How to Read Manga as a Beginner: The Ultimate Guide

With diverse stories and characters, the Manga world has captivated thousands of readers all around the globe. If you want to jump into the thrilling world of manga too and don’t know where to start, this guide is for you to become a true pro in no time!
Before you start your manga reading, there are some basics that you need to get a grip on. Read until the end to get the best out of these adrenaline-pumping tales with our ultimate guide.

What is Manga?

To put it simply, Manga refers to Japanese comics that are often adapted as Japanese anime. Manga comics are known for their distinct animation style, with characters with large dow-shaped eyes, eccentric hairstyles and delightful facial features.

All of the characters in the manga books have unique personality traits that make the stories enjoyable. As you immerse yourself in reading manga books, chances are you will find this strange animation style irresistible.

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How to Start Reading Your First Manga

If you are a beginner, you might need clarification when you see manga and wonder where to begin. In this section, you will learn about the flow of manga and how you can easily read it without missing anything important,

Starting From the Back, Instead of the Front

If you’re just getting into reading manga, the best place to start is actually on its back cover. It may seem odd, but this is how Japanese comic readers have traditionally done it; they begin with the end and work their way up until they reach the front of each volume. This method of consumption contrasts Western comics that always open from front to back.

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Reading it from Top to Bottom & Right to Left

When reading a manga book, remember that the pages must be read from right to left instead of traditional western comics, which are read from left to right. Furthermore, each panel should start at the top right and move towards the far-left side before returning back across to complete it.

Keep this pattern up until you reach the end of your manga book. Additionally, if the panels of the manga book appear vertical, start reading from the top panel, reaching downward.

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Paying Attention to Word Bubbles & Panels

Regarding manga, the dialogue or word bubbles should always be read from right to left and top to bottom. Begin your reading journey at the uppermost right bubble and move leftwards. In a panel containing multiple speech bubbles, start with the most right one, then proceed in descending order towards other bubbles while following the right to left pattern.

Pacing is essential when reading manga books, and it can confuse beginners. In the manga, black shading usually denotes events that have already occurred, illustrating how the story progressed and what transpired prior. However, when the animation begins to fade out suddenly, it typically reveals that things are moving forward into an imminent future.

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Manga Reading Tips for Beginners

  • Rather than aimlessly reading all types of manga books, select a genre you can truly appreciate.
  • Don’t pick a Manga on what is popular or in the limelight; pick something that speaks to your heart.
  • Physical copies are superior compared to the digital manga. This is because they tend to be more vivid with their art which will help new readers become adept at comprehending manga content.
  • Don’t visit pirated or Illegal sites to read a Manga.
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Bottom Line

Reading manga is a fun activity, and once you get a good grip on it, you will surely enjoy these heart-spinning tales by Japanese authors. Follow our guide to ensure you get all the pages, and your reading experience will become even more pleasurable.

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