11 Best Anime to Watch After Attack on Titan: Final Chapter

Anime Recommendations to Help You Move Forward!

Attack on Titan has concluded its screening journey with an epic finale, and we can’t help but long for the captivating saga that Isayama crafted for us for over a decade. Only immersing ourselves in other dark fantasy anime that closely serve the AOT GOAT level can fill the void left by the absence of this dark fantasy Shonen masterpiece.

To give you the taste of amazing dark fantasy anime and the ones that you can closely relate to AOT, we have compiled a complete list of all the anime that you can binge-watch in the memory of the boy who sought freedom!

Before we proceed with our recommendations, make sure, to check out our recent take on Mikasa and Eren’s relationship dynamics. Now without any further ado let’s get straight to our recommendations!

Anime to Watch After Attack on Titan: Final Chapter

All the anime on this list feature violence, drama, suspense, genocide, and militia as their core themes, mirroring the ruthless world of Paradis Vs. the rest of the world!

1. 86 EIGHTY-SIX (State VS State Story)

86 EIGHTY-SIX | WallpaperChain

EIGHTY SIX is the first anime on our list when it comes to finding titles that closely mirror brutal military operations, state versus state-propaganda, and shadowy conflicts. In the world of EIGHTY SIX, the Republic of San Magnolia is at war with the Giadian Empire.

This war is nothing but discrimination based on appearances. A special task force named EIGHTY-SIX compels individuals with different appearances to join its ranks . On the other hand, similar to the Marleyans of AOT, the Republicans use them for their interests and force them to fight using the “Republican Handlers“.

This anime centers around discrimination, war crimes, and proxy wars between one state to another. If you loved the Paradis Vs. Marley arc in AOT this one will surely entertain you to the core.

2. Vinland Saga (No Enemies/Chad Level Shit)

Vinland Saga | MAPPA

You’ve probably heard the famous quote “You have no enemies” from Vinland Saga. These thought-provoking lines were said by none other than “Thors“. This anime is centered around young Thorfinn, who lives in a frozen yet peaceful village in Iceland with his father and the rest of the family.

He grew up listening to the stories about the valor and courage of sailormen and the utopian valley of Vinland. However, things take a dark turn when a war between England and the Danes devours all his happiness and innocence.

During this war, he loses his father and vows to take revenge for his murder from Askeladd. This anime is more than what it seems. Based on the popular manga genre Sienen, it focuses on delivering a meaningful and philosophical tale of a warrior and how he finds peace amid war, death, and rage. Seems interesting? read our article on Vinland Saga & The Beauty of Pacificism!

3. Berserk ( for folks who love PAIN)

Berserk | Kentaro Miura

Attention folks! DO NOT WATCH Berserk, if you are in the mood to watch something peaceful. known for its traumatic story, Berserk features a main character named Guts, who much like Eren never finds the peace and happiness he deserves.

The story follows Guts, the Black Swordsman, a traveling mercenary who takes on any job that offers him more bucks. However, Guts’ life changes when he encounters the leader of the Band of the Falcon, Griffith. Despite his strength, Guts gets defeated by Griffith and as a result of this lost duel, he is compelled to join Griffith’s army.

However, lurking behind Griffith’s angelic appearance are dangers that Guts could have never imagined. From witnessing the brutal assault/r*p* of his love interest Casca to losing an arm and an eye. He faces betrayals by the people he loves the most and even sacrifices his own life for Casca, doing everything in his power to defeat the white-haired demon, Griffith.

This one is a must-watch but we recommend that you go through reading the manga first. The manga not only tells the story in detail but it also showcases the incredible artworks of the GOAT Kentaro Miura. You can also read our take on Griffith and the role of his appearance in the story.

4. Claymore ( Hybrid Human Story)

Anime Claymore | Madhouse Studios

Claymore is an action-packed anime with an intriguing storyline. The story involves a shapeshifting demon Youma who hunts and devours humans. This demon arrives at a low-key village where a silver-eyed woman Raki lives.

Due to its demonic nature, Youma slaughters Raki’s family. But we later find out that Raki is a Claymore, a half-human and half-demon much like the Youma. She was created to eliminate the flesh-eating demons. This anime focuses on demon-slaying organizations, female warriors, and lastly revenge.

The protagonist is portrayed exceptionally well and with its dramatic undertones, this anime does a perfect job of entertaining the masses with its thrilling and suspenseful moments.

5. Seraph of the End (Filled with Vampires and cute Anime Girls)

Seraph of the End | WallpaperCave

If you love vampires and love hot villains then Seraph of the End will be a treat for your eyes. The story of Seraph of the End involves a mysterious virus that kills everyone over the age of 13. As a result, humanity becomes enslaved by vampires who then rule the world and strike a deal with humans.

