Unraveling Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5: Kamui Revelation Arc

From Kumai's Identity to Bram Stoker's First Appearance, buckle up to know all about BSDs Season 5!

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 is here to take us back to the captivating detective world of the BDSD. After a long wait, fans will finally have the chance to immerse themselves in the stunning aesthetics of BSDs and brace themselves for even more thrilling twists and an intense storyline.

But if you’re new to the BSDs universe and have just finished watching season 4, we’ve got a surprise for you. This article will provide an in-depth look at what season 5 has in store, specifically focusing on the Kamui Revelation Arc.

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Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5’s Main Plot:

In season 5 of Bungo Stray Dogs, the story starts with Atsushi boldly declaring his knowledge of the page’s location through Sigma’s ability. Unfortunately, the page is held by Kamui, the leader of the Decay of the Angel.

To clear the agency’s name as terrorists, Ranpo Edogawa seeks the help of Ōchi Fukuchi. Meanwhile, Atsushi reveals the agency’s only hope is to find and defeat Kamui, who is currently plotting an assassination that threatens them all.

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Explosive Coin Terrorism & Gogol’s Return

The initial episodes of Bungo Stray Dogs season 5 will feature a thrilling plan for terrorism involving explosive coin. Doppo Kunikida, who is detained, will be approached by Jōno offering him the opportunity to join the Hunting Dogs.

However, Kunikida will firmly refuse the offer. Jōno will reveal that Yosano is scheduled for execution later that day, leaving Kunikida overwhelmed with guilt. On the other hand, we will get to see Gogol’s come back.

Gogol will come to the aid of Sigma, confessing that he was inspired by Fyodor’s words. He will then reveal his determination to kill Fyodor in order to find freedom. In this quest, Gogol will request Sigma’s assistance in identifying Fyodor’s ability using his own unique power.

The Rescue: Chapters 78 till 88

In a tense turn of events, a sniper targets Kunikida while he is isolated. A masked man who later reveals himself as Kamui captures the unconscious Kunikida. Meanwhile, Yosano is being transported alongside other condemned criminals.

But a sudden explosion disrupts their journey, causing the transport vehicle to come to a halt. When the military police return, they discover the vehicle empty and Yosano missing. Similarly, Katai, also mysteriously disappears after opening a smartphone sent to him by an unknown sender.

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Fukuzawa finds himself taken for interrogation by two men who bring him to the rooftop of a building. However, it is revealed that the masked man is none other than Ranpo. He orchestrated these events to ensure the safety of the agency members.

Ranpo managed to escape the hostage crisis. He has since been conducting investigations to uncover the enemy’s assassination plot against the agency. Ranpo explains how he saved Kunikida and Yosano. He also reveals that Poe, his friend, used his ability to help rescue Katai.

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Ranpo Gets Arrested at a Press Conference

During a press conference, Ranpo makes a shocking appearance that leaves the attendees in a state of panic. A reporter questions Ranpo, asking why the agency has plotted all the terrorist attacks. In response, Ranpo reveals that the agency had received a video of the hostages and was compelled to rescue them, only to be framed as terrorists.

Despite presenting evidence that proves their innocence, the reporters are skeptical, and the evidence is suspiciously disposed off. Ranpo further explains that a page is altering reality, making it seem like the agency is responsible for the terrorist attacks.

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The military police soon arrive to arrest Ranpo, but before he is taken away, he implores the officers to think with their hearts and souls, not just their job or position. He reassures them that a master detective such as himself wouldn’t make a mistake that would land him on the wanted list.

However, he is arrested and put on transport. During the transfer, Minoura comes to Ranpo’s rescue. The police force becomes divided, with some officers willing to protect Ranpo, allowing him to escape with Minoura’s help.

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In his office, Ōchi Fukuchi is approached by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee with a proposal to create an anti-terror group and lead it. However, Fukuchi makes it clear that he will only accept their offer if they change their assumptions about the agency being terrorists.

