How to Find & Use the Instagram Clipboard on Android & iOS

Social media platforms like Instagram have gained insane popularity in the last decade. Over 2.35 billion users use Instagram every month. People love sharing things they find, but Instagram doesn’t let you copy and paste directly.

So, you might wonder, does Instagram have a clipboard feature? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this blog, we’ll explain what the Instagram clipboard is, how you can use it on Android, special steps for Samsung and iPhone users, plus some top tips to get the most from it. Let’s get in.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a clipboard on Instagram?
  • How to access the Instagram clipboard
    • Using Instagram clipboard on Android
    • Using Instagram clipboard on Samsung
    • Using Instagram clipboard on iPhone
  • Best practices for using the clipboard on Instagram
  • Final Thoughts

What is a clipboard on Instagram?

What Is Clipboard On Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t have its own dedicated clipboard. Instead, when you use Instagram, you’re actually using the clipboard that’s already part of your phone. Think of the clipboard as a temporary holding spot. When you copy multiple things, like words or a picture, the clipboard saves them for later use.

So, if you’re copying words or a link on Instagram, you’re using your device’s clipboard. If you want to paste what you’ve copied, just tap and hold in a place where you can type on Instagram. If you’re on an Android, look for “Clipboard” to utilize the clipboard feature. If you’re on an iPhone, look for “Paste.”

The exact steps might change slightly based on your device type, but this basic idea is the same for most phones and tablets.

How to access the Instagram clipboard

Now, let’s look at exactly how you can use the clipboard in Instagram on both Android devices and iPhone.

Instagram clipboard on Android

While using Instagram on Android, accessing the clipboard is a simple process that can be performed anytime. To make use of this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and sign in. Start creating a new post, story, caption, or message. You can do this by tapping on the icons from the menu.
    Click the + icon to add new post
    Click the + icon to add new post
  2. Select the photo or video you want to post and tap “Next
    Choose the photo and click next
    Choose the photo and click next
  3. Add filters or edit the post as you like and tap next. Next step is to add caption, tap and hold where you need to type. 
    Tap and hold in the text field
    Tap and hold in the text field

Instagram clipboard on Samsung

If you’re using Instagram on a Samsung device, here’s how to access the clipboard:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your Samsung phone. Navigate to where you want to paste your copied text, like a post caption, comment, or direct message.
    Go to where you want to paste your copied text
    Go to where you want to paste your copied text
  • Tap the text input field to bring up the keyboard.
    Keyboard will appear
    Keyboard will appear
  • Tap on the 3-dots on the keyboard menu. 
    Tap on three dots
    Tap on three dots
  • If you copied something earlier, you’ll see it here. Just tap on the item you want from the clipboard, and it’ll show up right where you want to type.
    Tap on the item you want from the clipboard
    Tap on the item you want from the clipboard
  • Instagram clipboard on iPhone

    iPhones do not have a built-in clipboard manager accessible to users like Android. When you copy text or a photo on iPhones, it stays saved. You can paste it somewhere else, but remember, only the last thing you copied can be pasted. Once you copy something else, the previously copied item will be replaced with it.

    Clipboard on iPhone

    Now, if you’re thinking, what if I want to see the things, I copied a while ago? There’s a solution. You can download apps like Paste or SnipNotes Clipboard from the App Store. These handy clipboard management tools help you keep a list of things you’ve copied, not just the newest one.

    But if you don’t like downloading too many apps, the built-in Notes app on your iPhone is here to help. Whenever you copy something, you want to keep, just open Notes, create a new entry, and paste it. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep track of all the cool stuff you come across, even if it’s a bit more of a manual process.

    Use Notes app as a clipboard

    Best practices for using the clipboard on Instagram

    Tips and Tricks

    Here are some handy tips to make sure you’re using the clipboard feature on Instagram the best way:

    • Pre-crafted captions: Save frequently used or template captions to your clipboard, but always introduce a unique twist before posting. This keeps content fresh and prevents appearing repetitive to the algorithm.
    • Hashtag sets: Maintain different sets of hashtags in your notes or clipboard for various post themes. While it’s efficient to paste them, always ensure they’re relevant to the specific post to maximize reach.
    • Bio templates: Keep a standard format on your clipboard if you frequently update your bio. This allows for consistent branding but remember to customize details for each update.
    • Account details: If you’re sharing account details for collaborations or promotions, have a standard format saved in the clipboard. This ensures you don’t miss any vital information when copying and pasting.
    • Link sharing: If you’re directing followers to new content regularly, keep your most shared links on your clipboard. Always verify the link’s functionality before pasting it into your bio or DMs.

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    Final Thoughts

    Instagram is more than just sharing photos; it’s about creating genuine bonds. The clipboard feature, whether it’s the built-in one on Android and Samsung devices or alternative tools for iPhone users, plays an important role in enhancing this sharing experience.

    It streamlines the process, making content sharing seamless. But while it’s tempting to copy and paste repeatedly, adding a personal touch is essential. The clipboard is there to assist, but your posts should always be authentic.

    Whether it’s crafting a special caption or selecting just the right hashtag, remember to keep it real. After all, Instagram thrives on authenticity, and with the help of the clipboard, you can effortlessly merge efficiency with sincerity.

    Clipboard FAQs

    How do you view the clipboard?

    You’ll see a clipboard option on the top toolbar of your keyboard. The item you just copied is at the top of this clipboard list. To use it, just tap on any choice in the clipboard, and it’ll appear in the text box.

    Can you copy and paste an Instagram post?

    Yes, you can copy an Instagram post’s link (URL), but you can’t directly copy and paste the content (like photos or captions) using the app’s default settings.

    Can I view my clipboard history on iOS?

    Normally, iPhones only remember the last thing you copied. If you want to see older copied items, you’d need an app like Paste.

    Are third-party clipboard managers safe?

    Always download apps from trusted places like the App Store and Play Store. Look at reviews and what the app wants to access. Make sure you feel okay with what the app asks for and trust the people who develop it.

    Can I organize my clipboard items?

    Yes, Android and some other apps let you put your copied items in order, label them, and even find them with a search.


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