30 Best Anime on Funimation to Watch Before It Shuts Down!

Kiss Goodbye to Funimation by Watching these Superb 30 Anime Recommendations in 2024!

Funimation is a leading platform offering some of the best anime to the Western audience. However, in March 2022, Funimation announced its merger with Crunchyroll for a larger and legal anime catalog for anime fans. Now, in 2024, Funimation has announced that it will shut down its website and app on April 2nd to complete its merger with Crunchyroll.

But the good news is that you still have almost two months to enjoy Funimation and its services before it shuts down completely. If you are looking to dive into the world of anime on Funimation, This guide is here to help you discover the perfect anime shows that match your unique taste!

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Best New Gen Anime on Funimation

No Game No Life | Madhouse

To make things smoother for our readers, we’ve divided all the binge-worthy Funimation anime gems into two main categories. The first one features the newest modern-day anime with amazing stories that are relatable and interesting to watch.

The second category is all about Funimation specials, we included all the favorite classics of the anime world and some of the hidden gems that deserve more recognition.

1. My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling | CloverWorks

Wakana Gojou is a high school student who loves making Hina dolls and aims to reach his grandfather’s level of expertise. He unexpectedly starts sewing clothes for his dolls, an experience that brings him bliss. However, Gojou keeps his blissful hobby a secret from his peers to avoid ridicule.

His life takes a turn when Marin Kitagawa, a confident and pretty girl, enters his life. Upon discovering Gojou’s sewing hobby, Kitagawa shares her own hobby of cosplay with him, and the two decide to spend more time together, slowly developing feelings for each other.

This is a perfect anime for anime fans who love bright shows with cool animation, captivating leads, and slow-burn romances!

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2. Jujutsu Kaisen

J.J. Kaisen | MAPPA

Jujutsu Kaisen has been the most demanded show of 2024 and for all the right reasons. Itadori Yuji is a high school student who joins his high school Occult Club and randomly encounters a seriously cursed object. From there, a series of supernatural events start to unfold.

Our main character is introduced to a whole new world of Curses. Not to forget the king of Curses, Sakuna, who resides inside Itadori, and a really cool white-haired, blue-eyed sensei, Gojo Satoru! We give this one a solid 10 out of 10 score and totally recommend this anime to the newer audience.

We love how MAPPA is presenting this fabulous story on our screens. Moreover, if you want to know more about the Jujutsu Kaisen universe and its heartthrob Gojo Satoru, be sure to read our article The Complex Persona of Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen!

3. The Quintessential Quintuplets

Quintessential Quintuplets | Bibury Animation

The Quintessential Quintuplets follows Fuutarou Uesugi, a high school student with a tough life and no friends. One day, Uesugi gets into an argument with a female transfer student over his seat. However, he surprisingly learns about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to clear his family’s debt.

This involves a tutoring gig for a wealthy family’s daughter. But much to his surprise, his client, Itsuki Nakano, turns out to be the female student he argued with. It gets worse when he discovers that Itsuki is actually one of a set of quintuplets, and he must also tutor her other sisters Miku, Yotsuba, Nino, and Ichika

Now, he must guide them to graduation to stabilize his family’s financial position. A good entertaining and light-hearted anime and we rate it 6 out of 10 for its Slice of Life theme. But Wait, if you are in search of more Slice of Life anime, Make sure to check out our picks for the best Slice of Life Anime!

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4. Fire Force

F. F | David Production

Fire Force is about a fictional world that is affected by Spontaneous Human Combustion. This supernatural condition turns humans into beasts. These beasts can burn people and they are known as the Infernals within the Fire Force universe. The later generations with this condition are known as Pyrokinetics.

Pyrokinetics can manipulate and control their flames while remaining human. To control the Infernals, the Tokyo Armed Forces, the Fire Defense Agency, and the Holy Church of SOL collaborate and form the Special Fire Force.

From here The MC of Fire Force, Shinra Kusakabe aka Devil’s Footprints starts his journey to save humans from Infernals. This anime will not let you get bored, especially if you are someone who is into the hero trope.

5. Tsuki ga Kirei

Tsuki ga Kirei | Studio Feel

Kotarou Azumi is a final-year junior high student who shares his classroom with Akane Mizuno. At first, their shyness towards each other stops them from interacting, but with time, they start to find each other’s company soothing.

This turns into a high school romance full of eye contact and emotional longings. Things soon start to get complicated for both of them as they find expressing their feelings difficult. Despite this, both Kotarou and Akane confront the complexities of their feelings to stay together.

