How To Spot a Gamer: 12 Easy Signs for 3 Types of Gamers

Key Takeaways
  • Identifying gamers helps in forming deeper connections based on shared interests and can be useful for planning gaming-related activities or gifts.
  • Gamers vary from casual players, who game for fun, to hardcore enthusiasts who invest a lot of time and skill, and competitive gamers, who engage in esports and serious gaming.
  • Look for signs like knowledge of gaming soundtracks, extensive gaming hours, emotional investment in game narratives, usage of gaming jargon, and personal items like gaming wallpapers and specialized equipment.

When it comes to playing video games there is nothing that makes the experience better than playing with a friend. While in the virtual world, video games help people with similar interests connect through in-game discussions and voice chats.

Things get a bit complicated in real life as everybody doesn’t have a gamer tag above their head to help them identify as a fellow gamer.

This is why in this article we will be studying in-depth how to spot a gamer. We will also look into a few types of gamers along with common signs to help you spot your next duo partner.

How to Spot a Gamer

Why Should You Know How to Spot a Gamer?

Identifying a fellow gamer can be helpful for several reasons. These small signs can not only help you figure out how they like to spend their time but also connect with them on a deeper level. Let’s look at a few more reasons.

  • If you can’t figure out what to gift someone on their birthday, you can simply purchase them a new video game if you know their love for gaming.
  • If you stay on the lookout for members to join your team or group, identifying a gamer can help you save time instead of asking people.
  • If you know your friend or partner is an avid gamer, you can plan a fun all-night gaming session to chill and enjoy together.
  • If someone strikes you as a gamer, you can come up to them and reference quotes and moments only a true gamer would know.

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Types of Gamers

Before we jump into what makes gamers stand out from others, it’s important to know the categories gamers fall in. This can help you give a better insight into whether they play games just to kill time or are serious about their passion.

1. Casual Gamers

A casual gamer is someone who plays video games just for the entertainment part and not as a serious hobby. These types of gamers often play games that are easy to learn and quick to finish meaning they won’t have to invest hours into learning the mechanics and skills.

Most casual players often own a mobile or a console as it makes things easier to navigate. Some popular games among casual players are Candy Crush, Animal Crossing, Just Dance, etc.

Casual Gamers

2. Hardcore Gamers

A hardcore gamer is someone who loves playing video games and shows a strong dedication towards them. They can spend hours on average simply learning and understanding mechanics, strategies, and even complicated storylines.

These players are often quite competitive as well and enjoy challenging themselves by completing quests on a higher difficulty or fighting tough enemies. A few common video games among hardcore gamers are World of Warcraft, CSGO, Valorant, and more.

Hardcore gamers |

3. Competitive Gamers

A competitive gamer is someone who not only plays video games for fun but also takes part in major gaming events like Esports to showcase their talent and skills. These types of gamers practice for hours to win and become the best in their game.

Competitive gamers are highly skilled individuals who have a strong desire to become the best and have great mechanics and strategies to back them up. Some popular highly competitive games include LOL, Dota 2, Fortnite, CSGO, and many more.

Competitive gamers

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How to Spot a Gamer — 12 Common Signs

When you think of a gamer the first thing that comes to your mind is someone sitting with a controller in their hand or a Twitch streamer playing video games. In reality, these are just a few cases and the gaming world is filled with gamers with different traits. Let’s look at how you can spot them.

1. Hum To Gaming Soundtracks

If you are a true gamer, you probably know the soundtrack to your favorite game by heart. Whether you find yourself creating dedicated gaming playlists or unconsciously humming to catchy tunes from Mario, it’s one of the signs that gaming takes a big part of you.

Popular soundtracks from games like Halo or the classic from Life is Strange are a few examples of gaming music that have managed to create a deep connection with games from all over the world.

Hum to gaming soundtracks

2. Spend a Lot of Time Gaming

Gamers are quite dedicated to their love for video games, sometimes to the point of canceling and changing plans. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they eat, sleep, and game only but rather consider gaming as a preferred activity over others. They often alter their daily schedules to fit in gaming sessions during the week.

Additionally, gamers also spend several hours gaming and have long sessions over the weekends to finish a game, complete difficult quests, explore new bosses, or rank up in multiplayer games.

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3. Emotional Attachment to Games

Some video games are more than just “fighting the bad guys and saving the princess.” These games might not have the best graphics or the perfect gameplay but they do have the ability to immerse others in a world that evokes strong emotions.

One of the most perfect examples of this would be the heart-wrenching storyline of “The Last of Us” which made gamers go through a roller coaster of emotions. Such games are filled with joy and sadness that emotionally connect the person behind the screen with the character’s journey.

Gamers can get emotionally attached to characters

4. Gaming Equals Happiness

For avid gamers, gaming opens a dimension to an intense amount of happiness. The excitement of getting your first Victory Royale to finally being able to complete that one quest, the overall experience truly holds a great sense of joy for gamers.

