The Perfect Demon Slayer Watch Order to Follow in 2024!

Watch One of the Most Influential Modern Shonen Anime in the Perfect Chronological Order in 2024!

Key Takeaways
  • Start with Season 1, then proceed to Season 2's Mugen Train Arc and The Entertainment District Arc.
  • Continue with Season 3: The Swordsmith Village Arc, and finish with Season 4: The Hashira Training Arc for the complete series up to 2024.
  • Post Season 4, begin the manga from Chapter 137 to dive into the Infinity Castle Arc and beyond.

From reigning over the Japanese box office to creating a trend of anime theatrical releases, Demon Slayer has done it all. With the new movie just released, it might be the perfect time to rewatch the entire Demon Slayer anime in chronological order.

Whether you are a die-hard DS fan or just starting to take baby steps into the amazing world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, this article will give you the perfect Kimetsu no Yaiba watch order to follow in 2024! Before we bombard you with our perfect order to watch your favorite Ufotable anime, check out our recent article on the 30 Best Anime on Funimation to Watch Before It Shuts Down!

Demon Slayer Perfect Watch Order to Follow in 2024

Kimetsu no Yaiba | Ufotable

Below, we have listed all the Demon Slayer releases with their respective order, the number of episodes in each release, and a short description of what happened in each part. We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions by fans.

Furthermore, if you don’t want spoilers, please skip the following sections. You can check out our highlights section for a quick understanding of the watch order you should follow. Annnd!! if you are new to the Kimetsu no Yaiba universe, then make sure you read our article on Who Killed Muzan at the End of Demon Slayer?

1. Demon Slayer Season 1

Kimetsu no Yaiba | Ufotable

Demon Slayer Season 1 was released in 2019 with 26 episodes. The first season introduces the audience to the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, focusing on none other than DEMONS!!. It explores how demons kill humans and how some humans can transform into demons permanently.

The story follows Tanjiro, a hardworking boy who sells coal in the village below the mountains where he lives. However, his life takes a dark turn when he returns home one day to find his family slaughtered by demons, with his sister Nezuko critically wounded and transformed into a demon.

As Tanjiro rushes to get help for his sister, he learns that she has become a demon. Determined to turn her back into a human and eliminate demons, Tanjiro embarks on a quest to join the Demon Slayer Corps. If you are keen to know Tanjiro’s personality as a Protagonist of Kimetsu no Yaiba, read our article on Tanjiro Kamado & The Beauty of Altruism in Demon Slayer!

2. Demon Slayer Season 2, Part 1: The Mugen Train Arc (Show + Movie)

Mugen Train Arc | Ufotable

Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2, The Mugen Train Arc, is the first part of the second season that was released in 2020 as both a movie and an anime on TV, covering episodes 27 to 33. It features Tanjiro, now accompanied by the kind-hearted and brave Flame Hashira, Kyōjurō Rengoku, on a mission.

During their journey, they encounter a Lower Moon One, Enmu who challenges them to a deadly battle to please the Demon Lord, Muzan. Tanjiro learns about the Hinokami Kagura, and we get to witness an intense battle between Kyōjurō Rengoku and the fan-favorite demon, Akaza.

This installment showcases exceptional CGI, an engaging story, and stunning animation by Ufotable. Not to forget, it was 100% successful in breaking our hearts and making us root for the very short-lived character Rengoku.

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3. Demon Slayer Season 2, Part 2: The Entertainment District Arc

Gyutaro vs Tengen | Ufotable

Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2, The Entertainment District Arc, is the second installment released in 2021. It consists of 10 episodes that continue the story from episodes 34 to 44. In this arc, Tanjiro is joined by Inosuke and Zenitsu as they accompany the flamboyant Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.

The team travels to the entertainment district where Tengen’s shinobi spies are gathering information on a super powerful demon. However, things take a turn for the worse when they encounter Upper Moon Six, Gyutaro, and Daki, twin demons skilled in combat and demon powers.

This season crashed Crunchyroll’s servers due to the insane animation and the intense battle between Tengen and Gyutaro, which gave us all DS fans major GOOSEBUMPS! Mentioning goosebumps, the Demon Lord never fails to give them to us when he appears on the big screen.

If you’re curious about Kimetsu no Yaiba’s smooth criminal, be sure to read The Pure Evilness of Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer!

4. Demon Slayer Season 3: The Swordsmith Village Arc (Show + Movie)

Swordsmith Village Arc | Ufotable

The Swordsmith Village Arc is the second movie of the Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise. It was released in 2023 and includes episodes 10 and 11 of the Entertainment District Arc, along with the first episode of Season 3 of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

However, we recommend our readers to skip it, as the episodic version is more fun than the movie itself. In the episodic version of the Swordsmith Village Arc, the story takes place after the events of the Entertainment District.