This is a good high school romance anime, but it might not satisfy your high school romance cravings like Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro or Kimi ni Todoke would.

6. Zombieland Saga

Zombieland Saga | MAPPA

Imagine you want to become an idol, but you die in a car accident. Your story doesn’t end there though; you get a second chance and wake up as a zombie, a member of a zombie idol group! Sounds crazy, right? Well, Sakura Minamoto experiences this fate in Zombieland Saga.

She becomes a member of a zombie idol group named Franchouchou. It’s a great one-time watch that will keep you hooked to your screen.

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7. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid | Kyoto Animation

This anime is based on the crazy encounter Kobayashi has with a dragon. The dragon is nothing but a Kawai girl named Tooru, who wears a maid’s dress. Kobayashi invited Tooru to stay while she was drunk in the mountains.

Tooru now stays at Kobayashi’s house and works as her maid. Soon, Tooru impresses Kobayashi with her dragon powers and kindness. However, problems arise when Tooru’s unconventional cleaning methods lead to chaos in the house and her presence attracts other mythical beings. We can’t help but recommend watching this cozy anime full of cuteness and adventures.

8. Sarazanmai

Sarazanmai | MAPPA & Lapin Track

The story of Sarazanmai revolves around the Kappa Kingdom, run by Keppi, the Kappa Kingdom Prince. Keppi loses his power against Kapa-zombies created by the Otter Empire to sabotage him and his kingdom. However, Keppi meets three young boys named Kazuki Yasaka, Enta Jinnai, and Tooi Kuji.

These boys can only fight the zombies with a mythical organ called Shirikodama. Unfortunately, this organ gets removed from their bodies and now the boys must connect through their minds, bodies, and SECRETS!

An amazing anime that focuses on the subtle message that connections are precious and fragile and humans function incredibly when they honour them.

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9. Golden Kamuy

The Golden Kamuy | Geno Studio

Golden Kamuy is an action anime about the early 1900s in Hokkaido after the Russo-Japanese War. Saichi Sugimoto is an ex-soldier who searches for gold to fulfill a promise made to his dead best friend. This promise is about supporting his friend’s family, especially his widow, who suffers from deteriorating eyesight.

Sugimoto’s fate changes when he gets a tip from a drunk man who discloses that a group of Ainu was murdered and their fortune in gold stolen. The murderer hid all this gold somewhere in Hokkaido before he was arrested by the police.

Saichi starts searching for the lost gold with Asirpa, a young girl whose father happened to be one of the murdered Ainu. We highly recommend this anime for its interesting story and all the elements of suspense and thrill.

10. Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions

G.A.I | Studio A-1 Pictures

Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions is an anime about a magical world. In this world, a group of strangers becomes lost with little to no memories of why they are there or how they can escape. Their struggles turn to fear, leading them to join the Reserve Army as soldiers to survive.

This forces the weaker members to form their own party, with Manato volunteering to be the leader and priest. He recruits members like Haruhiro, who is a thief; Yume, who is a hunter; Shihoru, who is a mage; Moguzo, who is a warrior; and lastly Ranta, who is a dark knight.

However, they soon discover that there are no second chances in this world, and they must survive at all costs. We rate this anime a 6 out of 10, making it a good choice for those who enjoy anime with an easy-to-follow plot.

11. By The Grace Of The Gods 2

B.T.G.G.2 | Maho Film

By the Grace of God 2 is a famous isekai anime. Ryouma Takebayashi gets reincarnated into a new world after his tragic death. In this new life, he is gifted with special powers that allow him to tame many slimes. However, instead of relying solely on his powers, he opens a successful laundry shop called Bamboo Forest, which soon expands into nearby cities.

The main theme of this anime is to live life to the fullest without regrets. It focuses on the importance of being grateful for the time you have on Earth. It is a perfect cozy anime, especially with spring just around the corner.

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12. Tribe Nine

The Tribe 9 | Liden Films

Tribe Nine is a futuristic anime set in a transformed Tokyo where technology and youth-led tribes have dominated society. In this Neo Tokyo, youth often resort to extreme violence, and law and order are nonexistent. This situation forces the government to implement the XB Law, which allows these conflicts to be resolved through extreme baseball matches.

These baseball matches are loaded with unique rules, technology, special gear, and extendable bats. Amidst this craze, Haru Shirokane meets Shun Kamiya and Taiga, joining the Minato Tribe and embarking on adventures he never imagined before.

