What is a Netflix Tagger & How You Can Become One [2024]

Key Takeaway
  • A Netflix tagger is essentially a content analyst that categorizes movies and TV shows for Netflix based on a myriad of factors such as themes, plot, age, and genre.
  • Their job is to make recommendations more accurate for Netflix users; to aid the algorithm with a human touch.
  • To apply for a Netflix tagger, keep an eye on jobs.netflix.com and hope you're lucky because a tagger job is rare.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get paid for binge-watching movies and series? Sounds like a dream job right. Well, you would be pleased to know that this is possible. How is that you may ask? That is exactly what are going to be exploring in this article.

So, without further ado let’s dive straight into it.

What is a Netflix Tagger?

From the name alone the meaning of the term is not evident. A Netflix tagger is a person who watches movies and series for Netflix. The more common term for this sort of occupation is “content analyst,” since they analyze content and, in this case, help make recommendations more accurate for Netflix.

Their job is to categorize the content they watch into different categories and then sub-categories, and give it ratings making it easier for Netflix’s algorithm to suggest related content to their users based on their current preferences. This is necessary for Netflix to keep its audience engaged and generate revenue.

Ratings a Netflix show

To further elaborate this let’s give you an example. If you start comedy movies such as Grown Ups, Murder Mystery the algorithm will identify that you are into comedic content. Then you will be suggested more comedy movies, especially those from Adam Sandler as he was the main lead in the mentioned movies.

Pretty straightforward stuff but the algorithm in actuality is much more nuanced since no one watches only comedy movies. The tags can range from basic genre classifications to more nuanced details like character emotions, plot twists, and specific themes.

Skills Required to Become a Netflix Tagger

This does sound a dream job, but are there any skills required? Just like any job requires a specific skill set, this is no different. Through our research, we have gathered some skills that are necessary for this position.

  1. Love Watching Content: The first and foremost is to have that drive to watch the content. This is not an easy task as many people might presume, not every genre is for anyone, and you can easily lose interest.
  2. Extensive Research: You should also have background knowledge regarding the content. This means the novel; theatre play or any such thing the movie/series is based upon.
  3. Vast Knowledge: You should also be well versed about other movies and series, so that it is easier for you to draw parallels between other movies/series to better tag the content.
  4. Attention to Detail: A Netflix tagger must possess a keen eye for subtle nuances in content, ensuring accurate tags that capture the essence and depth of each show or movie.
  5. Collaboration and Communication: More than often, you will be required to work with different taggers. So, you need to be collaborative and communicative to give better input.
  6. Keen Eye: You should also focus on minute details in a show. If you locate any cultural or religious insensitivities, you have to include it in your report.
  7. Keeping Up to Date: Not only old but you should also be up to date with all the new movies and series being launched. Along with this, you should also be aware of the new trends on social media.
  8. Cultural Awareness: With Netflix’s global content range, an understanding of diverse cultures and their nuances is vital. This ensures appropriate and sensitive content labeling, enhancing the user experience.
A Netflix tagger in action

In terms of formal requirements, you do not need a degree to become a Netflix tagger. This doesn’t mean that a degree in any field related to media won’t give you an upper hand. However, you are required to have about 5 years of experience in a media-related field. Other than this, you will also be trained by Netflix by the requirements of this position.

How To Become a Netflix Tagger?

Now arises the question: How can I apply for this position? You must regularly monitor the Netflix Jobs website at least twice a week to see when a new job posting is available. Because there are so many applicants, you should keep your résumé up to date and ready at all times so you can apply quickly.

Please note that these openings are only posted here, not on any social media websites, especially on third party accounts.

Netflix Jobs Website

Once applied, there will be a shortlisting, and if you are shortlisted, it will be communicated to you. Then you will be required to pass a series of tests and assessments to check your analyzing capabilities. Afterwards a board will take your interview and if all of this is cleared, you will be brought onboard. As the job is remote based, these all activities will most probably also be online.

Why Even Become a Netflix Tagger?

There are many benefits if you become a Netflix tagger. As this is a remote based job, you can work from the comfort of your home and at the hours of your own choice. Also, as a side hustle this position pays extremely well about $30,000/year, so if you are a student or a recent graduate this can also be your main job.

As this is a starting position, you can always climb up the ladder if you can prove your skills.

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Working with Netflix, can potentially improve your resume a lot, giving you an edge if you want to pursue a career in this field. Working in the entertainment industry, even in a behind-the-scenes role, can open doors to networking opportunities and connections within the field.

If you have a passion for movies and TV shows, being able to contribute to the organization and help viewers can be satisfying.

Challenges of Becoming a Netflix Tagger

Being a Netflix tagger, while enticing, isn’t without its hurdles. The sheer volume of content means taggers may end up watching hours of diverse genres daily, some of which might not align with their personal preferences.

This can be mentally taxing, demanding sustained focus and objectivity. Additionally, the pressure of accurate categorization weighs heavily. As entertainment continuously evolves, taggers must consistently refine their tagging methods, ensuring they remain accurate and relevant in an ever-changing content landscape.

Netflix tagger might not be the “dream job” for everyone

This adds to the responsibility of selecting the right tags which requires a deep understanding of the content, therefore sometimes leading to tough decision-making moments.

Netflix Tagger vs. Focus Group

So far, the definition of a Netflix tagger seems quite closely aligned with what one might do in a focus group. While both Netflix taggers and focus groups provide feedback, their purposes and methods differ:

AspectNetflix TaggerFocus Group
Primary RoleWatch and analyze content to assign tags.Provide feedback on a product, service, or concept.
ObjectiveRefine the recommendation system with accurate categorization.Understand consumer reactions, preferences, and perceptions.
MethodologySystematic and structured tagging.Group discussions capturing qualitative feedback.

Netflix taggers work to neatly categorize shows and movies, helping users find what they’d like to watch next. They give detailed, individual feedback on each piece of content. On the other hand, focus groups discuss and share their feelings about a product or concept, offering a mix of opinions from different people. In essence, while taggers sort and label, focus groups chat and share diverse views.


If you have a passion for shows and are ready to implement your knowledge in the field, becoming Netflix tagger will be an excellent choice. Not only does it pay well, but it’s also an excellent learning opportunity. We hope this article as cleared up your concepts about this position. Feel free to drop down and queries and share this with your loved ones as well. Until next time, Ciao.

FAQs about Netflix Taggers

What is the average salary of a Netflix tagger?

According to different sources, a Netflix tagger makes north of 30k dollars an year. This salary can vary based on experience or geographical position.

Does Netflix provide job security to its taggers?

As far as our research goes, we could not get a definitive answer for this question. However, if you perform well, there should be no problem, as downsizing at Netflix is not a common thing, making your job secure.

What are the qualifications required to become a Netflix tagger?

There are no set requirements of qualification, however, you do need 5 years of experience in a related field to apply for the position.


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