Oshi no Ko: A Journey of Dark Twists and Surprises

The idol world captivates us with its glamorous appeal and fabulousness, yet beneath the glittery surface lies some of the most disturbing stories. But what if you mixed the idol world with anime? Oshi no Ko does exactly this, featuring the idol life and offering an array of twisted surprises for viewers.

Are you new to the anime world and have no idea what Oshi no Ko, an Isekai/idol series is? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! In this article, we will go in-depth into the twisted themes of Oshi no Ko that makes it stand out from other idol anime series.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Oshi no Ko. If you have not watched it yet, reading this may ruin the experience!

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A Sweet Revenge Story

There are many isekai anime shows that feature revenge plots, but Oshi no Ko stands out by combining reincarnation and revenge. Along with infusing themes from the cutthroat world of idol rivalries. The first episode starts with Ai Hoshino and her trusted doctor getting killed by a stalker.

Later on, we learn that Aqua, who is Ai’s son, is the reincarnation of the doctor. Aqua is now solely focused on seeking revenge for himself and his mother. The show subtly suggests that humans tend to seek revenge against those who they believe are superior to them. They can also seek revenge against anyone who have caused them pain.

If you are not familiar with Idol culture, Oshi no Ko provides a good explanation of how this vulnerable industry operates. How it exploits them when there are many idols working towards the same goal.

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The Dark Reality of Entertainment Industry

Oshi no Ko sheds light on the harmful aspects of the idol industry and its negative impact on those involved. The anime portrays the constant threats and harassment that idols face from their stalkers, haters, critics, and rivals.

Additionally, the strict and demanding lifestyle that idols are required to follow, including sudden diet restrictions and rigorous routines, can lead to mental health issues. It’s clear that Ai’s daughter, Ruby, is determined to fulfill her mother’s dream and become a successful idol.

However, as the manga progresses, Ruby discovers the harsh truth about the corrupt nature of the entertainment industry. The anime focuses on the treatment of minor girls and boys in the entertainment industry and how they are objectified.

Additionally, it delves into the issue of stalker fans who disregard the privacy of their idols and relentlessly harass them with death threats if their expectations are not met.

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Childhood Trauma & How It Shapes Us

The way we spend our childhood can greatly influence our adult lives. In Oshi no Ko’s story, it is evident that childhood traumas can often result in a painful and unfulfilling future. Aqua’s character is driven solely by his desire for revenge for his past and his mother, which shapes his perspective on others.

He lacks passion for his current life and has no goals for the future, as his focus is entirely on his past. Ruby has a more positive outlook on life than Aqua because she did not experience her mother’s murder firsthand. Ruby’s aspiration is to become a top idol, which makes her more relatable, typical, and attractive.

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Giving Up on Your Dreams

Dreams are important for all of us, but what if we tell you that this anime takes a different approach in portraying someone struggling to achieve their goals and quitting midway. Oshi no Ko’s characters depict failure, struggle, and quitting to achieve something better by giving up the idol lifestyle.

Now it gives its viewers a wholesome and debatable plot where we can debate how failure shouldn’t force us to quit. Then another dimension leads us to believe it’s better to leave if it is not yielding something you expected.

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End Note

Though the manga of Oshi no Ko is way too dark to be just an Isekai/idol manga. Yet, it delivers some of the best twists and characters with its engaging kawaii characters and blasting dance moves. If you love watching Isekai\slice of life anime, then check out our article on the top slice of life anime to watch.


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