5 Best Lavalier Microphones To Buy In 2021

If you are an interviewer, podcaster, sports analyst, or your job requires communicating to an audience, then you know the importance of a good microphone.  There are a lot of options to pick from. You can go for a full-on studio setup with high-end transmitters and premium microphones. Microphones come in all shapes and sizes. Speaking of which, today we are talking about lavalier mics.

These microphones are referred to as lapel mics. As you can probably guess, these microphones attach to the lapel or collar of your clothing, hence the name. You might have spotted these types of microphones before, as they are used in television interviews all the time. However, these days, lavalier microphones are more accessible to a wider audience.

If you need to up your audio game, a lavalier microphone is a good choice. They are easy to use, compact, and can be hidden with ease. After a lot of research, we were able to come up with this roundup. Here are five of our favorite lavalier microphones available in 2021.

1. Audio-Technica Pro 70 Cardioid Lavalier Microphone

Best Overall


  • Excellent sound output
  • Durable design
  • Easy to attach
  • Can compete with more expensive mics
  • Smooth roll-off


  • Expensive for a wired mic

155 Reviews

Pickup Pattern: Cardioid | Sensitivity: 45dB | Max Sound Pressure: 123dB

If you’ve been buying audio equipment for some time, you may be familiar with Audio -Technica. They’re not a small brand by any means. They are often lauded for their excellent headphones, such as the popular ATH-M50X. However, their expertise in audio doesn’t end with headphones. The Pro 70 Condensor microphone is proof of that.

For the average consumer, the Pro 70 looks like a pricey investment. We’re not denying that, but give it a chance and you’ll be amazed by what’s possible with this mic. It is miles ahead of any cheap lavalier microphone on the market. To be honest, it’s a really good performer for a wired microphone. It can go toe to toe with mid-range wireless microphones, which cost double or triple the amount of the Pro 70.

The Pro 70 is a wired microphone and uses the standard XLR connection. The bodypack can be powered by a single Double-A battery. This bodypack can easily keep up in a day-long shoot with no problems. It uses a cardioid polar pattern, so the entire focus is on your voice alone. It does a good job of blocking out the surrounding environmental noise.

Apart from that, it has a max sound pressure limit of 123dB and has a smooth roll-off at higher and lower frequencies. The bodypack doesn’t have any gain controls, so you’ll have to rely on your audio interface. That’s not a big deal, but the lack of any battery indication sure is. The microphone is fairly easy to hide, and the cable uses strong materials.

This microphone is ideal for both vocals and instruments. It competes with a more expensive wireless solution, and can even run off phantom power. That’s very handy in case the battery runs out. Overall, we wholeheartedly recommend the Pro 70 microphone.

2. Rode Lavalier Go Professional Wearable Microphone

Unbeatable Value


  • Easy to manage
  • Very sensitive
  • Durable mounting clip
  • Lots of accessories


  • Won't work with some smartphones

1,220 Reviews

Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional | Sensitivity: 35dB | Max Sound Pressure: 110dB

Next up is the Rode Lavalier Go. Rode calls this their professional-grade wired microphone. As this microphone comes from a legacy brand, we aren’t wrong to expect a high level of quality. Fortunately, we don’t feel any disappointment here. The Rode Lavalier Go does more than simply live up to the legacy of the Rode name.

This microphone promises to perform exceptionally in any broadcasting situation. It is an omnidirectional mic and weighs in at 30 grams. It uses a standard 3.5mm TRS input, which means it has wide compatibility. Unfortunately, it won’t work with some smartphones unless you can find an adapter.

The microphone is omnidirectional, which means it is very sensitive. It can pick up even the smallest of voices. If you don’t want that, you can easily tune in post-processing. However, we know a lot of people who prefer sensitive microphones.

It has a durable mounting clip, comes with a foam windshield, and even has built-in cable management. The cable is Kevlar reinforced and has a good length of it. It comes with a drawstring pouch to safely store the microphone and all the accessories.

You can purchase the Rode Wireless Go as well, which makes this a wireless microphone system. It’s a great piece of equipment, but the transmitter will end up costing you more than the microphone itself. However, if you do pair these two together, you’ll have an insane setup that will still cost less than some of the higher-end wireless lapel microphones.

