Who is John Pork & What is the John Pork Calling Meme?

Key Takeaways
  • Originating from Palermo, Italy, John Pork is known for his half-human, half-pig appearance, starting his journey on Instagram in 2018 as a fashion model with AI-generated content.
  • Gaining sudden fame, the meme involves John's pig face on a call screen, leading to over 900 million views on TikTok under #johnpork and nearly 300,000 followers on his Instagram.
  • Despite rumors and fake accounts, the real identity behind John Pork remains unknown. He continues to expand his presence, including a memory book Instagram account and a range of merchandise.

When it comes to making big on platforms like TikTok, there’s no secret formula to help you get to the top. For some, it requires years of dedication while for others it’s their content’s bizarreness that makes it win over the internet. One such example is a virtual influencer named “John Pork” who took over the meme world by storm with his “John Pork is calling” meme.

From the character’s unknown origin to their strange appearance, John Pork has left users confused about the true identity of the meme figure. In this article, we will explore everything you should know about the John Pork meme to help you figure out whether to answer the call or not. So let’s jump in!

John Pork’s Instagram account

Who is John Pork?

According to Know Your Meme — a popular website for all your meme queries — John Pork is a virtual influencer from Plaermo, Italy who caught the attention of the internet with the appearance of a man with a human body and a pig head imposed onto him.

The half-human, half-pig started his internet journey in 2018 on Instagram via the handle @john.pork where he would share AI-generated selfies and pictures near different tourist spots and described himself as a “fashion model” in his bio. Apart from his love for traveling, John Pork often calls himself “the coolest pig in the world” in several of his Instagram captions.

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What’s the John Pork Calling Meme?

John Pork wasn’t someone with lines of followers behind him, however, the character suddenly blew up on the internet when people started to get creative with John’s pig face and edited it on an iPhone call screen to make it look like the actual John Pork was calling them.

John Pork is calling meme

This sparked a new viral trend on TikTok, where people shared clips of themselves receiving a call from John Pork and expressing confusion about whether to answer it or not. This sudden buzz of attention brought the character to popularity, with his Instagram account reaching almost 300,000 followers and the hashtag #johnpork amassing over 900 million views.

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The Rise of Fake John Pork Accounts

As soon as a creator reaches a certain mark of popularity people start to make fake accounts claiming to be the real deal in hopes of getting a taste of the limelight and gaining undeserved attention. The same happened with John Pork with several TikTok accounts trying to get on the bandwagon of his popularity by copying his name and branding themselves as the real John Pork.

John Pork addressed the situation on his Instagram account by saying;

My heart swells with pride to know that my reign has inspired so many worthy successors to follow in my footsteps.

John Pork

He also shared his official TikTok account to let people know the real John Pork to follow. Currently, John Pork’s authentic TikTok account boasts over 100,000 followers.

John Pork’s official TikTok account

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Who is Behind John Pork?

Ever since John Pork revealed his character to the world, people have been dying to uncover the true face behind the pig-like entity. However, John Pork has done a great job of maintaining his persona without revealing his true face and continues to add more pictures about himself on Instagram.

In 2018, a popular Reddit theory started to gain attention linking the true identity of John Pork to the famous Minecraft YouTuber “Technoblade” as he mostly used a pig-themed Minecraft skin on his YouTube channel. However, the rumors were found to be untrue with no proof to unmask the mystery behind John Pork.

Technoblade’s Minecraft skin

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After receiving a good amount of internet attention, John Pork didn’t settle just there. Instead, he decided to branch his popularity into different avenues. Firstly, John opened up another Instagram account in June which was called “johnpork.memorybook” which featured his most memorable moments through his journey.

johnpork.memory Instagram account

Additionally, John also mentions another Instagram account at the top of his bio called “lola.pork” which, as you guessed, is supposed to be the sister of John Pork. Lola Pork’s account hasn’t been featured on John’s account at all, and it only has three posts, with the most recent one being posted on November 24.

lola.pork Instagram account

Finally, John Pork also entered the clothing industry with his very own merchandise featuring designs like JP, I am John Pork and more. In total, the website has 4 t-shirts in different colors and sizes, along with other accessories like mugs, greeting cards, stickers, etc., also put up for sale.

John Pork’s merchandise

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Is John Pork Dead?

In March 2023, a new wave of rumors started spreading about the alleged death of John Pork in Atlanta. Different TikTok theories started coming in from all over suggesting that the meme figure was shot with one clip viewed over 1.2 million times saying he was found dead in a river. Fans of John Pork expressed their feelings about these tragic rumors through comments like:

  • I was wrong this whole time. He needed my help.
  • Maybe I should have answered blud’s calls.

Some users have also related the news to his John Pork is calling meme saying that something bad happened to him because nobody was picking up his calls. However, the rumors about John Pork’s death were found to be a complete hoax as the creator recently posted a video on November 17 with the caption “Who is John Pork” featuring a history trip.

John Pork’s latest post | Instagram

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It’s common for old memes to gain newfound attention overnight on platforms like TikTok. John Pork’s pig face and human body is a proof of how the internet manages to entertain us with some of the most random memes. So the next time you have an incoming call maybe it’s John Pork waiting for your answer!


Is John Pork an AI?

Yes, John Pork is an AI character created by either a group of people or an individual through the use of various digital technologies.

Which tourists spots have John Pork visited?

John Pork has been to several places around the world including the famous Doune Castle in Scotland, Times Square in New York, and the European country of Malta.

Does John Pork have a Spotify Pork?

Yes, John Pork has an official Spotify account with his own song titled “You’re calling John Pork” which has over 300,000 streams and almost 3,500 monthly listeners.


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