Unleashing Gojo Saturu’s Past in Jujutsu Kaisen’s Season 2

Decoding Gojo & Suguru's Past Lives and How Toji almost Killed Gojo!

Jujutsu Kaisen, one of Mappa’s biggest hit series, has returned with its highly anticipated second season. This news brings great joy to numerous JJK fans who have eagerly awaited the continuation of the series and the chance to see their favorite characters, such as the King of Curses and Blindfold Gojo, once again.

Season 2 promises to be a wild ride as it will cover not one, but two of the most important arcs. The first few episodes will delve into the past life of Gojo Saturu, followed by the electrifying Shibuya incident arc. If you’re still scratching your head about Shibuya, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

This article will take you on a deep dive into the origin story of Geto Suguru. We will be explaining why Season 2 is an epic roller coaster ride of emotions and heartbreaks!

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The Two Strongest

The story kicks off with a thrilling recap, unveiling a young and vibrant Gojo alongside his classmates at Jujutsu High School. Even at this tender age, Gojo exudes an undeniable power that sets him apart from the rest. As you dive into the early panels of the manga, you’ll get a glimpse of Gojo and Geto Suguru’s former friendship.

Despite his formidable abilities, Gojo initially had little interest in aiding weaker students. But Suguru was the opposite of the man we now know as. He was kind and passionate. Suguru used to help weaker people, something Gojo was never fond of.

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The Holder of Immortality Curse

During their second year in Jujutsu High, Principle Yaga informs them about a mission that Master Tengen himself assigned them. Master Tengen plays a pivotal role in Gojo’s early life, and this is the point from where things start to get rough for both Geto and Gojo.

Master Tengen’s cursed technique can induce body-switching in its user. Once every five centuries, Master Tengen must merge with a compatible Star Plasma Vessel. The mission is to safely deliver the girl (Riko Amanai) to Master Tengen and prevent her from ascending and becoming an enemy of humanity.

Master Tengen is extremely important for the Jujutsu World as he provides them with protection. The problem starts when Riko gets chased by two different groups. Q, the curse user group, and the Time Vessel Association, a religious group dedicated to the stars.

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The Star Plasma Vessel VS The Sorcerer Killer

Satoru and Suguru successfully ensure the safety of Riko from the two groups. However, they receive orders from Tengen not to bring Riko directly back to Tokyo Jujutsu High. Instead, Riko is granted the opportunity to enjoy her remaining time as a young girl.

Meanwhile, the Time Vessel Association devises its plan and hires the infamous Sorcerer Killer, Toji Zenin. Now here Toji seems like the mastermind behind all the chaos that Geto and Gojo went through. He shares Riko’s photo on a dark website for curse users, offering a thirty-million-dollar reward for her capture.

This strategy is aimed at wearing down those protecting Riko, as none of them possess the power to defeat Satoru or Suguru.

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The Invisible Man of the Cursed World

Fast forward to Gojo and Suguru escorting Riko, and this is where our man Toji surprises everyone! Toji stabs Satoru from behind. Satoru gets wounded but quickly puts his guard back up, allowing Suguru to continue escorting Riko.

However, with the use of the Inverted Spear of Heaven, a cursed tool capable of halting the Limitless, Toji stabs Satoru. Suguru then makes a near-return to Tengen’s area with Riko, but he gives her the option of foregoing the merger and living her life as she pleases.

After considering the valuable time she has spent with others, Riko tearfully decides to live a life of her own. Tragically, just moments later, Toji shoots Riko in the head.

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The Awakened Limitless

Despite being at death’s door, Satoru uses a reverse cursed technique to completely heal all of his injuries. He then faces the Limitless-awakened Toji. Using the Hollow Technique: Purple, Satoru strikes Toji with an imaginary mass, erasing his entire arm and a chunk of his torso, resulting in a fatal blow.

In his final moments, Toji reveals to Satoru that his son, Megumi, will be sold to the Zenin Family in a few years. As Riko’s body is being applauded by the children of the star, Satoru offers Suguru the chance to end their lives. However, Suguru declines the offer, realizing that taking lives without cause is pointless and there must be a reason for a sorcerer to do so.

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The Birth of A Curse User

Suguru finds himself grappling with the exhausting cycle of exorcism and absorption that comes with being a jujutsu sorcerer. In his contemplation, he notices a tendency within himself to view non-sorcerers as lesser beings.

Suguru realizes that he is at risk of losing his way and straying from his duties as a jujutsu sorcerer. He deeply desires to reconcile his conflicting feelings and beliefs, as he does not want to abandon his responsibilities. However, he still struggles to reconcile the notion of fighting for individuals who he perceives as different from him.

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Taking the Cursed Path

While on a mission to exorcise a curse that is haunting a village, he discovers that two young sorcerers have been imprisoned in a cage and blamed for the curse’s actions by the townsfolk. This shocking discovery proves to be Suguru’s breaking point.

Fueled by rage and a sense of betrayal, he unleashes a murderous rampage on the villagers, ultimately killing a total of 112 people. Suguru frees the two young sorcerers and, in the aftermath of this horrific event, makes his decision to become a curse user.

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What Does Gojo’s Past Means for Jujutsu Kaisen’s Season 2?

Understanding Gojo’s past is vital for viewers to comprehend the motivations and mindset that led him to become the enigmatic and formidable jujutsu sorcerer that he is. It offers context as to why he deviated from the traditional path and adopted his own unique approach to combatting curses.

We also get to know that this incident led Gojo to acquire a unique and powerful technique that remains unknown to the rest of the Jujutsu world. Additionally, it also sheds light on Saguru’s character evolution.

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Bottom Line

On the surface, the clash between Gojo and Suguru may appear to follow the classic trope of differing ideologies. However, upon deeper analysis, we can uncover how both of them are completely opposite to what they display to the people around them.

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