iPhone 15 Pro Snaps in JerryRigEverything Bend Test

iPhones, while not being known for their superior durability amongst smartphones, have also never been highlighted for weak structural integrity either. Aside from the infamous “Bendgate” of the iPhone 6 era, each subsequent release has improved on the build quality adding extra layers of protection.

This year is no different in which Apple switched from aluminum to titanium for their Pro models. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, both are built with Grade 5 titanium, which is the same as aerospace material from which spacecraft and rovers are made of. However, it seems that perhaps even that wasn’t enough to protect the iPhone from shattering.

In JerryRigEverything’s latest durability test for the iPhone 15 Pro, the phone shockingly snapped from the back in the bend test. This was so surprising that even Jerry himself was left a bit moved by how easy it was to break the back-glass of the iPhone. Just to be clear, titanium is only underneath the glass and even though Apple has coated the back with “Ceramic Shield” – essentially their equivalent of Gorilla Glass – it’s still glass after all and glass breaks.

This comes after reports of the quality control issues already surfaced showing improper titanium finishing and even minor dents on fresh, out of the box phones. If that weren’t enough, rifght after the announcement of these phones, people arelady spotted “discoloration” around the buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro, though that was just a side-effect of titanium being a fingerpint magnet and picking up all sorts of skin grease.

Yesterday, another video testing the durability of the latest iPhones went viral online where all of them shattered pretty viciously in different drop tests. But let’s be fair, who’s throwing around their $1000 slabs like that? Still, adding on to that today’s JerryRigEverything video certainly puts the longevity of the iPhone 15 Pros in question. Although, that glass, if it breaks, should be cheaper to repair than previously possible.


Huzaifa Haroon

Born and raised around computers, Huzaifa is an avid gamer and a keyboard enthusiast. When he's not solving the mysteries of technology, you can find him scrutinizing writers, striving to inform the curious.