Mitsuri | Ufotable

Tanjiro recovers from his coma, and the team must visit the village where Demon Slayer swords are forged. We get a sneak peek of the Upper Moon meeting and Muzan’s frustration regarding Gyutaro’s death. On the other hand, Upper Moon 4 Hantengu makes a plan to attack the secret village with Upper Moon 5 Gyokko to please the Muzan.

This season also features two skilled Hashira. Firstly, the Love Hashira, Mitsuri, with her amazing Love Breathing techniques, and secondly, the Mist Hashira, Muichiro, with his Mist Breathing techniques. (Psst! This season includes a cameo from the legend himself, Yorichi, and Nezuko-chan conquers the sun!)

If you want to know more about this season in detail, you can read our article on Everything You Need to Know About Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Arc!

5. Demon Slayer Season 4: The Hashira Training Arc (Show + Movie)

Kimetsu no Yaiba | Ufotable

The Hashira Training Arc is the third movie of the Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise. Since the TV episodes for Season 4, The Hashira Training Arc, are yet to be released in May of this year, fans can watch the movie to know where the story is heading.

The Season 4 Hashira Training Arc is the last part of the story before the Final Arc begins. Tanjiro undergoes training with the strongest pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps, Stone Hashira, Himejima, in his quest to become a Hashira. Meanwhile, Muzan continues to search for Nezuko and Ubuyashiki.

Where to Start the Manga after Watching the Hashira Training Arc?

Muzan | Ufotable

After watching the complete Hashira Training Arc, fans can start reading the manga from Chapter 137, titled Indestructible. This chapter marks the beginning of the Final Arc Part 1, which is the Infinity Castle Arc. In this arc, readers will witness incredible battles between the Hashiras and the remaining Upper Moons, along with the death of Shinobu Kocho and Doma’s fall.

If you are curious about how Shinobu Kocho was able to bring down Doma despite being the weakest Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, make sure to read How Is Shinobu Kocho Strong Without a Demon Slayer Mark?

How Many Arcs does Demon Slayer have in Total?

Nezuko | Ufotable

Demon Slayer has 12 arcs in total, each introducing new challenges, demons, Hashira, and a lot of fun. We have listed all the arcs below for our readers to pick their favorite one from the manga.

  1. Unwavering Resolve Arc
  2. Final Selection Arc
  3. Kidnapper’s Bog Arc
  4. Asakusa Arc
  5. Tsuzumi Mansion Arc
  6. Mount Natagumo Arc
  7. Rehabilitation Training Arc
  8. Mugen Train Arc
  9. Entertainment District Arc
  10. Swordsmith Village Arc
  11. Hashira Training Arc
  12. Final Battle Arc

Does Demon Slayer Have a Happy Ending

Zenitsu | Ufotable

The answer to this is not that simple. If you are someone who wants Muzan dead and Tanjiro to live a happy life, then YES, Demon Slayer does have a happy ending. However, if you are someone who got too attached to other characters such as the Hashira or even the Upper Moon 3 Akaza, then NO, the ending might leave you heartbroken.

In the final arc, we will witness many deaths, and they are all painful to watch, especially when you consider who will be dying. So, folks, we can say that it has a bittersweet ending that might leave you teary-eyed.

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What Made Kimetsu no Yaiba So Successful?

Zenitsu | Ufotable

Demon Slayer is the perfect example of narrative creativity, telling simple stories in amazing ways. At its core, the story may seem simple and mundane. A guy loses his family to demons, and his only hope is his ailing sister who has turned into a demon.

He must strive to bring his sister back to human form. Yet, Demon Slayer immerses you in Tanjiro’s journey, making you live every second with him on screen. The fights are animated in a way that keeps you rooting for the characters every second, with your heart in your hand, hoping they won’t be lost to another demon.

In short, Demon Slayer has the perfect fusion of compelling storytelling and exceptional animation. These factors give it the superpower of captivating a vast audience across the globe and leaving an impact even long after the screen fades to black.

Which Hashira has the Saddest Backstory?

Sanemi | Ufotable

It’s none other than SANEMI SHINAZUGAWA, The Wind Hashira!! His backstory is one of the most tragic in the Demon Slayer world. The man lost 5 of his siblings when his mother turned into a demon. To protect his younger brother Genya Shinazugawa, he was forced to kill her.

But for this, he was accused by Genya of murdering their mom. Later on, Sanemi loses the love of his life, Kanae Kocho, the Flower Hashira, to Doma. Poor Sanemi never got the chance to confess his love to Kanae. After Kanae passed away, Sanemi kept visiting her grave and confessing what he could never tell her.

Lastly, in the Infinity Castle Arc, Sanemi loses his last brother, Genya, to Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One, only to hold his disintegrated body. Imagine having to kill your mother to protect your sibling, only to lose them to demons in the end, and that too in the worst way possible.

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Bottom Line

Tanjiro | Ufotable

As we have reached the end of our article, we hope that you can now watch Demon Slayer in the best way possible with this guide. Also, if you are intrigued to know more about the real demon of Demon Slayer, make sure to give a read to Demon Slayer’s Doma: A Psychopathic Nihilist!

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