The Beauty of Berserk’s Griffith & How Design Dictates Acumen

A Look into the Magnificent Character Design of Griffith, the Leader of the Band of Hawk!

Berserk is known as one of the most iconic seinen manga of all time. Created by the late legend Kentaru Miura, it has intricate storytelling and unforgettable characters with unparalled nuance. However, among all the amazing characters that Berserk has, Griffith stands above them all.

Griffith is the charismatic leader of the Band of Hawk. He has an angelic persona with some otherworldly beauty and lofty ambitions. But there lies more than what meets the eye! In this article, we will be going through the otherworldly angelic character of Griffith in Berserk and how his baffling looks might be hiding some creepy secrets.

This article has major spoilers for Berserk, proceed at your own risk if you aren’t caught up with the manga. Use the table of contents below to navigate and skip to sections quickly.

Griffith’s Early Life in Berserk

We often see that most anime characters are shaped around how they were treated as a child. Griffith’s childhood in Berserk serves as a key factor that shapes his adult life in the story. It also shapes his actions and his motives. Griffith was born into poverty and was an abandoned child with no home.

He used to live on the streets and was forgotten by society. He endured a harsh childhood marked by abuse and traumas. There is not much detail about what abuse and traumas he went through. However, Kentaru gave Griffith’s childhood some manga panels where he can be seen living a miserable childhood.

Griffith faced many challenges, but he never lost his motivation to succeed. During his youth, he was captivated by the prospect of being a king, a position that would give him complete authority and admiration.

Band of the Hawk, Berserk | DeviantArt

This aspiration pushed him to enlist in the military, where he rapidly ascended in rank thanks to his innate abilities to lead. During this time, Griffith also developed his talent for manipulation. He became skilled in using charming language and false promises to manipulate those around him, using them solely for his own benefit.

Griffith was determined to achieve greatness and did not let anyone, or anything get in his way, despite his darker tendencies. His early experiences had made him both cunning and ruthless, which ultimately led him on a path to self-destruction.

Griffith, Berserk | WallpaperAbyss

His Rise to Power

Undeniably, Griffith’s ascend to power is a captivating aspect of his character in Berserk. He started as a mercenary and eventually became the leader of the Band of the Hawk. That journey towards greatness was both inspiring and terrifying, driven by his unyielding desire for success.

Thanks to his great leadership skills and strategic mind, he climbed up the ranks quickly, earning respect from his fellow mercenaries. But Griffith didn’t only have small ambitions. He aimed for something greater for himself and his companions – to establish a perfect society where everyone could live without any form of cruelty or domination.

This admirable objective inspired them as they encountered numerous fights together. Griffith’s desire for power led him to make choices that resulted in harm to himself and the people closest to him, ultimately causing their downfall.

Griffith, Berserk | Tenor

What His Character Design Actually Depicts in Berserk’s World

The design of Griffith’s character in Berserk is a work of art that portrays his personality and story role effectively. With his sharp facial features, blond hair, white clothes and angelic wings, his appearance represents his ambitions and aspirational nature.

The intricate elegance of his design stands out remarkably amidst the dark setting of Berserk’s storyline. Initially, Griffith seems like a charming leader who motivates and earns the respect of those around him. However, upon further examination, it becomes evident that there is a dark side present beneath his polished exterior.

Griffith, Berserk |

Despite his fragile appearance, he has a strong determination and unmerciful thirst for power that pushes him forward to reach his objective of becoming a king through any means necessary. In Berserk, Griffith’s appearance defies the gender roles of medieval society where men were expected to be tough fighters and women were viewed as delicate.

This challenges the conventional ideas of masculinity and femininity through his effeminate beauty. Griffith’s wings are a symbol of not only physical freedom but spiritual freedom as well. They reflect his intense desire for power despite the harm it may cause others, making him a perilous antagonist whose actions are not limited by ethical considerations.

Griffith’s character design goes beyond his physical appearance and reflects his inner conflict and his willingness to follow or reject societal norms based on what will help him achieve his goals. These actions ultimately lead to tragic consequences in the story.

