How to Get Sound on Reddit Videos – Mobile & Desktop Guide

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you might have experienced the frustrating issue of videos on Reddit playing without any sound. Well, there’s actually a specific reason for that.

You see, Reddit uses a feed-based structure, which means you never quite know what video or post will pop up next in your feed. As a result, any video that shows up is automatically muted by default, whether you want to watch it or not. There is unfortunately no way to change this.

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Snoo in all his glory.

However, you can still get sound on Reddit videos easily. In this guide, we’ll go over the different ways to make sure you can hear sound on those Reddit videos.

Checking Basic Sound Settings

The first, and the foremost thing you need to do whenever you face such an issue, whether on Reddit or any other app, is to ensure that you have an active playback device connected if you’re on a PC, and that your volume is turned up (on both phone and PC). Also check whether the right playback device is selected on your computer, we all fall victim to trivial issues from time to time.

If you’re using a phone or a laptop with a mute switch, make sure to switch it off. Also, check and disable the “Do Not Disturb” mode if it’s enabled. These settings can sometimes interfere with your audio, and notification settings.

In addition to all this, it’s a good idea to keep your app updated to the latest version on your phone. This way, you can avoid any potential issues that might arise from Reddit’s end.

How to Enable Sound on Reddit Videos

Like mentioned earlier, all videos on Reddit are muted by default, and start auto-playing when you scroll to them. To listen to the audio:

  1. Tap on the video to make it bigger and fill your screen.
  2. Look for the speaker icon in the bottom right-hand side corner of the video.
  3. Tap this icon, and it will start the audio playing from the video.

On PC, the process is pretty similar. You don’t have to open the video, just hover the mouse over the video player and the speaker icon will pop up.

Enabling sound on PC

Disabling Reddit Quiet Mode (iOS)

There’s an extra feature found in only the iOS (and iPadOS) versions of the Reddit app and that’s Quiet Mode. If you’re on iPhone and still can’t hear any sound in your videos, try turning this option off:

  1. Tap on your Profile icon.
  2. Head on over to the Settings tab.
  3. Toggle off the “Quiet Audio Mode”

Now, any video you play on your feed will automatically have sound, but make sure that, for this step you, your audio is turned all the way up, otherwise you’ll not be able to hear anything.

Still No Audio?

If the issue still persists, it’s possible that the problem isn’t from Reddit’s side. Instead, check your headphones or speakers again to make sure they are working properly. Then, try restarting the app or website. If the problem persists, it’s quite possible that the video you’re trying to watch simply doesn’t have any audio.

A reddit video with no sound

As a final resort, consider contacting Reddit support to discuss your issue. Detailing your situation could get you a unique solution tailored to your specific problem. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to create a post on Reddit inquiring about your sound issues.

With Reddit’s community-driven nature, you’re likely to receive guidance from others who have encountered similar problems. Remember, Reddit is a platform where individuals frequently seek answers to their highly specific questions.

Reddit Videos - FAQs

Why is there no sound on my Reddit videos?

Reddit videos are automatically muted by default when they appear in your feed. You will need to manually unmute them to hear the sound.

How can I unmute videos on Reddit?

For mobile users, tap on the video to expand it, then tap on the speaker icon in the bottom right-hand corner. For PC users, the process is the same. Just click instead of tapping.

I’ve unmuted the video but there’s still no sound. What can I do?

First, make sure that your device’s volume is turned up and the correct playback device is selected. If the issue persists, it’s possible that the video doesn’t have any sound or there might be a problem with your speakers or headphones.

What does “Quiet Audio Mode” do on Reddit’s iOS app?

When enabled, Quiet Audio Mode automatically mutes all videos that appear in your feed. You can disable it in the Settings tab to have videos play with sound by default.

What can I do if none of the solutions work?

As a final resort, consider contacting Reddit support or creating a post on Reddit about your issue. With Reddit’s community-driven nature, you are likely to receive help from others who may have encountered similar problems.


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