13 Best Horror Anime to Binge This Spooky Season

Spooky Season's Amazing Fusion of Fantasy, Fear and Anime!

Planning to watch the best horror anime for the spooky winter nights? Dont worry! we know our readers and for your binge-watching pleasure, we have come up with a list of the spookiest anime. From cult classics to 2023’s modern-day horror tales, our recommendations we keep you terrified for hours!

Before we dive into the dark world of fear and fantasy, be sure to read our take on the best thriller anime to watch in 2023 for long and chilly winter nights. Now without further delay, let’s jump straight to our recommendations!

Horror Anime for the Spooky Season

The following list captures the spooky spirit perfectly!

1. Monster

⤤ A Psychological/Horror Anime

Monster | Animesher

It is no surprise why we included “Monster” here. No one can beat Johan Liebert when it comes to manipulation. Monster is extremely unsettling and morbidly captivating. The story is about a successful surgeon named Kenzo Tenma, who saves the life of a 10-year-old boy, Johan.

Years later, Tenma discovers that the same boy he saved is responsible for a series of violent attacks and has been a serial killer for many years. Monster leans towards psychological horror and explores themes like homicide, human nature, and an otherworldly portrayal of evil.

2. Dark Gathering

⤤ Modern Day Horror

Dark Gathering | AnimeCorner

This anime stands out as one of the best horror series of this year. The story revolves around a young boy named Keitarō Gentōga who hates to encounter ghosts. But we get to know that Keitaro has a rare ability to attract spirits.

But one day, Keitaro gets badly injured and decides to maintain a distance from the spirits. To live a stable life, he starts tutoring a child prodigy Yayoi Hozukihis. However, the plot takes an intriguing turn when Keitaro discovers that Yayoi can attract spirits too. Things get too interesting when we get to know that she is determined to find the ghost behind her mother’s disappearance.

3. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Ghostly Folk Tales from Japan

Yamishibai: Horror Anime | Amino

We have added this one to offer old-school horror lovers a fantastic option. Yami Shibai is a series featuring urban legends and folk tales that are immensely famous in Japan. This series can be described as a compilation of multiple famous blogs and stories submitted by ordinary people who have experienced paranormal activities.

The episodes are simple, short, and hair-raising. It is a perfect blend of spooky tales woven into Japanese culture and urban legends.

4. Shiki

A Classic One

Horror Anime Shiki | GIFER

A vampire story that perfectly ditches glitter and wolves! Set in the early 1990s a village is plagued by mysterious deaths. But the villagers soon discover a vampire-like creature named Shiki. The discovery of Shiki leads to mysterious disappearance and unfortunate events.

Shiki challenges the notion of good and evil without making vampires look like chickens! It has everything that makes it a cult classic in the horror anime genre, a chilly atmosphere, intricate characters, and an element of uncertainty.

5. Another

⤤ Mind-F*cking Plot Twists

Another | GIFER

Imagine mixing Paparkia and Final Destination, this is where you will get Another. Made for the fans of cursed bound horror, Another is a spine-chilling horror anime! It is about Kouichi, who enrolls in a school plagued by a mysterious curse that claims the lives of its students. To uncover the reason behind the mysterious deaths, he teams up with Mei Misaki.

Together they experience a series of horrific events and unravel the mystery behind the curse. This anime is all about suspense, mystery, and betrayal which is perfect for your long eerie winter nights!

6. Mieruko-chan

⤤ Horror Comedy

Mieruko-chan | Niradio

This series revolves around an unusual girl named Miko Yotsuya. She possesses an unusual ability to see ghosts. And there is nothing in this world that she likes better than avoiding seeing spirits. eerie. The story takes a comedic turn when her best friend becomes involved, leading to a series of entertaining and ghostly situations. We suggest reading the manga before watching the show as the artwork is just written to create an eerie vibe!

7. Castlevania

⤤ For the Ultimate Gothic Vibes

Castlevania | Pinterest

Before becoming a popular Netflix adaptation, Castlevania exudes major gothic vibes. It is filled with Victorian-era aesthetics and boasts four seasons for you to binge-watch. The story is about a warrior named Trevor Belmont whose single goal in life is to fight against Dracula.

Trevor forms an alliance with Alucard, and Sypha to fight against the dark forces, and the anime is a thrilling mix of sword fights and Victorian-era gore.

8. Parasyte: The Maxim

⤤ For An Alienist Horror Punch

Parasyte: The Maxim | GIFER

What if you encountered a parasite who attacked you to take over your brain? Parasyte is an anime filled with ruthless murders committed by flesh-eating extraterrestrial parasitic creatures. The story focuses on a boy named Shinichi, who is forced to coexist with Migi, a parasite residing in his hand.

This union leaves Shinchi distant from his human side and he embarks on a journey to reclaim his humanity from the parasites of the outer world.

9. Japanese Tales of the Macabre

⤤ Junji Ito’s Work

Junji Ito Horror Collection | Imgur

You must have been living under a rock if you’re not familiar with the celebrity manga artist Junji Ito. He is renowned for creating iconic characters like Tomie, Uzumaki, and Gyo. Tales of Macabre is another Netflix adaptation of Junji Ito’s collection of horror stories. This series is best suited for those who adore disturbing and horrific artwork while enjoying cliffhanger stories.

10. Hell Girl

⤤ A Perfect Virtual Reality Horror

Hell Girl | Pinterest

The anime Hell Girl focuses on the themes of revenge and the afterlife. It is about a mysterious website that allows people to fulfill their wishes to harm and take revenge on others. What makes it crazier is that people can send their enemies, bullies, or simply anyone to hell if they want to (SICK)!

But there is more than meets the eyes, to inflict harm on your enemy you must sell your soul to the pits of hell. This anime is filled with mind-bending concepts of revenge and horror. And the exciting part is that it has multiple adaptations to last you for the whole winter season!

11. Higurashi: When They Cry

⤤ For Some Gut-Wrenching Twists

Higurashi: When They Cry | Pinterest

Keiichi Maebara leaves her busy city life behind and moves to a peaceful town named Hinamizawa. There she meets Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. The group shares a good bond only to discover some mysterious deaths and disappearances during a popular Watanagashi Festival.

This anime is extremely disturbing and not made for the faint-hearted. It has some jaw-dropping plot twists and its themes of innocence and violence make it an amazing watch for this season.

12. Corpse Party

For Silly and Gory Horror

Corpse Party | Pinterest

This one is not for the kids but for the people who want to watch a bloody horror anime! Although Corpse Party is ideal to watch for the spooky season, it might leave you confused due to its queer and adult themes.

The story follows a group of students who perform a seemingly silly paper doll ritual and find themselves teleported into a dimension filled with tormented souls. The story lacks depth but it’s both silly and scary most importantly it leaves a message about not performing any silly rituals with your friends!

13. Paranoia Agent

Rare Type of WTF

Paranoia Agent | GIFER

This one explores societal pressure and the complex thought processes of humans. It features the concept of stress and how it can shape our actions, leaving us fearful. The story is set in Tokyo, where a series of mysterious assaults occur, and all the victims claim to have witnessed a man wielding a baseball bat and attacking them.

To investigate this matter, detectives Ikari and Maniwa team up, revealing a disturbing pattern of personal traumas and leaving us with some unexplainable horror.


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