How to Get the Original iPhone Wallpapers on Any Phone

The more we progress into the future, the more invaluable the classics become. There’s no denying that there’s something special about the firsts, be it the first iPhone ever launched to the world or your first heartbreak—it always holds a special place in the heart.

As we move forward with the latest iPhone launches, in this article, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at how you can download and apply the original iPhone 1 wallpapers on your iPhone or, in fact, even an Android phone.

The Original iPhone: A Brief History

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the world to a revolutionary device that would alter the course of human history forever. The first-generation iPhone, often referred to as “iPhone 1” combined a phone, a media player, and an internet communications device to form the first true modern smartphone.

iPhone 1 - Original iPhone

Taking a step ahead from the conventional design, the iPhone boldly ditched the majority of physical hardware buttons, ushering in a new era of touchscreen interaction. A philosophy on top of which all smartphones are built today.

So, three things: a widescreen iPod with touch controls; a revolutionary mobile phone; and a breakthrough Internet communications device. An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator. An iPod, a phone… are you getting it? These are not three separate devices; this is one device, and we are calling it iPhone.

Steve Jobs announcing the first iPhone

The Story Behind Original iPhone Wallpapers

One of the first iPhone wallpapers shows a clownfish in a coral reef. Clownfish symbolize the balance of marine life, possibly suggesting Apple cares about the environment. The clownfish’s bright colors and unique look also mirror Apple’s dedication to being creative and innovative.

Another one of the original iPhone wallpapers features Earth from space, an iconic image that reminds us of the bigger picture we’re all part of. It symbolizes global connection and a shared planet, suggesting a call for environmental sustainability and to move past the petty conflicts of today.

Choosing Earth as the wallpaper is more than global connection; it echoes the design philosophy of simplicity and finding beauty in the simple. It provides a new perspective, much like how the iPhone offers a fresh outlook on what a smartphone can be. It’s not just an image; it’s a reminder that, like the Earth in space, the iPhone introduces a new perspective to life.

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How to Download the Original iPhone Wallpapers

Downloading the wallpapers to your iPhone or Android is quite simple. Just tap/click the Download High Res button below your chosen wallpaper. If you’re on Android, the download process will start automatically.

For iPhone users, there’s a simple extra step to view the image in your gallery. By default, when you tap the Download button, the image is saved in the Downloads folder and doesn’t appear in your gallery. To save it to your gallery, follow these steps:

  1. After tapping the link, two options will pop up: View and Download. Tap Download, and the file will be saved to your Downloads folder.
  2. Open the Files application on your iPhone and go to the Downloads folder.
  3. Locate the downloaded image and tap on it to preview. Tap on the small button with a pointed arrow present next to Downloads to bring up a new menu.
  4. From this menu, select Save to Photos. Now, the image is saved to your Photos application.

      How to Change your Wallpaper on iPhone

      Changing wallpapers on an Apple iPhone isn’t a heavy task; it’s quite simple. Follow these steps to change your wallpaper on an Apple iPhone!

      1. Head over to the Photos application on your iPhone and locate the photo you want to set as wallpaper.
      2. Once the photo is located, tap on it to open it, and then tap on the Share button located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
      3. This will launch the iOS share sheet. Scroll down, look for, and tap on the option that says Use as Wallpaper.
      4. With this, you will see a preview of how the wallpaper would look on your iPhone. Once you’re happy with the look, tap on Set and select whether you want to apply the wallpaper to your Home Screen, Lock Screen, or both.
          Quick tip: If you’re running iOS 16 or later, Apple has added a ton of customization options for you to play around with on the lock screen, including the font, color, and more.

          How to Change Your Wallpaper on Android

          Well, that’s an iPhone wallpaper, but what if you’re an Android user? Don’t worry; after all, these are all image files, and Android isn’t shy about letting you change wallpapers too. Here’s how you can change the wallpaper on your Android phone:

          1. Once you’ve downloaded the wallpaper on your Android phone, make sure you know where it’s stored (it should be in the Download folder by default).
          2. Next, on your homescreen, press and hold anywhere to bring up the home options and tap on “Wallpaper.”
            Tap Wallpaper
          3. Now, tap on “Change wallpaper.” Then tap on “My Photos.”
            Tap on Change wallpaper then My Photos
          4. Navigate to the Downloads folder and select your photo.
            Select your photo
          5. Once selected, you can adjust the specific parameters of the photo accordingly. After that, tap on the checkmark and chose whether you want the photo on only your homscreen or lockscreen, or both.
            Put wallpaper on homescreen or lockscreen

            And just like that, your wallpaper is now changed, and you’re good to go. If you’re not satisfied with how it looks, simply repeat the process to set a new wallpaper.

            If you’re using an different phone with a skinned version of Android, worry not as the steps should still largely be the same, with just subtle differences in the UI. For instance, on Samsung devices, you follow the exact same steps but just get the option to theme the system according to the wallpaper before it’s applied, rather than after it’s applied on stock Android.

            Changing wallpaper on Samsung phone


            In a nutshell, exploring the original iPhone wallpapers is like strolling down memory lane. These iconic images aren’t just pixels; they tell a story, reminding us of Apple’s first-ever smartphone. Downloading them is a breeze—a couple of clicks, and you’re good to go. It’s a simple way to add a touch of tech history to your device.

            Original iPhone Wallpapers FAQs

            Do the Original iPhone Wallpapers Work on the Latest iPhone Models?

            Absolutely! The original iPhone wallpapers provided above are ported and fully compatible with the latest iPhone models. You can easily download and apply them to give your latest iPhone an iconic look.

            Is it Possible to Use the Original iPhone Wallpapers on Android Phones?

            Indeed, it’s entirely possible to use the original iPhone wallpapers on Android phones. Since they are just images, you can effortlessly download these wallpapers and set them as your background through your device’s settings.

            Do I Need Any Special Software to Download and Apply the Original iPhone Wallpapers?

            No, absolutely not. You don’t need any special software to apply the original iPhone wallpapers. Simply download them to your device and use your device’s settings to set them as your wallpaper. It’s a straightforward process that doesn’t require additional software.

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