This is How to Get Karma on Reddit in 2024 – Fast & Easy

Are you someone who uses Reddit frequently? You might want to focus on your Reddit Karma score for visibility and credibility. It’s one of the many interesting parts that sets Reddit apart from other social media.

In this article, we will guide you on the ins and outs of Karma on Reddit, how it works and the best ways to stack up your Karma without getting banned. But first, let’s understand what Karma actually is.

What is Reddit Karma?

What is Reddit Karma? | Reddit

Reddit Karma is a system that tracks a user’s upvotes in contrast to their downvotes, essentially the likes and dislikes. It’s like a scoreboard that lets others know of your standing within the community and Reddit overall.

Individuals boasting higher Karma counts are often perceived as reliable and credible, whereas those with reduced counts might be regarded as automated accounts, promotional posters, or trolls.

Both Post Karma and Comment Karma contribute to a person’s cumulative karma count, which means you need to have the right balance of both to get optimal engagement.

How does Reddit Karma work?

When you create a post on Reddit, it begins with one upvote, which is your own. The same holds true for comments. For every upvote your post or comment receives, you earn karma. However, downvotes will reduce your karma. So, if your post garners 100 upvotes but also gets 20 downvotes, you’ll earn a net 80 Karma from that.

Comment karma functions similarly. An upvoted comment boosts your karma, while a downvoted one detracts from it. It’s straightforward: an upvote adds 1 karma, a downvote subtracts 1.

If you ever find yourself with more downvotes than upvotes, your karma can indeed go negative. If your posts, for example, gets 50 downvotes and only 10 upvotes then it will have a -40 karma. Additionally, there’s a neat aspect about Reddit awards: both giving and receiving them adds 1 point to your karma.

All this tallies up over time as your account karma. You can monitor your overall karma by clicking on your profile and seeing the total karma you have so far. As an average, an active Reddit account that’s a year old might hover around the 5000 karma mark.

Do you really need Reddit Karma?

Do you really need Reddit Karma
Do you really need Reddit Karma?

While Reddit karma isn’t a must-have, it does help Reddit filter out not-so-great posts and users. For instance, if you’re suddenly blocked from Reddit, it’s likely because you made many not-so-nice posts. These posts probably got a lot of downvotes or they were just left unnoticed by the community and didn’t see much engagement.

Some subreddits have Karma requirements in place, which means you need to have a certain amount of Karma to be able to get in. This is usually done to combat bots or spam, and if you have a newly-created account it’s likely that you’ll need to build up some Karma before you’re considered legit.

How do you earn Reddit Karma faster?

How to earn Reddit Karma faster?

Here are nine tips to remember when you’re on Reddit. These will help you get more Karma and make your profile look better. But remember, getting downvoted means losing Karma. So, let’s begin.

1. Publish high-quality posts

Ensure you share top-tier posts that align with the subreddit you’re in. For instance, don’t post about Xbox on the PlayStation subreddit. And avoid posting basic questions that a quick Google search can answer.

Instead, focus on presenting interesting and distinct content not commonly seen elsewhere. People who find your posts insightful are more likely to upvote, increasing your Karma count. You can access most subreddits without joining them to see what kind of content works on there and get a better idea.

2. Post comments and engage in discussions

Post comments and engage in discussions
Post comments and engage in discussions

Make it a habit to comment meaningfully. Some discussions specifically ask for “Serious Responses.” In such cases, avoid off-topic remarks. If your comment directly addresses a query or adds to the discussion, it’s likely to save upvotes and possibly some awards.

Bring your most creative and witty side forward on lighter posts, developing richer conversations and encouraging upvotes and Karma growth. Comments are an easy way to secure Karma and likely the start you need before you can move on to uploading your own posts.

3.  Give awards

Give awards
Give awards

By granting or being the recipient of an award on Reddit, you stand to gain Karma. There are lots of different awards on Reddit and some communities will have their own custom ones as well. You can buy these awards via Reddit coins—Reddit’s in-platform currency—and they differ in price. Awards can be given to both posts and comments.

Likewise, consistently producing sincere and helpful content can elevate your chances of earning awards from fellow Redditors as well. Similar to giving an award, you earn Karma by receiving one too. Try posting an interesting picture or news story that’s unique and you might just be awarded for that.

4. Have genuine interactions

After choosing your subreddits, prioritize genuine engagements in your posts and comments. Avoid overt promotions—Redditors are smart and prefer organic content, even if you’re speaking for a brand. Use Reddit as a trust-building platform; it will naturally steer individuals toward your brand.

