What is a Pokémon Evolution Calculator & How to Use One?

Key Takeaways
  • Trainers use Pokemon Evolution Calculator to estimate the future strength (CP and HP) of their Pokemon post-evolution, helping decide if using resources like candies for evolution is worth it.
  • Not all Pokemon benefit equally from evolution; calculators show potential CP increase, aiding in strategic resource allocation and battle preparations.
  • here's a basic calculator estimating future CP based on current CP, and a more detailed one considering hidden stats (IVs) for a comprehensive outlook.

Pokémon Go can seem like a simple game at first glance where players can jump into action, catch some Pokémon, and battle it out. However, it’s often surprising to see the amount of gameplay depth that applies across the game, especially in terms of getting your Pokemon ready for battles.

That is where the Pokemon Evolution Calculator comes in clutch that helps trainers predict how powerful their evolved Pokémon is going to be and whether spending 25 or 50 candies on the evolution is worth it not. In this article we will dive into the world of Pokémon and learn all about Pokémon Evolution Calculators and what makes them popular among trainers.

Evolution of Charmander | GOHUB

The Concept of Evolving Pokemon

Evolution refers to a process that allows Trainers to level up their existing Pokémon and make them the next advanced Pokémon in the chain by feeding a certain amount of Candy or Stardust that you obtain throughout the game. When a Pokémon is evolved it gets higher metrics like CP and HP, leading to a better performance in battles.

What is Meant by CP, HP, and IV?

Before trying out an evolution calculator, there are a few common Pokémon metrics you should be aware of to make sure your Pokémon has balanced stats when you are evolving.

  • CP: Combat Power or CP is a measure of how much damage your Pokémon will deal in battles.
  • HP: Hit Points or HP indicates how much damage your Pokémon can withstand before it goes down.
  • IV: Individual Values or IV are hidden stats of every Pokémon that make them unique from one another in terms of attack, defense, and HP.
Candy and Stardust are consumable items and important resources used to strengthen and increase the CP level of a Pokemon through evolution.

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What is a Pokemon Evolution Calculator?

A Pokemon Evolution Calculator is typically a third-party tool that assists trainers during the evolution process. The tool takes the health and CP of an existing Pokémon into consideration and predicts what it will evolve into with the help of the provided CP and the multipliers gathered from the community. With an EV calculator, players can decide whether to evolve their Pokémon or save resources.

Evolution calculator
In Pokémon GO, multipliers refer to factors that influence the outcome of certain in-game mechanics, such as damage dealt in battles or the effectiveness of items. These multipliers can be applied to various aspects of the game and can significantly impact the overall gameplay.

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Why Use a Pokemon Evolution Calculator?

Every Pokémon species receives different benefits when they evolve into a better version. This means that some Pokémon only receive a 50% improvement in their combat power and health from evolution, while others can have a 300% improvement.

Additionally, evolution calculators also show the minimum, maximum, and mean increases in Pokémon metrics after evolution, allowing trainers to hold off on their resources if the maximum increase doesn’t feel worth the price. When preparing your Pokémon for battles, these decisions matter, and this is especially true for trainers with multiple Pokémon of the same stats.

All Pokemon have different evolution benefits

For instance, if you have two Pokémon, like Alakazam and Gengar, that are almost similar in strength, and the amount of candy you have can only evolve one of them, you can input the details into the evolution calculator, and you’ll be able to figure out which Pokémon will receive better benefits upon evolving.

Alakazam vs Gengar

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How to Use Pokemon Evolution Calculator

When it comes to using a Pokemon EV calculator, several websites serve the same purpose but with a few key differences. Some websites allow you to only estimate your Pokémon’s CP after evolution while others also give insights into HP, Target level, Candy required, and more. Let’s take a look at using different Pokemon Evolution Calculators.

1. Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator

This EV calculator uses your Pokémon’s current CP and estimates how much CP the evolved Pokémon will have. Here’s how to use the Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator:

  1. Open up the Pokemon GO evolution calculator
    Open up the EV calculator
  2. From here, click on the arrow under the Select Pokemon option to choose whatever Pokemon you are planning to evolve.
    Select your Pokemon
  3. Next, enter your Pokemon’s current CP under the “Enter your Pokemon’s current CP” option.
    Enter your current CP
  4. Finally, click on the Calculate button to have an estimate of your evolved Pokemon. 
    Click on calculate

Once that’s done, you will be able to see your Pokémon’s evolved forms. For example, if you have a 400 CP Squirtle, the calculator will show you the Estimated new CP for Wartortle (the first evolution), Blastoise (the second evolution), and Mega Blastoise (the third evolution).

Pokemon GO Evolution Calculator

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2. Evolution CP Calculator from Hidden Stats

Another way to calculate an estimate of your evolved Pokémon is by using the Evolution CP Calculator from hidden statistics that takes factors like your Pokémon’s individual values into consideration.

Here’s how to use the Evolution CP Calculator:

  1. Open up the Evolution CP calculator website. 
    Head over to the website
  2. From here, next to the Pokemon column click on the tab to select your desired Pokemon.
    Select your Pokemon
  3. Next, enter your Pokemon Level and other Individual Values like ATK, DEF, and STA or HP.
    Enter all the values
  4. Lastly, select your Target Level and hit the Calculate button.
    Hit calculate
  5. Once all of that’s done, you’ll have a table with several metrics about your evolved Pokemon.  
    Evaluate your Pokemon
Many Pokemon evolve into different species when they reach a certain level. For example, if you have a Charmander, it evolves into Charmeleon at level 16 and then into Charizard at level 36. Setting a target level allows trainers to ensure their Pokemon evolves into a desired species with improved stats.

Apart from these, there are tons of other websites that also allow users to predict the potential statistics of evolved forms. However, the two above-mentioned ones are suitable for anyone who either wants a simple analysis or a complete breakdown.

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Whether it’s participating in Raid Battles or showing off your Pokémon in Gyms, knowing your Pokémon’s potential can be crucial. Spending resources on a Pokémon, only to find out its evolved CP is lower than expected can leave trainers struggling in battles. However, with the help of the Pokemon Evolution Calculator, trainers can make informed decisions about which Pokémon offers better evolution benefits.

So give one a spin and see how much of a help your evolved Pokémon can be in future battles!


What is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go is a free mobile game that uses location tracking and maps to create an ‘augmented reality,’ letting players catch and train Pokémon characters in real-life places.

Is It Better to Max CP Before Evolving

In terms of Combat Power (CP), it doesn’t matter if you evolve a Pokémon before or after powering it up – the final CP will be the same. The decision really depends on your preference and the resources you have, like Stardust and Candy. Some trainers like to evolve first to check the Pokémon’s moves before deciding to invest more in powering it up.

Can you play Pokemon GO without going outside?

Although Pokémon GO is meant to be played by going outside, some third-party apps allow you to change your GPS location. However, we can’t guarantee how well these apps perform in masking your location or whether they work with Pokémon GO.


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