At the U.N. special headquarters located within Standard Island, the delegates conclude their meeting regarding the Supernational Armed Security Force, an anti-terror army. Fukuchi delivers a powerful speech, stating that they are currently losing the war against the terrorists.

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He argues that multinational forces must be abandoned in favor of a pan-human defense force that will command all of the world’s armed forces and be granted permission to enter independent zones. Fukuchi emphasizes that this anti-terror group should be the army of mankind and urges the councilmen to vote in favor of the draft resolution.

With Fukuchi’s passionate plea, the fate of the anti-terror group hangs in the balance as the councilmen consider their votes. The stage is set for a pivotal decision that will shape the future of international security and the fight against terrorism.

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Fukuchi’s Assistance for Agency

Following Fukuchi’s agreement to help the agency, he and Ranpo have a conversation where Ranpo discloses that Fukuzawa had ordered him to see Fukuchi. He reveals the plan to work with the Hunting Dogs to defeat the Decay of the Angel. Ranpo and Fukuchi meet up with Atsushi, who is disguised as a ship worker, waiting at the Boswellian.

Fukuchi orders the trio to lay low in the U.N. ambassador cabins until they reach the port on the Yokohama coast. While hiding out, Ranpo starts his famous deduction work to uncover the true identity of Kamui. Using the information he gathered, Ranpo uncovers that Kamui is actually Ōchi Fukuchi himself.

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Upon discovering the truth, Ranpo sends a signal flare and apologizes to Atsushi for not being able to deliver Kamui’s ability information properly. Shortly afterward, Fukuchi attacks Ranpo from behind. However, Ranpo manages to transport himself into Poe’s novel just in time to escape.

The situation grows more and more precarious as the agency discovers that their ally, Fukuchi, is actually disguised as Kamui, the very person they’re trying to defeat. The agency must now regroup and come up with a new plan to take down the Decay of the Angel and restore order to their world.

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Kumai VS The Rest

In the intense battle between Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Fukuchi, the two allies combine their powers and skills to confront Fukuchi. However, despite their efforts, Fukuchi proves to be too strong, equipped with a powerful ability and a weapon. During the fight, Fukuchi presents Akutagawa with an unexpected offer to join the Hunting Dogs and kill Atsushi.

Akutagawa then reveals that he is suffering from lung disease and doesn’t have much time left to live. Determined not to disappoint Dazai, Akutagawa agrees to Fukuchi’s invitation and orders to kill Atsushi. However, he cleverly uses this opportunity to deceive Fukuchi.

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But Fukuchi reveals that his sword has the power to alter events and cut through time and space. He then severs Atsushi’s arm and slashes Akutagawa instead, leaving him gravely injured. And with this blow, Akutagawa sadly meets his end.

On the other hand, Atsushi manages to escape the scene using a submersible and is later rescued by Ango. As Fukuchi orders the guards to track down the escaped “terrorist” in the submersible, the full consequences of the battle begin to unfold.

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Bram Stoker & The Vampire OutBreak

As Fukuchi reveals the last member of the Decay of the Angel, Bram Stoker, an ominous presence fills the air. Fukuchi uses his leverage over Bram, threatening to sear the Holy Sword into Bram’s brain if he doesn’t obey. Reluctantly, Bram obeys Fukuchi’s orders and sinks his teeth into Akutagawa, turning him into a vampire.

With Akutagawa transformed, a vampire outbreak begins to spread among the Mafiosi, causing chaos and fear. Tachihara reports this outbreak to his fellow Hunting Dogs members. He suggests that the Armed Detective Agency is behind the vampire outbreak, casting suspicion on them.

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Our Final Verdict

Bungo Stray Dogs consistently delivers exhilarating action scenes and showcases artistic nuances, never failing to disappoint. With Season 5, we can expect an ensemble of captivating characters and intriguing storylines that will keep us eagerly engaged.

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