We suggest not having high expectations for this anime, as its main appeal lies in its character designs, which might surprise you with edgy designs and colorful character palettes.

13. Hyperdimension Neptunia

Goddesses of Hyperdimension Neptunia | Idea Factory Compile Heart

Hyperdimension Neptunia is KAWAIII! It features cute anime girls set in the hyperdimensional world of Gamindustri. This world consists of four different realms such as Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox.

These realms have historically fought over Share energy, which is powered by people’s faith in their goddesses. However, a treaty for peace and prosperity is signed among the four realms. Neptune, the lazy CPU Goddess of Planeptune, neglects her duties, causing the Share energy to drop.

Now, they must resolve all external threats to the goddesses and Gamindustri as a whole. Weebs who love watching Kawaii anime waifus will surely find this one entertaining.

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14. D4DJ All Mix

D4DJ All Mix | Sanzigen

As the name indicates, D4DJ ALL Mix is about DJs and music. The story follows Arisugawa Academy’s DJ unit, Lyrical Lily, known for uplifting people’s moods with their music and beats. Their talent gets recognized by the town mayor, and they get appointed to perform monthly for a revitalization project called Operation Beckoning Cat.

However, the unit gets worried that they might not meet the high expectations of people. To perform well, they collaborate with other DJ units like Happy Around, Photon Maiden, Peaky P-key, Rondo, and Merm4id. Together, they aim to impress a huge crowd and give them the best musical experience.

Another anime with cute waifus, but the animation is good, and there’s a good chance you won’t get bored watching this short anime.

15. Bungo Stray Dogs 4

Bungo Stray Dogs 4 | Bones

It’s the fourth continuing season of the famous Bungo Stray Dogs. This season focuses on Yukichi Fukuzawa, who left all his military affairs, to start a new life as a freelance bodyguard. However, things get complicated, and his business starts to struggle.

One day, Yukichi meets Ranpo Edogawa, a talkative guy with more than meets the eye. Their encounter leads to a murder mystery and ultimately to the formation of the Armed Detective Agency. This season is filled with suspense, twists, and the usual craziness of Danzai.

We highly recommend watching this to all our audience. If you have already watched it, check out our article on Unraveling Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5: Kamui Revelation Arc!

16. Rising of the Shield Hero

R.S.H | Kinema Citrus

Rising of the Shield Hero is a terrific anime full of heroes, amazing fights, and clashing kingdoms. The anime is about the kingdom of Melromarc, which magically summons four men to combat the Waves of Catastrophe.

Our protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani, becomes the promised Shield Hero of the kingdom. However, the twist is that Iwatani is weak, nowhere near as strong as the other heroes, and he is continuously ridiculed for his so-called weakness.

But more than the ridicule, Iwatani gets betrayed and falsely accused, leading to kingdom-wide discrimination against him. If you are into the cliche trope of heroes and kingdoms, this one will not disappoint you.

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17. Kaguya Sama: Love is War

Kaguya Sama: Love is War | A-1 Pictures

Some anime may not seem like much at first, but once you watch them, you are completely blown away. Mark our words, once you watch this one, there is no going back. Kaguya-sama: Love is War is the OG of romantic comedy anime, revolving around Shuchiin Academy.

It is an elite academy where Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the top students and presidents. On the outside, students admire them for being a perfect couple and the perfect president and vice president duo.

However, on the inside, both Miyuki and Kaguya never confess their feelings. They are head over heels in love with each other but fear that they might lose the other person if they confess their true feelings. So, instead of a straightforward approach, they start their Battles of Love.

These battles are nothing but psychological manipulations to bring the other person to their knees and confess their feelings. It’s a 10 out of 10 anime with amazing music, stunning animation, powerful leads, and not to forget the infamous Chika Fujiwara!

18. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden | Kyoto Animation

Folks, this one will BREAK YOUR HEART! Violet Evergarden is about a mysterious girl named Violet. She fought in the Great War and has a troubled past that she desperately wants to leave behind. She seeks a new purpose in her life that is tainted by the memories of someone.

To start her life anew, she joins the CH Postal Services and discovers Auto Memory Dolls. Auto Memory Dolls are individuals who write and convey emotions in letters to others. Inspired by the other dolls, Violet decides to start her new life as an Auto Memory Doll.

From there, Voilet starts developing communication skills and this changes the lives of the people around her. This one will leave you sobbing because of a deeply emotional story, and stunning animation.

