Dynamic Stage Jailbreak Tweak Brings Split-Screen Multitasking to the iPhone

iPhone jailbreak tweak designer Tom T. has recently announced that his next project, the Dynamic Stage, which will be available starting next week. To be clear, he’s the same designer that developed the infamous CopyLog, a clipboard manager for iPhones.

But, lets roll back, and look at how Apple transitioned in the past few years, putting a lot more emphasis on the software side of things.

Dynamic Island – Apple’s pièce de résistance

Last year, Apple made some major changes to the iPhone 14 Pro, both in terms of its looks and its functionality. One of the most interesting changes was the introduction of the “Dynamic Island.” When I first saw this feature, I was genuinely surprised at how well it was implemented. Not only was it smooth and seamless, but it also added a lot of personality to the phone.

To me, the real turning point for Apple was iOS 16. This update introduced a ton of new features that made the iPhone even more powerful and customizable. When you combine that with the changes made to the iPhone 14 Pro and the upcoming iOS 17, it’s clear that Apple is wanting to not only succeed in the hardware side of things, but also widen the gap in the software experience between iOS and its other counterparts.

However, I feel bad for the iPhone users of yesteryears. You know, the people who are still holding onto their iPhone 11s, 12s, and 13s. They missed out on the Dynamic Island magic. Sure, they’ve tried to make up their own “virtual dynamic islands” with design concepts and videos, but it’s just not the same.

Over the past year, we’ve seen multiple design concepts, but one that sets apart is this one, the Dynamic Stage. It is essentially a split-screen mode in iPhones, but with all those cool, fluid animations.

Dynamic Stage is Apple’s Split Screen View

Jailbreak tweak designer Tom T. showcased the Dynamic Stage, on his X (Twitter) account, where it seemed like the tweak aimed at offering a modern (iPhone-style) fluid multitasking experience.

Take a look at this short video showcasing the feature down below:


Using the Dynamic Stage

To open Dynamic Stage, simply swipe up from the bottom right corner. From there, you can release to open the stage or drag it underneath your active app to enter Split View. The tweak also allows you to customize each app, enabling them to launch in iPad mode. It also dynamically resizes apps without requiring a restart, although some apps may not work properly due to sizing restrictions.

As for navigating in and out of Dynamic Stage, it’s pretty easy. Pulling the stage down from the top edge minimizes it, while a swipe up from the bottom right within the stage closes your app. If you come across an app that doesn’t work well with Dynamic Stage, you can easily disable it from appearing in the app list.

Dynamic Stage is still in development, but it looks to be a great new way to multitask on iPhone. To be clear, this is nothing new, and has been around on Android for years, but ‘better late than never’. As for the release, well, there’s no definite date, but the developer says that it’ll be available in approximately a week from now.

Keep in mind that the feature will ONLY work with jailbroken iPhones, and will be paid, meaning you’ll have to purchase it for $3.99 at launch.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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