Dead Mount Death Play: An Absurd Reverse Isekai Anime

The Corps God Necromancer's Adventures as a 16-Year-Old in a Reverse Isekai Saga!

Isekai anime never really disappoints us with their twisted “other world” stories. But this time, two well-known names in the anime industry have collaborated to create a reverse Isekai anime series of spring 2023. Dead Mount Death Play is a dark & reverse isekai anime that you should definitely check out.

Made by Shinta Fojimoto and Ryoho Narita, Dead Mount Death Play will surely make you change your mind regarding typical isekai anime. In this article, we will be unfolding everything that makes this anime absurdly amazing!

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The Plot of Dead Mount Death Play

The anime’s main plot centers around a battle between a hero and a necromancer who can control dead bodies, which are not easily visible. During the fight, the necromancer uses magic to reincarnate into another world.

This spell brings a boy named Polka Shinoyama to life in a different time and place. Polka is initially confused about his new existence and identity. He meets new people and try to navigate in the modern-day Japan with an unusual goal.

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Dead Mount Death Play Themes

DMDP combines elements of fantasy RPG, paranormal assassination, and antihero-versus-police themes. Despite this mix, the different components blend together cohesively without feeling out of place. In addition, this show is not recommended for inexperienced anime viewers.

This is due to its inclusion of adult animated scenes and occasional graphic content that may be uncomfortable for some viewers. Despite the anime’s various unconventional themes, Fojimoto ensured to employ exceptional art style and animation that captivates viewers from the very first episode.

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Dead Mount Death Play Characters

This anime has a lot of characters, and it may be overwhelming. To make it easier, we have gathered information about the main characters so you can easily recognize them on your screen,

The Corps God

The main character of the series is Corpse God, who gets reincarnated into the dead body of Polka Shinoyama. He possesses an Evil Eye that enables him to see ghosts and spirits. The protagonist also has Elemental Eyes that allow him to control elements such as fire, water, and wind.

He is a well-known assassin and was also part of the Black Eagles before being reincarnated as an undead. He is skilled in necromancy, which allows him to communicate with the dead.

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Polka Shinoyama

Polka Shinoyama is a 16-year-old son of a famous businessman Rozan Shinoyama. He gets killed by a contract killer named Misaki Sakimiya. However, something unusual happens after his death. The Corpse God reincarnates his body to life.

The Corpse God then transfers Polka’s body to Takumi’s drone and put his soul into a toy shark. Throughout the story, Polka agrees to The Corpse God’s request to use his identity.

Misaki Sakimiya

Misaki Sakimiya was an assassin who was pursuing the real Polka Shinoyama. She is one of the craziest characters you will come across in this anime. The Corpse God kills her using his long skeleton hand. However, he later brings her back to life back to life as a zombie.

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Shagrua Lugrid

He seems a nice character at first; however, there is more than what meets the eye. Shagrua Lugrid is a gray character, who fights against the Corps God. Similar to the Corps God, he has the evil eye and can see spirits of the dead. His goal is to eliminate the Corps God from his world and to seek salvation.

Lisa Kuraki

Lisa Kuraki is a skilled investigator who also happens to be a bartender. She runs a bar named Youtoukorou. Lisa’s role in the story is that she is close to the Corps God and helps him from time to time.

Takumi Kuruya

Takumi Kuraya is an information broker who works at Lisa Kuraki’s bar. He flies illegal drones to collect data and has become friends with The Corpse God. As a member of Sons of the Styx, he assists The Corpse God by providing valuable information.

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What Worked in Dead Mount Death Play?

The anime effectively executed the common trope of an anti-hero with a troubled past. Despite initially appearing as a tyrannical figure, the Corps God’s backstory suggests a completely different portrayal. The relatable motive of seeking peace and rest adds more depth to the character. Overall, the creator cleverly deceived the audience by crafting the Corps God as a “villainous” character.

What Sucks in Dead Mount Death Play?

Anime fans are disappointed because some scenes are too explicit and there are too many characters with little to no depth. The lack of character development is also a downside. Additionally, the anime has unnecessary and obscene relationships without any proper context and relatability with the story.

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Our Final Verdict

If you’re a fan of dark fantasy, this anime is a great choice! It’s filled with suspense and action. However, be warned, there is a fair amount of violence and explicit scenes. The characters are unique, though some may be confusing at times. Overall, it’s an exciting series and definitely worth checking out if you are new to isekai anime genre.

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