Griffith, Berserk | Tenor

Heinous Crimes Griffith Committed Behind His Angelic Persona

Despite appearing angelic, Griffith has committed terrible crimes and is not the savior of Midland but a villain who caused destruction. While he is charismatic and charming, this is just a front to conceal his selfish motives. His desire for power has blinded him to the consequences of his actions.

Griffith committed a brutal act by sacrificing his fellow soldiers to become an apostle and gain immense power. This demonstrated his willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish his objectives, regardless of the consequences.

Femto, Berserk | ArtStation

Moreover, Griffith also raped Casca, after being reborn as Femto. Even after gaining immense power as a member of God Hand, he did not stop committing atrocities. He caused chaos in Midland by releasing terrifying creatures into its cities. Griffith is truly a dangerous person with malevolent intentions, whose hunger for power knows no bounds.

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Griffith’s Comparison with Johan Liebert from Monster

Griffith’s comparison with Johan Liebert (ting, ting, ting), YES! the most dangerous antagonist ever portrayed in the manga/anime sphere. But why Johan? You must be wondering. Well, both Griffith and Johan Liebert are two of the most iconic and complex antagonists in their respective series.

Despite their different backgrounds, they share certain similarities in their ideologies. Also, both of them have God-tier manipulation skills (duh), so it is obvious for us to compare them for you all! So, coming back to the analysis, Johan and Griffith are individuals with charismatic personalities that enable them to influence others easily.

Johan Liebert | ArtStation

However, they have a philosophy that the outcomes matter more than the methods, which has led them to cause havoc. They view human life as a means to an end. However, while Johan remains enigmatic throughout most of the series, Griffith’s personality is more fully developed. We are shown his motives and aspirations, making him a more relatable character than Johan.

One way in which the two characters differ is that Johan uses psychological manipulation to control others, whereas Griffith sometimes resorts to physical force. Griffith’s ability to use both his strength and intellect makes him even more menacing.

The fact that these two characters, who grew up in vastly different environments, share similar beliefs is intriguing. They have gone beyond the usual anime villain roles and have become memorable antagonists in their respective series.

Griffith & Charlotte, Berserk | Tenor

His Ideology as Berserk’s Antagonist

At the heart of his character, Griffith is fueled by his ambitions and ideologies. He seeks to bring his dream to life in a world where everything is possible, without considering the consequences. Griffith’s belief system is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s philosophy, though distorted.

He maintains that those who possess enough strength to accomplish their aspirations are entitled to govern those who don’t. Driven by this idea, he commits gruesome deeds to gain supremacy and authority.

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Griffith stands out from other villains with his skill to gain the loyalty of his followers. He uses his charm and manipulation to convince people that his vision for the future is worth fighting for. His formidable demeanor stems from a combination of ambition, ideology, and charisma.

Although manga readers may dislike his actions in the Berserk story, they are still drawn to his motives and actions.

Griffith, Berserk | Tenor

Our Final Verdict on Griffith’s Character Design

The character of Griffith in Berserk is intricate and has multiple layers. At first glance, he seems like a righteous, heroic character. However, upon closer examination, we find that there is more to him than that. Griffith’s pursuit of power was motivated by his ambition and the desire to become great.

He did terrible things, such as sacrificing his comrades, all while hiding behind the facade of his virtuous image. His belief that others were tools to be used for his own benefit makes him a genuine villain in Berserk.

Femto | ArtStation

Despite everything, Griffith is still considered as one of the most captivating personalities in the history of anime/manga. He has a complex character and his actions throughout the story are noteworthy. His transformation is significant because it shows how an individual with good intentions can succumb to corruption due to their overwhelming desire for success.

What’s your opinion on Griffith? Also, please let us know if you’re interested in reading an analysis of the character design of Johan Liebert from Monster. You can find more anime content on our website, where we provide the most authentic takes on manga and anime characters!


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