The 5 Best Xbox Controllers to Buy in 2022

Ever since the advent of gaming, controllers have held a special place in our gaming arsenal. They make our lives relatively easier as compared to juggling your way through the keys of a keyboard. However, in the end, it all comes down to personal preference as a lot of gamers find keyboards to be comparatively less tricky. But the convenience of having all the keys that you love the most in your grasp certainly cannot be denied with the added benefit of stepping away from your console or PC as much as you want without the hassle of carrying a huge keyboard everywhere.

There are tons of other positive aspects of owning a controller such as wireless connectivity, remappable buttons, and additional triggers/switches for a clutter-free responsive gaming experience on the go for your PC or your console. Since there is only one prominent open-sourced console manufacturer in the market with an extensive range of third-party peripherals i.e Microsoft, so here is our insight on the best Xbox controllers that you can get your hands on

1. The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Best Value Controller


  • Customization options Galore
  • Two preset modes that can be shifted on the fly
  • The reassuringly hefty design and aesthetics
  • Purpose Built Game Mode


  • No Bluetooth
  • No rechargeable battery
  • Has a relatively short lifespan for the price it asks

7,016 Reviews

Power: 2 AA Batteries, Rechargeable Battery (separate) | Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Compatibility: PC (Windows 7 or Later, Xbox One | Weight: 348g | Buttons: Triggers, D-Pad, Analog Sticks, Macro Paddles

So you need a gamepad? You’re all too tired of the old school joysticks that sometimes work and sometimes don’t? Well, get ready to dish out a handsome amount of money for this hunky bad boy that Microsoft is NOT targeting for the mainstream.  As the name says it all, the Xbox one Elite is for highly competitive gamers. The ones that would go all out with customizing their controls for precision gaming. Microsoft has really perfected the design over the years that it has got PlayStation crowd longing for Sony to do something similar but Alas!

You may laugh at its price tag but as soon as you get your hands on one, you will definitely notice the quality that is worth that steep price. It feels super sturdy, especially when held next to a regular controller. The satisfying heft of the Elite melts into your inner knuckles ever so snuggly, and on top of that, when you combine that with the rubber grips, there has never been any other controller that has been so easy to hold despite its bulkiness. The Hair triggers are a precise delight when it comes to shooting and competitive games plus those extra buttons can help you configure specific actions.

With an arsenal of switchable parts, Hair Trigger Locks, an assortment of thumbsticks, D-pads, and whatnot, what you get is a game-changing experience accompanied by pro-level precision, speed, and accuracy that is a far cry from Xbox’s other old School controllers.

Xbox One Elite controller definitely gives an edge in almost all the games, but to put a $150+ price tag on that edge is only up to you. Get this controller if you are a real competitive gamer.

2. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Gaming Controller

Premium Controller


  • Comes with excellent switching controls right on board
  • A companion app for customization
  • RGB Chroma Lighting


  • Does not Support Wireless Connection
  • Not Possible to program all buttons for such a high price tag

10,586 Reviews

Power: 2 AA Batteries | Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Compatibility: PC (Windows 8 or Later, Xbox One | Weight: 272g | Buttons: Shoulder Bumpers, Multi-Function Triggers, Concave Thumbsticks

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate definitely ticks the box for both style and functionality, owing to its signature Chroma RGB lighting and a variety of customizable buttons. With the price tag of above $150, you would assume that it would have an option to connect wirelessly, well, No you can’t. The Wolverine only works with a wired connection albeit a 10 foot USB cable comes along with it (Yeah! Nice try Razor, trying to make up for it). You would think that such a well-thought piece of hardware would include something we so take for granted these days; wireless connectivity, but evidently, it’s not the case here. None the less it would be a grave mistake if you totally rule out the controller just because of that.

The Wolverine comes bundled with two concave and one convex thumbstick. The reason behind that has gotten many of us curious, but oh well. The rear side of the controller is home to a pair of extra buttons including two trigger-stoppers and 4 macro paddles. The ABXY buttons on the controller are reminiscent of the clicky mouse buttons that are always a charm to use, obviously, you wouldn’t expect otherwise from a company that makes PC Gaming Peripherals.

The Razor Wolverine targets the hardcore couch-based gamers but apparently is not ideal for you if your couch is beyond 10 feet from your TV or monitor. Also, if you are not worried about that steep price tag, there hasn’t been a better controller than this so far.