Participate in popular subreddits
Participate in popular subreddits

The more visibility your contributions get, the higher the likelihood of receiving upvotes. Since Reddit boasts such an expansive list of communities, there’s lots of opportunities to explore. Try contributing in massive subreddits like r/funny where you’ll potentially get more exposure than other subs.

Engaging users there assures rich upvotes. Try to comment something funny in response to a post and due to the sheer scale of the sub, you’ll most likely get upvoted. Nonetheless, consider investing time in smaller subreddits for consistent Karma growth as well as satisfying your own interests.

Get involved in popular or trending discussions

Ensuring your posts and comments are seen is crucial. Even the most thoughtful contribution might go unnoticed in the ocean of content that is the internet. Thus, focus on commenting on emerging or rising discussions or trending subjects. This will help you get seen by more people in areas where engagement is already booming.

For example, as of this writing the iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues are going viral so contributing on this topic would be ideal right now. There are various Apple subreddits and they’re all very active so start commenting!

7. Create posts during Reddit’s peak active hours

Sharing content between 6 A.M. and 8 A.M. Eastern time can maximize engagement, as it overlaps with peak activity in several time zones. The most people are active in this period which means the most amount of potential eyes. However, this is a double-edged sword as a bad post in this time might get more downvoted than usual.

8. Don’t leave a conversation hanging

If you’re looking for good Karma, ask a question that encourages in-depth discussion. Don’t just reject the reply, even if the answer completely satisfies your curiosity about the topic.

Say “thank you” to show your appreciation and then inquire about how they gained such expertise. The best way to get attention on Reddit is to engage with others personally.

9. Don’t overdo it

It’s essential to strike a balance. Avoid being perceived as a Karma farmer, a term Redditors use for those posting low-effort content solely for upvotes.

Seek organic growth for your Karma. Remember, shortcuts like purchasing Reddit Gold don’t expedite Karma growth.

Benefits of Having Reddit Karma

Benefits of having Reddit Karma points 
Benefits of having Reddit Karma points 

Having a good amount of Reddit Karma offers several perks. Here are some of them:

1. Unlimited commenting and posting 

Your ability to post and comment continuously is restricted as a Reddit newcomer. But, with a substantial amount of Reddit Karma points, you can comment and post freely without limitations.

2. Explore “special” subreddits 

Accumulating a significant amount of Reddit Karma lets you view the top posts on Reddit and unlocks access to exclusive subreddits. Some unique communities set a Karma threshold for members to join or post.

3. Appear reliable 

Possessing an impressive Reddit Karma tally enhances your posts’ perceived credibility and quality among other users.

4. Promote yourself

While deliberate self-promotion on Reddit can be looked down upon, a higher Reddit Karma count offers more margin in delicately showcasing yourself or your ventures.

Can you lose Karma on Reddit?

Can you lose Karma on Reddit?

Your karma won’t drop if you delete a post. In fact, all the karma gained (or lost) from said post will remain intact after deletion. But your Karma can drop if you manage to upset many users. As previously highlighted, receiving downvotes on your posts or comments decreases your Reddit karma.

Depending on your initial karma amount and the extent of disagreements you engage in, your Karma could fall to zero and even drop further. Adhering to Reddit’s protocol is wise to prevent such declines, ensuring you don’t upset fellow users and consequently lose Karma.

Final Thoughts

Reddit Karma serves as a reflection of a user’s contribution and reputation within the platform’s community. Earning karma points requires posting valuable content and engaging genuinely in discussions, while negative interactions can lead to a decline in one’s Karma.

It’s essential to remember that while you can lose Karma due to downvotes, the points gained from a post remain intact even if the post is deleted later on. Thus, maintaining a positive Reddit karma count requires a balance of genuine engagement and understanding of platform etiquette.


Can I buy Reddit Karma?

No, you can’t buy Reddit Karma. The only way to get it is by being active on the site by commenting or making new posts.

How do you get Karma fast on Reddit?

To get Karma quickly, comment on fresh posts, create posts that the community enjoys, and give awards to top-notch posts.

How much Karma do you get per upvote on Reddit?

For each upvote you get on Reddit, you earn one karma point. But when you receive many upvotes, the karma count might not increase as much. This helps Reddit stop spam.

Should you ask for upvotes on Reddit?

It’s not a good idea. Some might do it, but the Reddit community generally dislikes it. Doing so might even get your account hidden or banned!

Can you make money from Reddit Karma?

Some might think they can turn Karma into money. Well, it’s tricky. You might take part in ad programs or share links with affiliate codes. But outside Reddit, Karma doesn’t have value.

Does Karma expire?

Nope, your Reddit Karma is here to stay. It won’t run out and keeps adding up as people enjoy and upvotes your stuff in karma-awarding subreddits like /r/aww.


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