Kagurabachi: A Killer Shonen Manga That Outshined All

Decoding How Chihiro's Sword Forging Journey is Slashing All Records!

Kagurabachi has been sending shockwaves to the manga industry since its release. Its success has reverberated loudly, establishing this newbie as Shonen Jump’s golden child. With its meteoric rise, it has even managed to dethrone heavyweights like JJK and Boruto, giving anime fans their next-gen MC.

In this article, we will be delving into the story of Kagurabachi and exploring how the manga has been able to slash the big names of the industry. Before, we dive in, make sure to read our take on The Apothecary Diaries! Now without wasting much time let’s jump straight to the fun part!

Anime Titans are Bidding Adieu

Legendary Anime | ZenpaiX

It comes as no surprise that vacuums in any industry offer an ideal stage for newbies to seize the spotlight. The current anime/manga industry is no exception with many legendary Shonen anime bidding their farewells to the fans.

As anime like Attack on Titan, Naruto, and One Piece are gracefully concluding their stories, they leave a void, creating a demand for new projects to take over. This is where anime like ChainsawMan and manga like Kagurabachi come into play. So, the reason it pulled the big names down was because of the dire need of Shonen’s audience to have another legendary next-generation Shonen project.

Big Boy Energy of Kagurabachi

Kagurabachi | u/SnowyJKN

Kagurabchi manga doesn’t just bring something to the table, it is rolled in with impressive big-boy energy. It does not leave the room for the audience to wonder when an action sequence will arrive. It straight away set the tone for its dark and action-packed nature.

Other main protagonists, like Itadori, Denji, and Eren took their time to display what they got as an MC but Chihiro’s character and the story straight away convey what they are putting their audience in for. Chihiro displays the main character from the first chapter with a prominent no-nonsense attitude.

Katana Power System

Kagurabachi | OtakuKart

We have to give the credit for this one to none other than JJK for introducing a power system where sorcerers coexist with regular society and unleash their cursed energies to save people. It appears that Kagurabachi merged two popular power systems. One Demon Slayer and the second Jujutsu Kaisen.

Chihiro uses sorcery aka spirit energy with blades that his father forged. The concept of spirit energy can be Kagurabachi’s way of explaining what JJK does with cursed energy and the Katana concept can be traced to many former series.

But we have to give the enchanted blades concept to Demon Slayer. Just like Demon Slayers, Chihiro’s katana also has its distinctive colors. So, we guess we are getting another head-butting guy! Well, the creators did a fantastic job that intrigued the fans in the best way possible with a blasting power system.

A Refreshing Plot

Kagurabachi Manga | DomoSenpai

Most of the anime of the Shonen genre usually offer the same plot. A guy having secret abilities loses friends and family only to win against a killer villain character. But Kagurabachi’s simplicity made it one of the best manga this year.

The plot is simple, a guy Chihiro lives with his father in a quiet villain where his father is known for crafting special Katanas. These Katanas have magical powers and Chihiro aspires to be like his father. Fast forward to three years, he loses his father, and his father’s magical Katanas are stolen by the bad guys. He set out to retrieve them to stand against the villains of the story.

In a nutshell, it’s a simple, sweet, and superb story. But here’s a hint, Chihiro’s journey strikingly resembles Tanjiro’s journey. Both live simple lives, for them their families are everything. What is refreshing about Chihiro is that he was unaware of the secret world of the katana. Whereas, Tanjiro somehow knew the dangerous demons.

Redefining the MC Role

Chihiro | OtakuKart

The trend that started with the O.G Eren Yeager, has reached the Kagurabachi universe, where you will witness an enraged protagonist filled with hate. A protagonist who doesn’t shy away from being dark and morally questionable. Who exhibits no hesitation in channeling guilt and grief into brutality against his enemies.

Honestly, not only does Chihiro reflect Eren in his rage and hatred towards his opponents but also shares similarities with Yorichi who was straight away a GOAT. In Kagurabachi, our main character portrays that there is no need to display weakness, forgiveness, or empathy towards those who wreak havoc.

He isn’t a character in the mold of Naruto, Tanjiro, and Luffy. But he is a fusion of Eren, Yorichi, and Guts. He is simple, talented, and uses his slashing powers against the bad guys.

Our Verdict on Kagurabachi

Kagurabachi has done an amazing job so far in uniting the Shonen fans together to celebrate the story it offers. The execution and the character development are impressive. While it has drawn inspiration from other iconic anime, it still manages to offer a touch of peak Shonen in its storytelling. We would rate this manga 8 out of 10, anticipating that it might surprise us more in the future!

Lesser Known Fire Anime with Katana Power System

The Katana power system has been a part of many legendary anime and as a result, it has garnered a massive fan base. If you are eager to know the best power sword fighting/Katana power system anime, we have compiled a list for readers. But before you dive into that, make sure to explore the coziest anime to watch this fall season!

1. Sword Of The Stranger

Sword of the Stranger | Whola’s Animation

The story is set in the chaotic Sengoku period of Japan, where the Chinese started to exert their influence over the region. A young boy, Kotarou, and his pet dog Tobimaru, live in a village, stealing and surviving on the streets.

The story unfolds when assassins from the Chinese Ming Dynasty begin to chase Kotarou for a dark cause. They had from the assassins only to find a monk Nanashi. Together the three of them embark on a journey to seek the truth behind the cryptic prophecies of the Ming Assasins. The anime is all about the feudal side of Japan and it has some serious sword fights.

2. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Unlimited Blade Works | AminoApps

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is an anime that centers on a battle royale that involves seven Magi. These Magi serve as Masters and have their spiritual energies as their weapons. These spiritual energies are also known as “Servants”.

Rin Toosaka who is Magi aspires to win the battle royale with her Servant named Archer. Rin’s only goal is to win the war to attain the Holy Grail, which can grant her any wish. Shirou Emiya, Rin’s classmate, unintentionally enters the competition and unexpectedly unlocks a Servant, Saber.

Together, these two classmates form a temporary alliance to win the Holy Grail War. But they soon find themselves pitted against each other in the final round. This anime is filled with lightning-fast sword action with amazing graphics and animation.

3. Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Angolmois | Animefeminist

Set in the year 1274, this anime portrays the conflict between Japan and the Mongolian Empire. After conquering half of the world, the Mongol authorities turned their swords against Japan’s Tsushima Island. Kuchii Jinzaburou, the protagonist of this series works for the Mongol forces.

He gets dispatched by the Kamakura Shogunate forces to the island at the request of the Mongolian Princess Teruhi. His mission is to facilitate the invasion of the island for his people. The series takes a brutal turn, filled with sword fights, as the resistant forces of Tsushima and the invading Mongol forces come face to face!


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