Apple Vision Pro May Launch in Global Markets Before WWDC 2024

The Vision Pro is set to hit shelves in US markets this February, although a global release is still pending. At last year’s WWDC, Apple showcased this spatial computer for the first time and while it did a decent job of generating excitement among users, getting developers on board is a completely different story.

Insider Ming-Chi Kuo states that Apple may share more details about the Vision Pro’s software, visionOS, with developers at the upcoming WWDC. This is crucial to ensure that the device evolves into the full-fledged ecosystem that Apple promises, as soon as possible.

We reported earlier this week that the Vision Pro has a sales target of 400,000 units for 2024, with a limited supply of only 80,000 units available at launch. This constraint leaves little room for Apple to expand outside the U.S. markets. However, there is also the issue of market reception and how sales will go in the U.S.

Apple will surely be analyzing sales trends here and then making calculated decisions on how to approach non-U.S. markets. Other than that, Apple has been in a bit of turmoil with global regulations for different regions. The company will need to look into that and adjust the algorithms for the Vision Pro according to the rulings of these regions.

Most of the above isn’t what Apple intends to share publicly, but much more will become transparent once the Vision Pro goes on sale this February. The reception that this device receives in the U.S. will more or less impact the way Apple releases the Vision Pro in foreign markets.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Ming-Chi Kuo


Muhammad Qasim

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