Vinland Saga & The Beauty of Pacificism

You’ve likely heard the adage that “violence is never the answer“. While this sentiment may be true, depending on one’s perspective of their circumstances, it might not always apply. Such is seen in Vinland Saga, a seinen genre anime series portraying numerous complex yet essential themes such as revenge, idealism and realism.

However, what makes this show particularly interesting is its subtle message regarding pacifism and why resorting to violence should not be our go-to approach for closure. Without further ado, let’s delve into the brief analysis of Vinland Saga and its nuanced theme of Pacifism.

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Thors The Troll & His Courageousness

The series begins with a thunderous battle between Thors the Troll and his enemies. After leaving this grueling conflict, he seeks to provide a calmer existence for himself and his family. His motivation behind this action is that he had grown weary of these fruitless wars and was determined to create an environment where those who depend on him, such as his children, could flourish.

However, situation takes a drastic turn when Floki arrives and demands Thor to fight against England. Unfamiliar with his sly motive, Thors agrees in order to protect his family. His courageousness leaves an impression on young Thorfinn who thought of him as a true warrior. Floki devises a plot to assassinate Thors, hiring Askeladd for the mission. Unfortunately, Thorfinn falls into the hands of Askeladd’s troops and Thors is left with no other option but succumb to his enemies’ strategy.

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A “True Warrior” of Vinland Saga

But why did a person like Thors surrender his life and what does the True Warrior message of Vinland Saga mean? The answer to this lies in Thors’ understanding of the dangers of war. He wanted to impart a lesson to his son that no matter how much power one has, they should never use violence against someone else or hurt anyone.

Thors speaks to the power of idealism and pacifism, emphasizing that a warrior does not need a physical weapon in order to vanquish their opponents; true warriors are those who avoid conflict altogether, revere the lives of others, and are willing to sacrifice their own if needed.

“I must rely on a sword like this, because I am not yet a master. A true warrior doesn’t need a sword.”

Thors the Troll

Pacificism in a Pugnacious Society

Vinland Saga masterfully illuminates the value of pacifism in a Viking society where violence is revered as an honor. The glory of a warrior is measured by his conquests, yet this same population has no qualms about suppressing peace talks and jumping headlong into battles. Through its story, Vinland Saga illustrates how it’s invaluable to take the time to connect with nature and build connections with others without resorting to force or aggression.

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The “Warriors” of Vinland Saga | Danbooru

After his father’s untimely demise, Thorfinn adopted a single purpose in life: to seek vengeance on Askeladd. The tragedy of that day changed the course of Thorfinn’s life. It transformed him from an idealistic and devoted son into an enraged avenger.

Thorfinn never comprehended the philosophy of a true warrior. He sought revenge for his father’s assassination, thus exemplifying how quickly society can shape our beliefs. Even though we may be taught lessons by those who care about us such as mentors, family members or seniors. Often times we are drawn to that which gives us power and control in an effort to fulfill our desires.

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The Ultimate Trial

Thorfinn is denied the opportunity to avenge Askeladd, leaving him with no ambitions or even reason for living. This poignant tale conclusively demonstrates that vengeance brings only sorrow and emptiness in its wake. One can only achieve contentment with peacefulness without any regrets.

Thor’s ideology of a true warrior is simple yet profound. There are no enemies to harm, and nobody should be forced into violence. A peaceful soul recognizes the worth of life for all, understanding that fighting will only bring suffering. Instead, one must respect their own dreams and ambitions if they wish to gain real inner peace. Only then can someone claim the title of A true warrior whose goal is to protect rather than cause destruction.

Ending Note

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Pacifism can appear attractive; however, it may not be the best option for many people. When faced with difficult decisions, a person should consider taking radical action. They should prioritize safety over war but should not let their guard down and neglect others’ welfare.

Thor’s idea of peace has been influential to those who are peaceful by nature. Thorfinn’s ideology on the other hand seems more applicable in real-life scenarios. Share your thoughts on Vinland Saga and its focus on creating a land of peace through “True Warriors“.


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