What Happened to Zoro.to? Piracy Giant Gone Overnight

Find Out Why the Fan Favorite Zoro.to Left the Digital Space, Leaving Anime Fans Confused!

Key Takeaways
  • Zoro.to, a popular pirated anime site known for its quick updates and vast library, was taken down in July 2023 due to copyright infringement issues, leaving many fans disappointed.
  • The site, along with another site named Sanji.to, has been replaced by AniWatch, now rebranded as HiAnime, where user accounts and watchlists remain unchanged despite the domain and theme changes.
  • For safety on illegal anime sites, it's recommended to use ad blockers to reduce intrusive ads, a reliable VPN to protect personal data and identity, and strong, unique passwords to prevent hacking and phishing attacks.

While the anime industry is busy pouring us all with new and amazing series, a significant portion of the fanbase is left heartbroken after their favorite anime website, Zoro.to, disappeared from the scene. As always, we aim to help you understand exactly what happened to this beloved site and why you still have multiple options to binge-watch your favorite anime shows.

We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Zoro.to and what fans can do after the site has vanished from the digital space. But before we begin with spilling all the tea for you, make sure to read our latest take on The Perfect Demon Slayer Watch Order to Follow in 2024!

Uncovering the Zoro.to Saga: Pirated Anime Haven

Anime Catalogue | Zoro.to

Zoro.to was launched in the early 2010s to serve the anime community by providing a vast library of anime series. This library included all the latest releases of trendy shows for audiences to binge-watch in subtitles and dubbed formats.

The most remarkable aspect of this website was its speed in offering the latest series. It did not make fans wait for months for new episodes. As soon as Japanese anime episodes were released, Zoro.to made them available to the audience on the site.

This led to the website amassing a massive fanbase, and from there, the site began to expand and introduced a user-friendly interface that was cost-free and had limited ads. This felt like a home for the anime community, and millions of fans began to trust this site.


Many anime fans who have been watching anime since their childhood confess that Zoro.to was their number one preference for watching anime, and that too without paying subscription fees to streaming services.

But soon, as with any pirated site, Zoro.to began encountering problems, as publishers and anime studios started to crack down on pirated platforms; this site was not spared either. Zoro.to was hosting illegal content, which directly infringed on the copyrights of anime studios & publishers.

Soon, as the crackdown on pirated sites began to gain momentum, the authorities seized Zoro.to. In July 2023, the site vanished and displayed a message stating, “This site has been taken down due to copyright infringement,” leaving users with broken hearts for the platform that had served them for almost 13 years.

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What Exactly Happened to Zoro.to? Will it Ever Come Back?

AniWatch | AniWatch Website

No!! Zoro.to will not come back. This privacy mogul, along with another popular anime site, Sanji.to, was replaced by AniWatch, which has now been rebranded as HiAnime. The team behind the site mentioned in the community reads of their Discord,

All data and information shall be transferred and shall remain the same as before. User accounts and watchlist records shall thus remain unchanged”.


Confused? Well, as we mentioned earlier, Zoro.to and Sanji.to were both pirated sites, and even when these sites rebrand themselves now and then, they come under fire for copyright issues and get rebranded again, and the cycle continues.

Earlier, Zoro.to developers shared a notification stating they were forced to change the domain and theme of the website due to DMCA issues. They also removed the famous One Piece reference for the same reasons. However, all of this does not stop anime fans from visiting sites that offer them their favorite anime without spending a dime.

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Why Do Anime Sites Rebrand So Frequently?

HiAnime | HiAnime Website

Anime sites, especially those with a large fan base, often undergo frequent rebranding for various reasons. These may include technical issues such as a slow server or a poorly designed user interface that makes navigation difficult for users.

Another reason for rebranding is copyright infringement. Publishers, certified companies like Crunchyroll, and artists can sue websites that provide pirated content. This harms studios financially and undermines the hard work and creativity of those involved in the making.

Is It Safe to Watch Anime on HiAnime in 2024?

To answer this directly, we do not recommend watching anime from pirated sites in 2024. Doing so can expose you to multiple malicious attacks from viruses and malware. Also, choosing pirated content over legally aired content is unethical.

Supporting artists and studios should be seen as a responsibility for anime fans. Therefore, it’s better to be safe than sorry and choose a legal, more convenient platform that offers you the best anime and is reliable.

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How Can I Watch Anime on Illegal Sites With Safety?

Anime GIF | Crunchyroll

No matter what fans do, they might end up visiting illegal sites, and for that, there are some steps one should take to get protected from viruses and cyber-attacks. Here are some steps that you can take if you are a beginner and don’t know what to do.

1. Using Ad Blockers

Anime GIF | Crunchyroll

All illegal anime websites have something in common, can you guess? Well, it’s the excessive number of ads that pop up every 2 to 3 minutes on your screen. Sometimes, they even appear while you’re watching or when you click on the next episode tab. To avoid these ads, make sure you have a reliable ad blocker installed. This way, you can enjoy your anime episodes without any disturbances.

2. Using A Realibale VPN

Anime GIF | Crunchyroll

As we previously mentioned, illegal websites are prone to exposing their visitors and their private data to cyberattacks and viruses. A VPN will help you hide your identity and let you establish a protected connection while watching anime. Using a VPN allows you to select any region, which benefits you by exploring different language options for your favorite anime.

3. Use Strong and Unique Passwords

Anime GIF | Crunchroll

Strong and unique passwords make it tougher for hackers to steal your personal information. Try creating new passwords and avoid using similar ones across different anime websites. This approach not only aids in building strong, anti-hacking profiles but also helps in preventing phishing attacks.

Bottom Line

Anime GIF | Crunchyroll

We hope you now know what happened to this piracy mogul and what the current status of the rebranded website is. If you’re new to the anime space, why not read our article on How to Read Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK) Manga Free Online in 2024? And if you want to explore more, then visit Appauls’ Anime section and dive into a whole new world of anime.


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