Apple Offering Separate Vision Pro Headband for Developers

As a first step in the augmented reality realm, Apple’s Vision Pro is now available in the US. Thanks to its cutting-edge hardware and software, the Vision Pro headset is among the best on the market. The industry’s reaction to the technology is yet to be determined, so it is premature to make any assumptions. Apple is offering developers a specialised strap for diagnostics and software development in addition to the Vision Pro’s many included peripherals.

There is an adapter available from the manufacturer that would allow for on-device diagnostics and repairs, according to code found by MacRumors. To access developer mode, you’ll need to purchase an additional attachment, as the headset itself does not contain a connector that may be used to link it to a computer. The code, which described the accessory’s compatibility with the Vision Pro, was found in the diagnostic tools.

Vision Pro | Apple

The attachment is listed as a development tool with the product number A2776 in Apple’s most recent iOS 17.4 beta. The attachment was initially believed to be utilised by Apple staff in retail outlets to fix Vision Pro issues. The corporation appears to have made the strap available to all developers. The attachment is targeted towards developers, so not everyone can get their hands on it, according to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. The strap can only be obtained by developers in the United States who have a paid Apple Developer Account.

The Developer Strap resembles the Vision Pro’s audio strap in appearance. Nevertheless, a computer-compatible extended USB-C dongle is included with it. For Apple, the Developer Strap is all about speeding up “the development of graphics-intensive apps and games.” Similar to the Vision Pro’s regular audio strap, this one will have high-quality audio. More information on the item will be shared when it becomes available.

Source: MacRumors


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