Decoding All the Different Races in Bleach Universe: A TYBW Guide

Bleach has returned after almost a decade with 51 new chapters of The Thousand Years Blood War, which features a Shinigami VS Quincy battle. The newly animated episodes have amazing artwork, and it really helps us Otakus to experience Ichigo‘s journey in a better manner.

According to creators, there are only 200 chapters left in the story. And with the release of TYBW, it is important to understand how race system works in the Bleach universe. To make things less complicated for new viewers, we have listed all the races in this article according to their categories.

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Races in Bleach & Their Categories

Before we start, make sure to read our recent take on One Piece and some of the most shocking plot twists it has to offer. Now without further ado, here is a complete explanation of all the races and their categories in Bleach:

Human Beings in Bleach | Pinterest 

1. Humans: Humans in Bleach have no powers and mostly don’t play a role in any of the other supernatural entities in the show. They are normal, and they cannot sense spirits around them. However, some humans can be a vessel to other spirits, depending on their strength as a medium. Ordinary humans are given the advantage of exceeding their spiritual energy by a third-party source in the series.

FullBringer in Bleach | DailyAnimeArt

2. Fullbringer: They are a subset of humans in Bleach. They are humans but have a particular type of spiritual awakening that allows them to manipulate objects and souls around them. Their powers come from Hollow Reirikyo, a spiritual energy that allows them to become fullbring.

Quincy in Bleach | WikiTechLibrary

3. Quincy: A Quincy is a living being able to utilize their spiritual energy, form weapons, and kill Hollows. They absorb the energy from their surroundings and transform it using their innovative spiritual abilities to form weapons that can easily send a hollow or a spirit to soul society by killing them.

Plus in Bleach | Cultture

1. Plus: Pluses are the weakest race in Bleach as they possess no powers compared to other races, such as Hollow and Fullbringer. Their sole purpose is to reach the soul of society and become ordinary citizens. A plus is attached to a particular place where they live their human lives and are often teleported to soul society by Shinigami.

Hell Denizen |

2. Hell Denizen: People who committed sins in the human world or spirits that created chaos in the soul society are often detained to become hell’s inhabitants. They are chained in hell chains and often go through severe punishments.

Soul Society | Quora

3. Citizens of Soul Society: Soul King supervises them and often lives their eternal lives under his commands. Most of these citizens lacked power; some started living in a soul society after their purification ritual.

Kaizu Konpaku | Tenor

4. Kaizu Konpaku: An experimental vessel-like soul created by Shinigami scientists to hunt Hollows. They act as soulless living bodies in the human world to attract hollows so that Shinigami can slay them and protect human beings from getting affected.

Gikon | Tenor

5. Gikon: A pill-like artificial soul often resides in plushies or other human objects to help humans escape their traumatic experiences with evil spirits or hollows. They also help the Shinigami to locate pluses and transfer them to soul society.

Demi Hollow | Tenor

1. Demi-Hollows: Also known as “Jibakurei,” are spirits in transition from a benign Plus to a malevolent Hollow. Triggered by negative emotions, a Hollow hole begins to consume their heart, resulting in their increased unpredictability and aggression. This process culminates in the complete loss of their heart, turning them into a full Hollow.

Regular Hollow | Twitter

2. Regular Hollows: All hollows are known to be Bleach’s evil spirits and are often seen creating issues for all spiritual entities. They feed on the souls of ordinary humans, both living and dead. A hollow has a white mask on its face and a hollow space around its chest where its heart used to be.

Menos Grande | YouTube

3. Menos Grande: These are large, evolved Hollows formed when numerous Hollows, driven by a common desire, amalgamate. They’re generally slow-witted due to the multiple consciousnesses battling for control, but a dominant consciousness can give rise to more evolved forms.

Gillian | Reddit

4. Gillian: The first and most common class of Menos Grande. They’re massive, resembling walking towers, and have little individuality. If one Hollow’s will dominates over the others in the formation, they can evolve further.

Adjuchas | DeviantArt

5. Adjuchas: The second class of Menos Grande, smaller but more powerful than Gillians. They have more individuality and retain their sanity and intelligence. Failure to consume other Hollows can result in regression to Gillian form.

Vasto Lorde | MoeWalls

6. Vasto Lorde: The rarest and most powerful class of Menos Grande, their size is closer to humans than their lesser counterparts. Their spiritual power rivals that of the strongest Soul Reapers, making them formidable adversaries.

Arrancar | Tenor

7. Arrancar: A type of Hollow that broke their mask to obtain consciousness and reasoning. Such Hollows mostly have powers like Shinigami and can act as Zanpakuto spirits.

Shinigami | Pinterest

1. Shinigami: Shinigami or Death Gods are guardians of the soul society. They teleport Pluses and other Spirits to the soul society by performing rituals with their swords. They also possess magic known as kido and are often seen eliminating Hollows in the series.

Visoreds | GIFER

2. Visoreds: A type of Shinigami that obtained the powers of a hollow with illegal means to dominate others in combats and more spiritual energy from others.

Bount in Bleach | Dailyanimeart

3. Bount: A Bount is a human with high spiritual energy and powers. They were created by shinigami while researching to find means to attain immortality. They consume human spirits just like Hollows to live for thousands of years. Their only weakness is their dolls to which their souls are attached.

Zanpakuto | WikiTechLibrary

4. Asauchi/Zanpakuto: Zanpakuto is a spirit attached to a shinigami’s sword and helps the Shinigami to teleport spirits to the soul society. These spirits have a sense of their own and can even make decisions to help Shinigami.

Soul King in Bleach | DeviantArt

1. Soul King: Soul king is an ethereal being, meaning he has power above all other races and possesses extreme spiritual energy. The soul king probably is the ultimate villain in Bleach and can create problems for both the citizen of soul society and human beings.

Soul King’s Limbs | Fiction Horizon

2. Soul King’s Limbs: Soul kings’ limbs have consciousness and powers to attack and fight enemies. The soul king’s limbs have their personalities, names, and powers.

Yhwach in Bleach | Tenor

3. Yhwach: The son of the Soul King and himself king of the Quincies and a key antagonist in Bleach. Yhwach possesses immense power, being the origin of all Quincies. He aims to merge the three worlds—Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, and the Human World—into one.

Toju in Bleach | NeonStar

4. Toju: Toju are sad zanpakuto spirits who lost their owners to their enemies in combats. These spirits cannot travel to the soul of society and are often left confused and lost in the human world.

Kushanada in Bleach | YouTube

5. Kushanada: Creatures with a demonic appearance that act as protectors of the gates of Hell. Despite their formidable power, they are not inherently malevolent.

Which Race is The Strongest in Bleach?

You may be curious about the strongest race in the Bleach universe, given the many different races present. The answer is that Transcendental beings like Yhwach, Ichigo, and Aizen are the strongest. Although their abilities are not fully explained but they have tremendous power and hold authority over other races.

Bottom Line

The world of Bleach is filled with fascinating characters and thrilling plots. Bleach’s amazing power and race system are the driving forces that made Bleach a member of the Big Three. We hope our article has helped explain the hierarchy within Bleach and also intrigued you enough to watch the series.

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