8 Easy Ways to Fix Reddit Chats Not Working [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Ensure you're not facing a common disruption by checking Reddit's server status for any reported outages and make sure your app is up to date, as newer versions often fix known bugs.
  • To improve chat functionality, you can try adjusting your chat and messaging settings, switching to a different device, or clearing your browser's cache and cookies, which might resolve some of the technical issues causing chat malfunctions.
  • If after attempting various fixes the problem still exists, consider reaching out to Reddit's support team for more personalized troubleshooting or explore alternative communication methods on Reddit, such as private messaging.

If you have been using Reddit since the days of Private Messaging or have recently joined the app, you must be aware of the Chats feature which allows users to message others instantly. While the feature has undergone several improvements, some users still face some issues with their Reddit chats when joining groups or starting personal messages with others.

That is why in this article, we will look into 8 ways to fix Reddit chats not working along with a few common causes for this issue. Let’s dive in!

Reddit chats not working

Reasons Why Your Reddit Chats Are Not Working

Sometimes when using Reddit, you may face issues when trying to load your chats or even when sending messages due to various reasons. However, while the issue has many other forms the solutions typically are the same for all of these. Here’s a quick look at some potential error messages and issues:

  • Messages Failing to Send
  • Can’t Send Messages
  • Reddit Chats loading or not working

While these are all technical issues, there are a few other reasons why your Reddit chats may not be working and that has to do with your Reddit account.

  1. Chat Limits: If you have recently created your Reddit account, you’ll have chat limits enabled as a safety measure from spammers. To fix this, you’ll have to use Reddit and increase your account age and Karma.
  2. Active Chats Opened: Another quick fix to your issue can be to close out some of your inactive group chats or leave old ones to create room for new ones.

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How to Fix Reddit Chats Not Working

When it comes to fixing the Reddit, chats issue it’s important to note that the fault is oftentimes a bug and can be fixed by trying out a few different troubleshooting methods. Additionally, the issue isn’t specific to any device and can happen when using the Reddit app on your phone or the Reddit webpage on your computer. No matter what the case is, here are 8 ways to fix Reddit chats not working:

1. Check Reddit Status

Most of the time bugs like “Reddit chats not working” are due to problems within the Reddit servers. You can either keep an eye on the “Reddit Status” X (Twitter) account or you can visit websites like Downdetector to check if there is any issue with the Reddit servers.

If there’s a big spike in reported outages, then there’s a good chance your Reddit chats aren’t working due to back-end issues and you’ll need to simply wait for Reddit to address the situation before checking again your Reddit chats.

Reddit status

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2. Message Someone Else

Another way to fix your chats is by messaging someone else instead of the same user again and again. As sad as this is, there is a chance the other user might have blocked your account and if you are unable to send messages or see their profile, you’ll need them to unblock you to fix the issue.

If that’s not the case, then the user you are trying to contact might have been hit by the Suspension hammer from Reddit. You’ll still have your chats with them, but you won’t be able to send them new messages. To check if the user is suspended, open up the profile, and if you see the “This account has been suspended” message then the user can’t be contacted on Reddit.

Account suspension

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3. Switch to a Different Device

One quick fix to Reddit chats not working is to change the device you are using Reddit on. While this might sound too good to be true, sometimes bugs can only occur on a single device and can be fixed by simply switching over to another one.

Hence, if you are using Reddit on your computer or Mac, you can try switching over to the Reddit mobile app to see if anything changes.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

A stable and high-speed internet connection is one of the major requirements for using any social media platform today. To fix your internet issues, you can try several methods like switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data, restarting your internet router, and checking your internet speed to ensure that you have a fast enough connection.

Check your internet connection

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5. Change Chat and Messaging Settings

Although chat and messaging settings are only for managing who can send you messages you can still try tweaking these a bit to see if it fixes your issue.

Here’s how to change your chat and messaging settings:

  1. Open up Reddit on your browser and click on your profile at the top right.
    Click on your profile
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on the User Settings option. 
    Select user settings
  3. Next, you’ll need to head over to the Chats & Messaging section. 
    Chats & Messaging tab
  4. Right next to the “Who can send you chat request” and “Who can send you private messages” settings you’ll need to select Everyone to allow anyone on Reddit to message you. 
    Select everyone

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6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If your Reddit chats are working in the Microsoft Edge browser and not on Chrome, then try clearing out the cache and cookies on that browser. While cache and cookies are helpful for faster loading and storing information about your browser habits, they can often cause unexpected bugs and issues.

Here’s how to clear your browser cache and cookies:

  1. Open up your Chrome browser and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.
    Open up Chrome
  2. From here, click on the Settings option.
    Click on Settings
  3. Once the settings open up, you’ll need to click on the Privacy and Security option from the sidebar.
    Head over to Privacy and Security
  4. From here, select the “clear browsing data” button. 
    Select clear browsing data
  5. Finally, check the cookies and cached images option and hit the Clear data button.
    Check cookies and cached data

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↪ Clearing App Data

While browsers have the option to clear the entire cache data, mobile phones allow you to wipe out specific app cache data. Here’s how to clear Reddit cache data:

  1. Head over to your phone’s Settings and open the Apps tab. 
    Open up apps
  2. From the list, look for Reddit and tap on it.
    Tap on the Reddit app
  3. Next, tap on the Clear Cache option to delete the cached data. If you are on an iPhone you can tap on the Offload App option to clear cached data.
    Clear cache

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7. Update or Reinstall the Reddit App

If you have a pending update for your Reddit app, we recommend installing it as updates are often pushed to fix previous bugs and errors. You can also try uninstalling the Reddit app and installing it back again to check if anything changes.

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8. Contact Reddit Support or Appeal Suspension

If none of the above-mentioned steps worked for you, the two last things you can do is contact Reddit support to help you fix the problem or Submit an appeal. Contacting support is pretty straightforward and you’ll need to give them a detailed insight into the issue you are facing along with the troubleshooting methods you have already tried to get things done quickly.

Reddit support

On the other hand, submitting an appeal is to make sure your account is working as it should. The reason why we are appealing for suspension is because sometimes Reddit moderators and admins can “Shadowban” accounts due to suspicious activity. Shadowbans don’t come with a prior warning and can be the main cause behind Reddit chats not working.

Submit an appeal

Hence, if you think you don’t deserve the shadow-ban on your account, you can take your case to Reddit for a thorough review of your account.

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Alternative: Send a Private Message

Due to the popularity of instant messaging on every other social media platform, a lot of people aren’t aware of Reddit’s “Private Messaging” feature and often consider chats as the only option. While both of these features serve the same purpose, the only difference is that PM is similar to sending someone an email on Reddit while chatting like the DM option you have on Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Send a private message

Despite offering a faster communication method, Reddit kept PMs alongside Reddit Chats for communities that still use them for specific cases. So, if you can’t chat with someone you can go back to the old days and try sending them a private message.

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While Reddit Chats are a great way to connect with other users, they can often ruin your messaging experience with bugs and issues. However, the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods should help you fix your problem. If the issue lies within your account, you can use Reddit more to increase your account level or appeal a suspension to make sure your account isn’t shadowbanned.


Can I stop people from sending me private messages on Reddit?

Yes, simply head over to Settings, find Chat and Messaging, and next to the “who can send your private message” option pick ‘Nobody can send me direct messages.”

What is a Subreddit?

Subreddits, found within the Reddit website, serve as individual threads or categories that allow users to discuss particular interests or topics, where content is posted and voted on based on relevance and user preference.

How many active communities does Reddit have?

The latest Reddit stats show that there are now over 100,000 active communities on the platform.


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