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19. Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor | LIDENFILMS

Imagine a magical academy that trains young students to become pro wizards. No, we’re not talking about MASHLE or Harry Potter. This one is Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor. The anime is about the Alzano Empire, which has the infamous Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

This academy trains young students to become wizards and serve the empire. Two best friends, Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel, dream of becoming the brightest magicians at their academy. However, their dreams seem impossible to achieve after their favorite teacher retires.

The twist comes when a new teacher shows up, none other than Glenn Radars. He is a lazy and boring teacher who is not liked by his students. Glenn finds himself in the middle of scandals and many secrets. Definitely worth watching if you are a fan of MASHLE or Dark Academia.

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Funimation Specials

Now let’s take a look at some specials Funimation has made over the years.

20. Kamisama Kiss

K. Kiss | TMS Entertainment V1

Kamisama Kiss is about a magical Mikage shrine, which is under Nanami Momozono’s care. Nanami begins to face challenges regarding her shrine along with her familiars, Tomoe and Mizuki. Soon, they are all invited to the Divine Assembly in Izumo.

There, both Nanami and Mizuki start their search for the missing Lord Mikage. Nanami then meets Botanmaru, a child seeking the return of Shinjirou Kurama, their prince. The reason for this longing is that Kurama can stop the tyranny of Jirou.

But things take a dark turn when Nanami discovers a darker force on Mount Kurama. As Nanami navigates her divine duties, she starts to feel incredibly attached to Tomoe. This is a sweet, short anime on magical realism and intriguing Japanese mythology. We give this one a splendid score of 7 out of 10.

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21. Black Blood Brothers

B.B. Brothers | Live Co.

Black Blood Brothers is set in a supernatural world filled with Black Bloods aka vampires, and Red Bloods aka humansJirou Mochizuki, a vampire known as the Silver Blade and a hero among his kind, travels with his brother Kotarou to the Special Zone, a peaceful coexistence area of humans and vampires. 

However, their journey is disrupted by a conflict between vampire migrants and humans. Jirou must use his bloodline to put an end to this long-standing conflict between humans and vampires. It’s a nice one-time watch, especially if you love Hellsing and other gothic action thrillers like Castlevania.

22. Baka and Test

Baka and Test | Silver Link

Fumizuki Academy has unique rules and a strict system. Students are sorted into classes based on their test scores. These scores can range from A (highest) to F (lowest). Despite his efforts, our protagonist Akihisa Yoshii ends up in class F.

Determined to improve their performance, Akihisa, accompanied by his friends Yuuji Sakamoto and Mizuki Himeji, decides to challenge higher-ranked students in the infamous Examinations Summon Battle system.

This battle is filled with magic and thrilling twists. Students must summon fantasy characters based on their test scores. We rate this anime 7.5 out of 10. and we recommend watching it if you are into short anime series.

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Classics on Funimation

Finally, here’s the list of classic anime to watch on Funimation, recommended by us.

23. Death Parade

Death Parade | Madhouse

What if you died and didn’t realize it until you reached a strange bar? Death Parade is a famous anime on Funimation known for its intriguing representation of life after death. After death, people don’t realize they have passed away; instead, they are summoned to a unique place to decide their fate for either Heaven or Hell.

Those who had a questionable death often end up at Quindecim, a bar where pairs who die together arrive. Decim, a bartender and arbiter, judges them by challenging them to life-threatening games. Through these games, the deceased souls often reveal the truth of their past lives.

This helps Decim decide where they belong, whether they should be reincarnated or sent into the void to be consumed for eternity. Death Parade will leave you questioning your judgments with its powerful message. We strongly recommend watching it at least once in your lifetime!

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24. Toradora!

The Tale of Toradora | J.C.Staff

Toradora is about two people, Ryuuji Takasu, a high school student, and Taiga Aisaka, a fierce girl. They have completely different personalities, where Ryuuji is kind-hearted and enjoys his own company, while Taiga is a hot-headed short girl with a lot temper and is often called the Palmtop Tiger.

Fate brings them together when they discover each other’s crushes and sense each other’s awkwardness. Taiga likes Ryuuji’s friend, Yuusaku Kitamura, while Ryuuji likes Taiga’s friend, Minori Kushieda. They start helping each other get closer to their crushes, but destiny has other plans.

It is a sweet romantic comedy with lots of kawaii moments and confessions. But if you love to watch high school-based Shoujo anime, then make sure to read our top picks for the best Shoujo anime to watch this spring.