The deal offers protection to humans from vampires in exchange for their blood. Two young boys named Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya are taken captive from their orphanage only to plan a rebellion against the vampires.

This plan uncovers a military unit known as the Moon Demon Company, which is dedicated to exterminating the vampires. This anime is all about revenge, retaliation, and survival against all odds.

6. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (Wanna be AOT)

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress | WallpaperAbyss

OK, We’ll be honest with you all, this anime can be seen as a low-budget dupe of Attack on Titan. It shares similarities in its animation, color palette, the weaponry and even the world building elements are similar to AOT’s famous walls of Paradis.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is set in a world where industrial revolution unfolds in the middle of chaos. Mysterious creatures known as Kabane much like titans start devouring humans and the only way to kill them is by slashing their steel-coated hearts.

Mirroring the Survey Corps, Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress features a task force dedicated to combat Kabane and build walls to safeguard the rest of the humanity. If you are missing Attack on Titan like us, you might enjoy bingewatching this one for the sake of experiencing the early years of the Shingashina District. arc

7. Code Geass (Loaded with Eren’s Genocidal Energy)

Code Geass | WallpaperAbyss

Anime Code Geass revolves around the Holy Empire of Britannia with a dominant military force. This new empire defeats Japan and rename it as Area 11. The people from Area 11 continuously strive to regain independence from the militarized empire.

The situation worsen when Lelouch Lamperouge, finds himself caught in a crossfire between the Britannian forces and the Area 11 rebel armed forces. He gets rescued by a mysterious girl named C.C, who transfers the power of Geass, to him.

Armed with this new power of the absolute obedience, Lelouch embarks on a ruthless journey as Zero, leading a merciless onslaught against Britannia. This anime mirrors Eren’s rumbling attempts, depicting his continuous struggles to save his people.

8. Knights of Sidonia (Aliens VS Humans Drama)

Knights of Sidonia | Polygon Pictures

Have you ever thought Aliens going crazy like Eren? Well in the Knights of Sidonia, in the year 3394 an alien race known as Guana peruses after the reminennct of humanity. Nagate Tanikaze, a mere human finds himself dragged into safegaurding Sidonia from further destruction by Guanas.

Nagate is the last of humanity for survival againts the Guanas and the story follows his struggle against the aliens foes. The anime follows Tanikaze’s journey and how he becomes the true hero Sidonia always needed.

9. Goblin Slayer (Has Cute Anime Priestess)

Goblin Slayer | WallpaperChain

In Goblin Slayer, Goblins are notorious for their cunning nature and rapid reproduction abilities. These creatures kidnap human females for breeding and slaughter the males to assert dominance. A Priestess joins a band of adventurers and finds herself involved in an investigation following the disappearance of several village women.

The group soon faces an ambush by goblins but they get rescued by a masked Goblin Slayer. The goblin slayer not only svaes them from a grim fate but he also destroys the entire Goblin nest. Together the duo, emabarks on a journey that revolves around eradicating goblins from the lands they inhabit.

10. Akame ga Kill ( Has a Hot Assassin Trope)

Akame ga Kill | WallpaperChain

The series Akame ga Kill has a ruthless Minister who exploits a young ruler to dominate his kingdom. He places no value on human life, leading the land to suffer from currpotion and injustice. However, his reign gets challeneged when an organization known as Night Raid rises to resist the abuse of power.

This force includes a small team of assassins who assasinate anyone who is involved with the ruler in his wrong doings. Among them is Tatsumi, a sword wielding guy with hatered against Minister Honest. During his mission, he encounters invaluable experiences regarding life and death and witnesses how conflicting ideologies can either ruin or save lives.

11. Black Bullet (Forget Titans, its Attack on Monsters!)

Black Bullet | WallpaperAbyss

The anime Black Bullet is set in a world ravaged by a deadly virus named Gastrea that turns humans into monsters. Similar to Attack on Titan, Black Bullet too features walls of Monolith, that keeps the rest of the humanity safe from the virus. These walls are made of Varanium, a material that has the power to eliminate Gastrea.

To eliminate the virus completely, the population inside the walls breeds cursed children. Cursed children are humans that has traces of the virus inside their bodies. This gives them super human abilities and they are called the Initiators by the security organization of the walls known as Tendo Civil Security.

These superhumans are paired with Promoters, to guide and protect the young Initiators. Together these two breeds fight against the virus and in the middle of this all we get to know our protagonists Enju Aihara, an Initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a Promoter.

B.B | Kinema Citrus Orange

Bottom Line

We hope these anime recommendations help in healing the “Attack on Titan” blues. If you are interested in discovering more amazing anime, you can check out our anime section for the latest anime updates, news, and reviews.


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