Beyblade in Order: Complete List of All Shows, Movies & Specials

Get Your Beys Out to Relive the Beyblade Legacy with our Ultimate Watch Guide!

Have you ever felt the urge to watch your favorite childhood anime as an adult? Dont worry, we understand that feeling! Today we are excited to talk about a remarkable anime that reshaped the anime industry of the early 2000s and that is Beyblade.

This anime gave us some of the best memories of our childhood with its thrilling storyline and with its spinning toys. However, when it comes to reliving that same nostalgic feeling, the extensive spinoffs can be a HUGE BUMMER!

But in this guide, we’ll help you watch your favorite Beyblade Series in the best watch order. Before we start with this article, spare a minute and check out our best anime picks for 2023! Now without any further delay, let’s jump straight to our watch order guide!

1. Beyblade Original Series (2001–2003)

BeyBlade Original | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The very first Beyblade series was launched in 2001 and lasted until 2003. As it was the very first introduction, the creators introduced everything about the “Bladebreakers“. The series has three main parts all covering the basic story of Tyson and his beyblade challenges.

1.1 Beyblade (2001)

The first Beyblade series covers the main Bladebreakers arc. It introduces an edgy and cool team of kids competing in exciting tournaments. This series had 51 episodes in total and introduced Tyson and how he met his friends.

The latter part of the series focuses on Tyson and his team’s quest to attain the top bladers rank globally. And we won’t lie, it’s still a fun watch seeing all the exciting and challenging opponents they face on their way to achieving the title of the best bladers. Worth your watch even in 2023!

1.2 Beyblade: V-Force (2002)

Tyson | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The second season of the series, V-Force, continues with the reunion of the Bladebreakers embarking on yet another adventurous quest. This time, their quest is nothing but a mission to protect the sacred bit-beasts.

This season of the series is filled with new and tough opponents. It also boasts 51 action-packed episodes, each brimming with epic Beyblade battles. We highly recommend watching this part if you are new to the Beblade universe!

1.3 Beyblade G-Revolution (2003)

G-Revolution | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The third season of the series named G-Revolution adds a twist to the original story by introducing Daichi. This season is dedicated to the original Bladebreakers meeting Daichi and defending their titles at the World Championships.

You will witness a ton of action between Tyson and Daichi. With this, the series marks the end of the first original adaptation of the Beybaldes trilogy. It boasts some bombastic 52 episodes, each filled with action and some heartwarming moments for the fans!

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2. Beyblade: Metal Saga (2009–2013)

Gingka Hagane | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The second series in the Beyblade saga, named Metal Fusion, marks a shift from Tyson’s story to a new hero for the fans. This new hero, Gingka Hagane, has a serious mission: to oppose the Dark Nebula Organization and strive to become the strongest blader. (It would have been great if they had given Tyson some limelight here too)!

2.1 Beyblade: Metal Fusion (2009–2010)

The first installment of the second series in the Beyblade saga spans 51 episodes, just like its predecessors. However, what sets Metal Fusion apart from the earlier series is its superior animation quality and improved storyline. Metal Fusion is full of character development and we think that the original studio aimed to introduce the story to a more mature audience.

2.2 Beyblade: Metal Masters (2010–2011)

Metal Masters | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

Metal Masters becomes increasingly exciting with Gingka Hagane’s rise in the bladers’ world. This arc also introduces one of the best rivals, Masamune Kadoya, a character celebrated for many years. The story continues to focus on the World Championships with 51 thrilling episodes.

We highly recommend watching it from Masamune Kadoya’s perspective rather than Gingka’s. This will offer you a more fascinating experience.

2.3 Beyblade: Metal Fury (2011–2012)

Gingka | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The third installment of the Metal Fusion series again focuses on Gingka Hagane and his journey to recruit more legendary bladers to counter his rivals in tournaments. This season presents more of what Gingka is as a blader and his aspirations to exceed his limits.

Metal Fury season has 52 episodes, highlighting a more detailed and immersive storyline. If you want to see a proper experience of the legendary Beyblade battles, then this season is for you!

