of space and resolves the issue in the device’s functionality. You can always reinstall the app and log into the account. 

To do this, simply long-press on the YouTube Kids app. Depending on the device, either a Remove App option or a small cross button will appear on your screen. Tap on it to uninstall

Deleting YouTube Kids on iPhone
Deleting YouTube Kids on iPhone

Now, go to Google Play Store or App Store and type YouTube Kids on the search engine. Tap on the Get or Download buttons to reinstall it on your device. 

6. Change the Age Range 

YouTube Kids displays content based on the selected age range. This may include Preschool (Ages 4 and under), Younger (Ages 5 to 8), and Older (Ages 9 to 12).

If the “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos.” error is showing up on a selected age range, changing it might fix the problem. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open YouTube Kids and tap on the lock icon in the corner. 

    Lock Icon on YouTube Kids
  2. Solve the given math problem to verify

    Math Problem on YouTube Kids
  3. Tap on Settings.

    Settings on YouTube Kids
  4. Scroll down to the My Kids section and tap on a profile

    My Kids Section on YouTube Kids
  5. Enter your Google password to access the profile. 

    Account Verification on YouTube Kids
  6. Tap on Edit Settings.

    Edit Settings on YouTube Kids
  7. Select a different age range (preferably Preschool or Younger).

    Age Ranges on YouTube KIds
  8. Review the information and tap on Select.

    Younger (Ages 5 to 8)


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7. Use YouTube Kids Signed Out

Lastly, try signing out of YouTube Kids. The app will function like it does and hopefully, the error won’t show up. However, since the profile is signed out, your kid’s personalized experience will be gone. 

Previously blocked channels and videos may pop up on the homepage. You can tackle this issue by blocking them again or supervising your child’s screen time. 

  1. Tap on the lock icon and solve the math problem to access Settings. 

    Lock Icon on YouTube Kids
  2. Scroll down to Use YouTube Kids Signed Out and tap on it. 

    Use YouTube Kids Signed Out
  3. Review the confirmation note and tap on Sign Out.

    Confirmation Note


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Before You Go!

YouTube Kids has a history of glitches and errors. So, don’t panic when errors like “Oops. Couldn’t load any videos” come up. Instead, try one of the methods above to resolve the issue easily.

When nothing works, check whether the server is down. Search YouTube Kids Server Down Today on Google and you’ll know whether it is the problem or not. You’ll also know when it will get resolved. 

Or, you can always post on YouTube for Families Community. The Google support team is quick to notice and will respond to your unique error. Good luck! 


Why isn’t my kids YouTube working?

Your child’s YouTube may not be working due to internet connectivity issues, server problems, or glitches within the app. Troubleshooting steps like restarting the app can help resolve the issue.

Does YouTube Kids work offline?

No, YouTube Kids does not work offline. It requires an internet connection to access and stream videos. However, Premium membership allows you to enjoy YouTube Kids offline.

Can I watch YouTube Kids without the app?

Yes, you can access YouTube Kids on browser (


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