3. Sennheiser Pro Audio ME 2-II Lavalier Microphone

Best Performance


  • Superb sound output
  • Durable design
  • Discreet and easy to hide
  • Hard windshield included


  • Proprietary 1/8-inch connector
  • Expensive

197 Reviews

Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional | Sensitivity: 36dB | Max Sound Pressure: 130dB

As most of you probably know, Sennheiser is one of the top audio manufacturers in the game. When you’re buying a Sennheiser product, you know what to expect. It doesn’t matter if you need headphones or microphones, Sennheiser always provides high-fidelity results. The Pro Audio ME 2-II is a proper example of that/

This is yet another omnidirectional mic. As you can probably guess, it’s quite sensitive and does a good job of picking up sound from the environment. It easily works with bodypack transmitters. The audio quality is sharp and clean. It gives a lot of depth to the voice, so the person speaking directly into it sounds the clearest.

Apart from that, this microphone is quite discreet and attaches easily to clothing. It doesn’t come with a soft windshield, as Sennheiser includes a hard windshield instead. This mic is perfect for giving presentations. If you’re a teacher, this could be a worthy investment.

The sensitivity of this mic comes in at 36dB. The maximum sound pressure limit is 130dB. This means that it can pick up loud noises without much clipping. The 5ft cable feels premium and is easy to manage. Sure, it’s quite expensive, but it’s worth the investment for the right person.

However, there is another downside here. The ME 2-II uses a proprietary lockable 1/8″ connector. This may or may not work with some audio interfaces. You guessed it, you’re mostly limited to Sennheiser’s wireless interfaces. That could potentially turn some people away.

4. PoP Voice Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone

Perfect for beginners


  • Affordable price
  • Works perfectly with phones
  • Includes an adapter for PCs


  • Audio clipping
  • Poor performance in live events

12,630 Reviews

Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional | Sensitivity: 30dB | Max Sound Pressure: 110dB

The next microphone on our list isn’t really from a popular brand. Instead, this microphone happens to be incredibly popular on Amazon. Mostly due to how affordable this lavalier microphone is. Now, I know what some audio purists are thinking, but give this microphone a chance. It’s really good as an entry-level microphone.

The Pop Voice Professional Lavelier microphone is designed to work with smartphones. To be clear, it does the job quite well. Needless to say, if you already have an expensive audio system setup and ready to go, you should probably look elsewhere. So who is this mic for?

Well, a lot of people are trying their hands at podcasts and interviews these days. Back in the day, you needed to spend a ridiculous amount of money to do this. However, the barrier to entry is much lower these days. This mic uses a 3.5mm jack with poles, which means it works perfectly well with smartphones.

It has an omnidirectional pattern and a standard frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. It even comes with a 4-pin to 3-pin 3.5mm adapter. This way, you can also use it with your computer. The box includes a drawstring pouch for keeping everything safe. The cable is nice and long but doesn’t exactly feel premium.

The sound quality is as we expected. It is not the best thing in the world, but it isn’t completely terrible either. In fact, you can certainly get away with using this as your first entry-level mic. Just know that it tends to enhance loudness a lot, to the point that it can sound harsh at times.

5. FIFINE 20-Channel UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Affordable Wireless System


  • Wireless interface for cheap
  • Zero interference or distortion
  • LED screen on trasnmitter


  • Inconsistent audio
  • Cheap cable
  • Questionable build quality

1,104 Reviews

Pickup Pattern: Unidirectional | Sensitivity: 44dB | Max Sound Pressure: 120dB

Wireless lavalier mics don’t come cheap, do they? Well, the Fifine UHF Wireless microphone system just might prove us wrong. Now, we can’t expect studio-grade quality from a cheap wireless mic, but it does get the job done at the end of the day. Depending on your situation, that just might end up being enough for you.

First off, this microphone uses your standard XLR cable connection. However, thanks to the excellent wireless system, you can get away without using it. There is little to no interference, and local radio broadcasts won’t cause any disturbance. The transmitter has an easy to read LED screen which displays the transmitting frequency and battery life.

The indicator flashes green when the battery light is low. As for the polar pattern, this is a cardioid mic. This means that it does a good job of blocking out environmental noise. You can pick from 20 channels, and the receiver can plug into an interface that accepts a quarter-inch connector.

The quality itself isn’t exactly disappointing, but it could be much better. There is no distortion at times, but sometimes certain frequencies overlap one another. We can say that audio quality is inconsistent overall. To be honest, the cable is also a bit on the cheaper side.

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