3. HORIPAD Pro for Xbox One Officially Licensed Controller

Cheap Controller


  • Fully Analog Impulse Triggers
  • Four programmable buttons on the back
  • Integrated headset game/chat volume and mute controls
  • Sharp and Refined Design


  • No Wireless Connection
  • Stiff Analog Triggers
  • Less travel distance between triggers which affects accuracy

246 Reviews

Power: Plug n Play | Size: Full | Connectivity: Wired with a Breakaway cable | Compatibility: PC (Windows 10 or Later, Xbox One | Weight: 226g | Buttons: Analog Sticks, Triggers with D-Pad, 4 Remappable Buttons at the back

Horipad is a third-party but officially licensed controller for Xbox by Microsoft and offers a subtly decent package with its affordable price and sharp design. The external shell of the controller is made of glossy plastic which of course is prone to catch fingerprints very easily but at the same time adds a vivid tessellated feel to it. As far as the performance is concerned, it performs relatively well against its rivals and consists of analogue impulse triggers including a headset jack and impressive vibration feedback.

The performance of the motors of the Horipad is pretty neat and the rear side of the controllers contains 4 remappable buttons that can be put to all sorts of use whether it’s releasing a frag on an enemy or randomly swapping to your favorite weapon in a primitive gunfight. It features integrated headset game chat and volume controls which increases the functionality of your controllers as you can manage your chat volume directly from the controller interface.

The triggers of the controller are quite responsive and fare pretty well against a competitor like the Microsoft Elite Class controller but with the minimal price tag which costs less than half its price. The overall budget-friendly concept of the Horipad is a steal for this price. The wired plug-and-play nature might be convenient for a lot of gamers but let’s face it, it cannot be compared with the functionality of a wireless controller however it would reduce the effort of swapping out batteries or recharging the device every once in a while.

If you are on a budget but want to opt for the best controller then this is surely a choice to consider.

4. Xbox Wireless Controller - White

For Budget Users


  • Minimalistic Outlook with a Textured Grip
  • Bluetooth Technology for efficient performance
  • Up to 12 meters of Wireless range
  • Button mapping available via Xbox Accessories app


  • No excessive remappable buttons
  • A baseline model with no additional features

28,301 Reviews

Power: 2 AA Batteries | Size: Full | Connectivity: Wireless | Compatibility: Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10 | Weight: 544g | Buttons: Analog Sticks, Triggers, D-Pad, Bumper Buttons

Xbox Wireless Controller is the pinnacle of minimalism that you can come across comparing with the competition. The design might give in to the simple yet elegant look but that’s not all as you begin to dive into the specs of it. It features the conventional analog sticks with bumper buttons and triggers along with a simplistic D-Pad. Now, this might sound pretty average and would provoke you to reconsider your decision on how it made it to the top 5 Xbox Controllers but this is the dealbreaker, something which is the unique selling point of this product, its impressive wireless connectivity with the supreme range. This controller features Bluetooth connectivity and projects its coverage range to approx 12 meters which is quite phenomenal considering the price of the item itself.

Due to its wireless nature, it is powered by 2 AA batteries which would have to be purchased separately and might not always be rechargeable based on the kind of batteries that you would purchase. The weight of the controller is equally distributed to ensure that it provides efficient performance along with a well-balanced grip.

As far as the functionality of the controller is concerned, it features well-refined analog sticks with highly sensitive triggers that can be ideal for FPS and other games which require accuracy and precision to be on point. It also features a 3.5 mm headphone jack which can add to the audio experience while gaming.

This can be the ideal controller to go for if you wish to possess a wireless controller with all the bells and whistles it has to offer without breaking the bank.

5. PowerA FUSION Pro Controller for Xbox One

Awesome Design


  • Dual-trigger locks
  • 4 Remappable buttons at the back
  • 9.8 ft braided USB Cable
  • Custom Illumination


  • Wired Connectivity
  • Chatpad cannot be used

11,450 Reviews

Power: Plug n Play | Size: Full | Connectivity: Wired | Compatibility: PC and Xbox One | Weight: 621g | Buttons: Analog Sticks, Triggers with dual trigger locks, D-Pad, 4 Remappable Buttons on the rear side

PowerA has been renowned to produce premium products in the line of gaming and with the Fusion Pro, it has developed another remarkable piece of gadgetry that has proven its mettle once again. For a wired controller, it still packs a punch into a premium looking, feeling, and performing controller. This solid-looking Fusion Pro features Dual-Trigger locks which means that you can lock your triggers to the extent that you want them to fall back to. The analog sticks are redesigned to be a bit bigger and grippier than before to ensure an accurate gameplay experience.

A unique factor that separates this controller from the rest is the tournament-legal 9.8 braided USB cable which kind of tries to make up for the absence of wireless connectivity but a braided cable can only be durable, it can not fit in for wireless connectivity which encompasses its own perks. It also features custom illumination which means the backlit LED under the hood can be customized to give out a more fashionable and vibrant outlook.

Whereas the Fusion Pro might possess a 3.5 mm headphone jack, it also does not possess any additional ports which means that any external Chatpads cannot be used. An advantage that it would attain here would be its diverse key-mapping which can be associated with the 4 programmable buttons that are present on the rear side of the controller.

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