2.4 Beyblade: Shogun Steel (2012)

Shogun Steel | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

A new era of Beyblade unfolds with the introduction of the Shogun Steel installment. Set after the events of Metal Fury, it highlights a new protagonist, Zyro Kurogane, who yet again dreams of becoming the number one blader just like the former heroes. (We thought he must have a dream to dominate the Blader’s world and rule them but NAH!)

One thing this season does exceptionally well is introducing Gingka, all grown up, and training new talent throughout its 38-episode journey. This season is full of emotions and fights which will help you connect with the new generation of bladers.

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3. Beyblade Burst Series (2016–Present)

Burst Series | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

This season is full of colorful effects and the animation is stunning. It introduces an ambitious protagonist. In this next generation, we meet Valt Aoi, a fifth-grader with aspirations to become a top blader. The Beyblade Burst series is notable for its animation updates, modern action sequences, and amazing characters that are not only relatable but also motivating. Spanning 51 episodes, this series is so captivating that we bet you won’t get bored watching it.

3.1 Beyblade Burst Evolution (2017–2018)

Burst Evolution | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

Burst Evolution also known as Beyblade Burst God once again features Valt Aoi and his friends, competing to defend their titles in the International Bladers Cup across 51 episodes. It includes the basic Beyblade elements that fans love, such as action-packed blade battles and strategic gameplay.

However, one aspect where this installment falls short is in having a legendary rival as compelling as Masamune Kadoya and that’s the only bummer!

3.2 Beyblade Burst Turbo (2018–2019)

Burst Turbo | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The Turbo installment introduces a new hero, Aiger Akabane, who surprisingly dethrones Valt Aoi to claim the title of World Champion. The story follows Aiger as he enters the fray with his Bey, Z Achilles 11 Xtend.

Spanning a total of 51 episodes, this season notably surprises us with a sudden shift in its lead character. It mainly focuses on self-discovery and the determination of a blader. We witness Aiger’s journey and how he overcomes intense rivalries and becomes a legendary champion like other famous Bladers.

4. Beyblade Special Movies (2002–Present)

The movies add yet another layer of excitement to the Beyblade universe and they double the fun for us all. Beyblade has released two movies that allow us to relive the thrilling Bladers’ vibes!

4.1 Beyblade: Fierce Battle (2002)

Fierce Battle | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

In the first movie Beyblade: Fierce Battle, the studio takes us all back to Tyson’s journey. The story starts with Tyson, the very first protagonist of the Beyblade universe, whose Beyblade tournament is disrupted by Daichi’s challenge. To further add more thrill, it adds Professor Tengai’s discovery of ancient, dark bit-beasts in ruins.

The beasts possess the four children which leads to a deadly climactic battle between the Blade Breakers and dark forces. The story continues with Tyson and Daichi uniting to reseal the dark beasts and bring peace to all the bladers. We label this as the best one among the two movies, as seeing Tyson vs. Daichi and then seeing them allying is a treat to watch.

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4.2 Metal Fight Beyblade vs the Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader (2010)

Sol Blaze | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

Ok, so we don’t know what the studio was thinking while making this one, but we guess it is still watchable if you are a die-hard Beyblade fan! In this Beyblade movie, the story focuses on the second hero of the Beyblade universe Gingka, and his efforts to stop a meteorite named Adonis that threatens Earth, causing extreme weather.

The theme is set on a beach where Gingka and friends enjoy summer at the beach, but Helios unlocks Sol Blaze in ancient ruins. In a twist, Helios defeats Gingka in a tournament, revealing his grandfather Bakin’s plan to use Sol Blaze to rebuild Atlantis.

Gingka, recognizing the threat, aims to stop them. In a final battle, Gingka defeats Helios, who then realizes Bakin’s intent to destroy civilization. Joining forces, Gingka and Helios confront Bakin, travel to space, and destroy Adonis, saving Earth. It seems much like an emotional ride rather than a fully action-packed Beyblade movie.

5. Beyblade Shogun Steel and Cyborg Specials (2012–2015)

As indicated by their names, these installments were more advanced and modern and focused more on introducing cyborgs and technical rivals rather than just including the human vs. human trope.