Gaming also acts as an escape from the harsh reality for some as it provides a great way to release stress and relax for a while. It allows us to forget about our troubles and get lost in a virtual world. In addition, gaming also allows people to find true friends that help them cancel out negative thoughts and bond over their gaming moments together.

5. Gaming Lingo

If you are next to someone and they are speaking phrases like GG or RPG and they are going above your head, chances are you are next to a gamer. Gamers often have their own specific set of vocabulary related to their gaming world. These phrases are used so commonly during in-game communications that they become a normal part of their everyday lives. Some common phrases are:

  • GG — Good Game
  • Noob — Someone who is new to the game or isn’t quite good at it.
  • AFK — Away From Keyboard
  • LFG — Looking For Group or Let’s Freaking Go!
  • NPC — Non Playable Characters
  • OP — Overpowered

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6. Using Gaming Wallpapers

One of the most common signs of an avid gamer is how they personalize their devices. When you walk into a gamer’s room, there’s no doubt you’ll come across wallpapers from their favorite video games or characters on their mobile or PC.

Using gaming wallpapers

Although most gamers often use vibrant wallpapers from the internet some of them take their passion a little further. These individuals capture in-game screenshots on their own of their favorite or most aesthetic moments and use them as wallpaper.

7. Gaming Merch and Peripherals

Another common sign among gamers is the importance of spending money on their passion. While others buy expensive clothes or watches, gamers tend to enhance their gaming experiences by investing in expensive headphones, keyboards, mice, or even gaming chairs.

Moreover, gamers often spend hundreds of dollars in getting the latest games or even purchasing in-game items to show off with their friends. For gamers, gaming is their lifestyle and who doesn’t want to spend money on that?

Gaming merch and peripherals

8. High-Speed Internet Connection

Every gamer needs a reliable and fast internet connection that saves them from annoying lag spikes or random disconnections in the middle of an intense 1v1 clutch. Additionally, with current games rolling updates every week it can be difficult to wait for hours to wait for it to finish up while your other friends are already in the lobby.

Hence, gamers take their internet connection quite seriously and invest in high-speed broadband or fiber services that claim to offer a seamless gaming experience.

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Gamers not only play their favorite games but also keep updates on recent gaming trends and news. Platforms like Twitter and Reddit have several accounts and forums dedicated to leaking information regarding upcoming game updates or changes.

Follows gaming trends and news

10. Social Media Presence

A lot of gamers also have social media profiles dedicated to posting about their gaming clips, experiences, clutch moments, and more. These platforms allow them to not only showcase their skills to the world but also help them engage with other fellow gamers.

11. RGB Lighting is Everything

One of the first things you’ll notice when you step into a gamer’s den is the vibrant and glowing RGB lights on pretty much everything. Gamers are obsessed with RGB lights and they have become an important trend in the gaming community.

RGB lighting helps improve the overall aesthetics of your room, peripherals, mousepad, or even your PC. In addition to enhancing looks, gamers often attribute RGB lighting to improving their game performance and skills. So it’s safe to say RGB does make you a better player in some way.

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RGB lighting is everything

12. Never Say “It’s Just a Game”

Gamers don’t have hate for a lot of things but one thing they genuinely despise is the phrase “It’s just a game.” When you say this specific phrase to a gamer it typically means that the time they have invested and the connection they have with them it’s all for nothing. And that’s not a nice thing to say.

A good comparison would be when people get annoyed over a show’s or a movie’s bad ending as they invested a lot of time and expected a good ending. But it’s not so much about the ending it’s more about the time they can’t get back.

What do Gamers Look Like?

When you think of a gamer most people turn to the classic “nerd” looking or socially awkward stereotype. However, that’s not the case as gamers come in all types and there isn’t a single look to define them. Today, you’ll find gamers from all walks of life. They could be your neighbor, class fellow, or even someone you wouldn’t expect.

What do gamers look like? | Mail Online

The rise of mobile gaming has made it even more accessible, reaching people who might not identify with the traditional image of a gamer. Nowadays, games are being designed to appeal to a broader audience, featuring diverse characters and storylines.

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In short, from their love for gaming peripherals to investing hours into gaming, there are a few traits that can help you identify a fellow gamer. Some are competitive esports enthusiasts, while others enjoy the narrative and immersive worlds of single-player games.


Is gaming a healthy activity?

Yes, gaming can be healthy in moderation. It can improve cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, and social connections. However, excessive gaming may have negative effects on physical and mental health.

Can you earn money by playing games?

Yes, some people can earn money by playing games, particularly through avenues like esports and platforms like Twitch, where streamers build audiences and generate income through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

How do you find gamers?

You can find gamers on gaming platforms, social media, gaming events, streaming platforms, forums, local gaming stores, and through friend recommendations.


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