25. Log Horizon

L. Horizon | Satelight Studios

Log Horizon is based on the novels of Mamare Touno. A strategist named Shiroe and his allies Naotsugu and Akatsuki get trapped in the virtual world of Elder Tales. As they try to search for their way out, they discover that this virtual world has more than 30,000 other players.

Log Horizon has a lot to offer to the audience, such as strategies, politics, adventures, and witty schemes. Although it doesn’t fit into the Isekai genre, it might give you a cozy feeling of an isekai fantasy world. Are you thinking about watching the best and coziest isekai anime? Read our article on The Top 12 Coziest Isekai Anime of 2023 Rank!

26. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist | A-1 Pictures

If you have been interested in the anime space, you must have heard about Blue Exorcist. In Blue Exorcist, humans and demons exist in two parallel realms called Assiah and Gehenna. This anime gets dark when we learn that demons can cross into Assiah by possessing humans.

Satan, the ruler of Gehenna, seeks to dominate Assiah by sending his son, Rin Okumura. Rin discovers his demonic heritage when he is attacked by demons. This attack forces him to become an exorcist and defeat demons. Blue Exorcist is a splendid anime and we believe it’s a must-watch for Shonen fans.

27. Soul Eater

Soul Eater | Bones

Maka Albarn and her scythe partner, Soul Eater Evans, attend a school to become the ultimate meister and death scythe partner. Their goal is to collect 99 evil souls and one witch’s soul, with the requirement to report their collection to Lord Death.

They pair up with friends like Death the Kid and his twin pistol partners, Patty and Liz. Together, the group battles all the evil forces to protect their world. With such a supernatural story, we label it as an underdog that needs more love from the anime community.

28. Snow White with the Red Hair

Snow White with the Red Hair | Warner Bros.

This is a sweet fairy tale with a twist. Shirayuki, with her beautiful red hair, catches the attention of Prince Raj, who demands that she become his wife. Shirayuki, however, has other plans and refuses his orders. To escape Prince Raj’s control, she flees to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines.

Along the way, she meets Prince Zen and his two aides, Mitsuhide and Kiki. When Zen is poisoned by his enemies, Shirayuki successfully obtains the antidote and decides to accompany the trio to Clarines. In Clarines, Shirayuki passes an exam for a position to train in the palace.

But as Zen and Shirayuki spend more time together, they begin to fall in love and eventually start a romantic relationship. However, like in any other story, their social statuses come between them, and the couple must resist the pressure to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Although this anime has little to no action, we still like and recommend this short and sweet fairy tale to romance lovers.

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29. Tokyo ESP

ESP | Xebec

Tokyo ESP follows Rinka Urushiba, a high school girl whose father is a former police officer and her only family. To help her unemployed father, Rinka takes on a part-time job as a waitress. One day, she witnesses a strange incident which includes a penguin and glowing fish swimming through the sky.

Out of curiosity, she touches one of the glowing fish and discovers that she has gained the ability to phase through inanimate objects, such as the floor of her apartment. She then meets Kyoutarou Azuma, who can also teleport.

Together, the duo decides to use their ESP powers to fight people who use their ESPs for the wrong reasons. However, Rinka discovers that when she uses her powers, her hair turns white, leading her to become known as Tokyo’s White Girl. We rate this anime a cool 7.5 out of 10 score due to its unique take on an otherwise cliché story!

30. High School DxD

High School DXD | TNK

Ever thought about an anime where the main character always dreams of having his own harem? Well, in High School DXD, Issei Hyoudou is a high school student with perverted thoughts of having a harem full of beautiful girls.

However, his life takes a drastic turn when a girl he goes on a date with turns out to be a fallen angel who kills him. Issei is then resurrected by Rias Gremory, a devil, who gives him a second chance at life. Now, Issei is a member of the Occult Research Club, where he must train and fight with devils and angels to survive.

We can only give you one piece of advice about this anime, if you ever watch it, guard that secret with your life! Revealing it to your friends might lead to a long, awkward silence and perhaps you might also get a few questioning side eyes as well!

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Ending Note

Tari Tari Dance | P.A. Works

We hope you like all the recommendations we presented in this article. From the best-celebrated Isekais to the many thrilling underdogs on Funimation, you have it all to binge-watch for the next two months before you say goodbye to the platform for one last time.

Do tell us by commenting on the anime you picked as your next favorite from these recommendations. Aaaannnd!!! before you leave this page, make sure to check out our anime section and discover the amazing anime universe through the lens of Appuals.


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