5.1 Beyblade: Shogun Steel Specials (2012)

Shogun Steel | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

Yes, this is different than the original Shogun Steel series. The story starts 7 years after the defeat of the God of Destruction. It focuses on introducing innovative Blades to the Beyblade universe. Zyro Kurogane, who was introduced in the Burst installment, travels to Metal Bey City, Gingka’s hometown, to test himself.

There, he learns about the Cyclone Bey stadium, and he wishes to enhance his skills under Gingka’s teachings, striving to become a true Blader in this new Beyblade generation. There are a total of 7 episodes released as part of this special, and they’re also otherwise known as “Zero-G Battle.”

5.2 BeyWarriors: Cyborg (2014)

Cyborgs | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

BeyWarriors: Cyborg is all about humanity getting involved with Cyborgs. The story starts when humans explore other planets and discover Teslandia. Teslandia is a planet where half-creature, half-machine warriors reside.

In this Beyblade special, we witness hybrid creatures compete for Tokens derived from Beyraiderz. These hybrid creatures need tokens to summon warriors to provide them with safety and immunity from enemies.

It has three main characters, Nico, Al, and Sola, whose mission is to transform Teslandia through these battles. This series is nothing special, and to drop a truth bomb here, it might make you feel that you are watching Transformers rather than Beyblades, the least liked special from the Beyblade universe.

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6. Beyblade Burst ONAs (2019–Present)

The Beyblade Burst series includes a variety of Original Net Animations (ONAs), which are special episodes or series released directly online. These ONAs often explore side stories, provide additional character development, or delve into parts of the story not covered in the main series.

6.1 Beyblade Burst Rise (2019–2020)

Burst Rise | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The Burst ONAs are divided into three parts, and in Rise also known as Beyblade Burst GT, the story revolves around Valt Aoi and Dante’s ambition to attain Hyper-Flux. It has some fun scenes, along with some subtle love triangles. Burst has 52 episodes and is the best series to watch if you want to know more about Dante’s character development and role in the Beyblade universe.

6.2 Beyblade Burst Surge (2020–2021)

Burst Surge | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

Surge features two new brothers as our protagonists, Hyuga and Hikaru Hizashi. This 48-episode saga revolves around a new tournament that introduces mysterious bladers to the audience. Surge is focused on brotherly bonds, competition, and high-stakes rivalries. It’s a solid one-time watch to relive the Beyblade days!

6.3 Beyblade Burst QuadDrive / Dynamite Battle (2021)

QuadDrive | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

QuadDrive is the last part of the Burst ONAs, which introduces Phantom’s Gate, a graveyard for Beys. This 52-episode season focuses on Bel Daizora and his threatening acts against the Beyblade universe. We highly recommend watching this one, as it will sum up the complete Burst ONA specials and will leave you with a happy closure.

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7. Beyblade Special Spin-Offs (2012–2014)

Spin-offs are there to make you feel connected with the original story while exploring new characters with their unique touch and development. And luckily, Beyblade introduced two spin-offs with unique and interesting stories.

7.1 BeyWheelz (2012)

Power Up | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

In this new chapter, we get to see a futuristic city named Detection, a hub for Beywheelz battles. Sho, a Beywheelz World Tournament champion, gets challenged by the Dominators, an evil Beywheelz army aiming to control all Beywheelz globally.

Sho aims to protect Beywheelz’s future with his skills and determination. It is an action-packed season full of friendships and the classic battle of evil vs. good.

7.2 BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz (2014)

BeyWarriors | Madhouse Nippon Animedia

The story revolves around a mystical land protected by 6 guardian beasts. However, an evil force challenges these guardians, leading them into a deep slumber, which in turn causes natural disasters. As the guardians awaken, they must now travel across the land, engaging in coliseum battles to fully awaken the guardian spirits.

This story is about restoring the old Beyblade legacy. Although it might not have the same kick, it’s still a good watch for you and all Beyblade lovers.

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End Note

We hope with this guide you will be able to watch all the Beyblade seasons and movies that will help you relive those childhood memories that you now crave in your adulthood! Before you leave, make sure to visit our anime section to check out the latest and authentic anime news and articles.


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