How to Read the Entire Bleach Manga Online in 2024?

Read the forever-reigning manga Bleach in 2024 and beyond!

Key Takeaways
  • The Bleach manga can be legally read online through platforms such as Viz Media, MangaPlus, Manganelo, MangaFire, and BookWalker, each with different features and accessibilities.
  • Bleach is considered worth reading in 2024, recommended for its influential story and art, despite the abundance of new manga in the shonen genre.
  • New readers are advised to start with the anime for an enhanced experience, then continue with the manga for deeper understanding, starting from Chapter 610 if following the anime.

Bleach Manga is one of the most celebrated works of all time. Created by Tite Kubo and animated by Studio Pierrot, Bleach debuted its first volume in 2001 in the widely popular Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. With its unique story and an intellectual and adaptive protagonist, Ichigo, it rose to fame and is still known as one of the Big Three of the anime industry.

Due to its popularity, newcomers to manga/anime always find Bleach interesting to read. However, it can be challenging to find an official and legal website to access the latest chapters. In this article, we will disclose all the details on how you can legally read the entire Bleach manga online in 2024!

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This is How You Can Read the Entire Bleach Manga Online!

Bleach | Studio Pierrot

When it comes to reading manga online, some websites serve as direct providers of manga chapters in association with relevant studios and authors. These websites are the most favored ones for fans when it comes to official releases and hard-to-find editions. We have listed the 5 most popular platforms to read Bleach manga and its special chapters online

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1. Viz Media

VIZ Media | Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions

Owned by Japanese publishers Shueisha and Shogakukan (ShoPro) Productions, Viz Media stands out as one of the best websites for reading Bleach manga online. It won’t be wrong to consider Viz Media as the manga paradise for readers, especially when it comes to accessing exclusive titles anytime for just $1.99 per month.

When it comes to Bleach, Viz provides all chapters in a user-friendly interface, making it easy for readers to navigate through all its volumes. Readers can even download up to 100 chapters a day through their Shonen Jump subscription on the Viz website and enjoy reading them. You can also access the first 3 and the last 3 chapters for free.

Due to its parent organization, Viz Media has built a reputation for being the go-to source for authentic and trusted Bleach manga content. But the most prominent con of this platform is that it is only available in 10 English-speaking countries.

2. MangaPlus

Manga Plus | SHUEISHA

MangaPlus is a widely popular website for anime enthusiasts looking to read Tite Kubo’s Bleach online. Not only can you find the entire Bleach manga on MangaPlus, but you will also be able to explore a wide range of other manga titles with high-quality scans for just $1.99 per month and $4.99 per month for a Deluxe plan.

Readers can also enjoy an extra scoop of goodness by getting English translations of the Bleach manga. Moreover, MangaPlus regularly updates its library to offer fans all the latest releases as soon as they hit the shelves. It is available both on mobile and web, but the subscription is exclusive only to mobile. Readers can also access limited chapters for free without a subscription, which, in our opinion, is a steal!

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3. Manganelo

Japanese Manga | Manganelo

Formerly known as Mangakakalot, Manganelo is another website that provides access to Bleach Manga without any language barriers. Readers get the best quality chapters and volumes, and the attention to detail in the artwork is preserved superbly by the website.

However, there are some demerits of Manganelo, and it is important to understand that the website operates in a legal gray area. It offers copyrighted material for free without proper authorization from the copyright holders.

This platform is for those readers who prioritize free manga reading and do not care enough about the legality. Although it’s not fully illegal, some volumes can be, and it is always important for fans to not compromise their safety on the web.

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4. MangaFire

Manga | MangaFire

MangaFire offers fans the opportunity to explore the captivating world of Bleach for free. This has made MangaFire a popular choice among anime and manga fans. While MangaFire may seem like the best option as it does not require a subscription, it’s important to note that this website operates in a legal gray area.

While some volumes might be free and legal, you might not be able to read the entire manga for free. You might come across some chapters that are locked and require you to pay a certain amount of fee to the copyright holders and publishers.

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5. BookWalker

Japanese Manga | BookWalker

BookWalker is a Japanese e-book store for manga and light novels. It has insanely attractive sales and coin-back campaigns. These offers help new readers get into the manga world without spending a lot. It has a try before you read feature to allow you to choose the best manga. Moreover the platform also has its mobile app.

There is no monthly or yearly subscription. Readers can just pay the price of the volume via Credit Card, WebMoney, Niconico Point, and Amazon Pay. It is a good option for people who want to experience the art of the Bleach Manga.

Is The Bleach Manga Worth Reading in 2024?

Bleach | Studio Pierrot

Bleach has been one of the most popular manga of the 2000s. It inspired many mangakas and is often quoted as one of the big three that shaped the shonen genre. When it comes to being worthy of reading, especially when the shonen genre has a lot to offer and new manga are popping up every day, we say YES!! it is worth it.

The power system will not disappoint you, the main character is fabulous and smart, and the villains are just on another level. Not to forget that the manga’s stunning art is another aspect of it that makes it appealing even after all these years. So, we truly say that YES, give this one a chance and let it unfold the secrets of the soul realm even in 2024!

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Should You Watch Bleach Anime or Read the Manga First?

Aizen Vs Ichigo | Bleach

Go for the anime first! Although the manga is incredibly good and will not disappoint you. But the anime has good voice acting, stunning animation, OG openings, and humor that you can only experience on the screen.

Once you are done watching the anime, continue reading the manga so that you understand the power systems and lesser-known race of the Bleach Universe. Pro tip: Skip the filler episodes so that you don’t end up getting annoyed.

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Where Should You Start Reading the Bleach Manga After Watching the Anime?

Ichigo | Bleach

The second installment of Bleach: TYBW anime ends with Episode 26 Black. This corresponds to Volume 67, Chapters 607 to 609 in the manga. Fans can start manga reading from Volume 67, Chapter 610 onwards.

If you cannot wait for the Conflict arc, which is the climax of the TYBW, start reading the manga from Volume 67, Chapter 610. Read all the way to the end from there. However, the whole manga should be reread from the start after you finish watching the anime (NOW THAT’S TOTALLY NUTS!).

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What Chapter Does the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc in Bleach Start?

Bleach Anime | Studio Pierrot

The Thousand Year Blood War arc in Bleach manga begins with chapter 480. This chapter is included in the 55th volume of the Bleach manga, which was published in Japan in the weekly Shonen Jump in June 2012. It is the last arc of the manga, and we suggest going through other chapters before you dive into it for better clearity of the Bleach verse.

Is There Going to be a Sequel to the Bleach Manga in 2024?

Ichigo | Studio Pierrot

Technically, YES! There is a direct sequel to the TYBW arc. This sequel, set roughly 10 years after the events of TYBW, is called No Breaths From Hell. Currently, it is a one-shot by the author Tite Kubo. However, this one-shot serves as a teaser chapter for a whole new arc called Howls from the Jowls of Hell.
This new arc seems quite interesting for Bleach fans. It can be seen as the starting point for the expansion of the main Bleach universe. Moreover fans will be able to know the role of Hell and the dead within it. AND Folks! If Tite Kubo is personally executing the sequel, then it will definitely be a banger!

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Our Verdict

Bleach | Studio Pierrot

We hope this guide has helped you find the best spot to read the entire Bleach manga in 2024. If you prefer physical copies over e-books, you can search for Bleach manga’s physical copies on Amazon. With the Bleach hype hitting its peak with the TYBW arc, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see this titan soar even higher.

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