One Piece: The Top 20 Plot Twists That Left Fans Stunned

Let's immerse ourselves in Oda's jaw-dropping twists and turns in the One Piece Universe.

Eiichiro Oda has been creating unpredictable plot twists for One Piece fans for years. The show has a perfect mix of fantastic characters, expertly crafted world-building, and surprising storylines. One Piece stands out from mainstream shonen anime.

It offers its fans with a unique experience that includes mysteries, unpredictability, and mind-boggling plot twists that leave them craving for more. In this article, we will be discussing all the shocking plot twists in the One Piece world and how they have influenced the overall story of Monkey D. Luffy.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for One Piece. If you are new to the series and don’t want to be spoiled, we recommend skipping this article for the best experience. Watch the series first then come back!

1. Ace’s Death

Oda’s decision to have Ace killed in the story came as a surprise to fans who did not expect such a plot twist. In addition, Ace’s death was particularly emotional due to his heartfelt words of gratitude towards Luffy and his loved ones. This plot twist is among the most jarring and emotional in the series.

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2. Ace’s Identity

In the series, when Portgas D. Ace was introduced as Luffy’s brother. It was not disclosed that he was adopted. As a result, many viewers assumed that they were biological brothers. Later, fans got to know that Ace was actually Roger’s son. As a result, Ace is Luffy’s adoptive brother and not related by blood.

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3. Shanks Being a Yonko

Shanks, a well-known character in the series, was revealed to be one of the four emperors known as Yonko who govern the pirate world. This surprising plot twist by Oda added more excitement to the series and showcased his exceptional storytelling.

4. Sabo’s Return

One Piece manga surprised its fanbase with Sabo’s return in the series. Previously, many fans believed that Sabo had died in the incident that occurred in Lulucia. However, his return was unexpected and has since become one of the most unpredictable plot twists in the series.

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5. BlackBeard’s Two Devil Fruits

It was believed by manga readers and anime watchers that no one in the One Piece Universe could possess more than one devil fruit. So, this notion was challenged when Oda introduced Blackbeard, who shocked fans by obtaining Whitebeard’s devil fruit power.

6. Kuma Helping the Straw Hats

Many One Piece fans found it refreshing when Kuma came to the rescue of Luffy and the Straw Hats after Kizaru attacked them. But, Kuma supported them because he was aware of Luffy’s heritage. And since then, Kuma’s character remained in the good books of the series.

7. Roger’s Son

Fans had long speculated that Luffy might be the biological son of Gol D. Roger, but this theory was debunked when Marine Admiral Sengoku revealed that it was actually Portgas D. Ace who was Roger’s true son. This came as a surprising twist.

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8. Celestial Dragon

If you’re not familiar with the role of Celestial Dragons in One Piece, they are the most powerful class of people in the One Piece world. They are often compared to gods because of their immense authority. One shocking revelation in One Piece was the true identity of Doflamingo.

He was later turned out to be a former Celestial Dragon. Even more surprising was the revelation that Doflamingo was blackmailing the World Government.

9. Kozuki Family

The Kozuki family’s story in the Wano arc of the series was full of unexpected plot developments. The secrets that the clan members revealed were astonishing and impressed audiences with Oda’s storytelling skills.

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10. CP9 Reveal

The Water 7 saga is highly regarded by One Piece fans as one of their favorites. The build-up, execution, and plot twists were all superb. One of the saga’s most memorable moments was the reveal of the final antagonists, including Lucci and his team. These agents were previously thought of as amicable allies who had bonded with the Straw Hats.

11. Shirahoshi as Poseidon

The revelation that Shirahoshi was the heir to Poseidon’s power was stunning. During the battle between Luffy and Hody, she utilized her abilities at a critical moment. When a Celestial Dragon endangered her mother, Queen Otohime, Shirahoshi instinctively summoned the Kings of the Seas to protect her for the first time.

12. Bartolomeo Being a Luffy Fanboy

Bartolomeo, famous for his habit of mocking people, surprisingly expressed his love and admiration for Luffy. And it was extremely shocking for One Piece Fandom. The series revealed that Bartolomeo is actually Luffy’s biggest fan, having posters of other Straw Hat members on his ship.

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After the Dressrosa incident, he even joined the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. During Luffy’s fight against Doflamingo in Dressrosa, he helped Luffy and has a profound admiration for the entire Straw Hat crew.

13. Crocodile Saves Luffy

Although Coco boy was seen as a villain, he surprised everyone by rescuing Luffy and the Straw Hats. Despite being defeated by Luffy at first, it was unexpected for a minor antagonist to make such a noble move, proving that he had a good side.

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14. Pudding’s Betrayal

Sanji went through numerous difficulties in the One Piece series, and one of the most notable hardships was his betrayal by Pudding. Many fans were surprised to discover her association with Big Mom. Pudding’s deceptive behavior towards Sanji was unexpected, and her true intentions were hidden behind her innocent facade.

15. Big Mom Eats Her Family

Big Mom is an intriguing character with a dark backstory. She was raised in an orphanage alongside numerous other children, and she formed a close bond with her adoptive mother, Carmel. Despite finding comfort in her fellow orphans, Big Mom’s giant instincts ultimately caused her to consume all of the other children in the orphanage, including Carmel.

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16. Gol. D Roger Turning Himself In

Many One Piece fans previously believed that the Marines captured the legendary Gold D. Roger after his thrilling life of seafaring adventure. However, it has been revealed that Roger was actually living with a fatal disease.

After discovering the famed One Piece treasure, he chose to disband his crew and surrender himself to the Marines.

17. Caramel’s Greed

Charlotte Linlin developed a fondness for Caramel and began to embrace life at the orphanage. Though the reality was not as pleasant as it seemed, as it was eventually revealed that Caramel had only taken Linlin in for financial gain.

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18. Coco Boy’s Bomb

The Straw Hats believed they had defeated Coco Boy, but they were mistaken. As they prepared to celebrate with a feast, Coco Boy’s ticking bomb caused a tense situation for fans of One Piece. The encounter with Crocodile may have appeared insignificant in Luffy’s journey, but it was undeniably enjoyable.

19. The Loyalty of Minks

Raizo caused severe damage to Zou’s civilization, which has existed for a thousand years. As a powerful Yonko commander, Raizo led an army that attacked and destroyed the Millennium city, injured numerous Minks, and poisoned almost the entire population in search of him.

Initially, we believed that the Minks harbored strong animosity towards Raizo for his role in almost wiping out their nation. However, our assumption was inaccurate. In reality, the Minks had been protecting Raizo this whole time, despite being aware of his presence. Their unwavering loyalty is truly remarkable.

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20. Sanji as a Prince

Sanji is revealed to be a member of the Vinsmoke family, also known as Germa 66, and is considered a “prince”. This deepens fans’ understanding of the character and places him and his family in a more prominent role in the conflict against Big Mom.

End Note

The twists mentioned above are a prominent symbol of Oda’s dedication to providing viewers with the best quality and storyline in One Piece. It is now clear that it’s impossible to predict anything in the One Piece Universe.

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