The Best Building Ideas For Minecraft In 2020

Do you wish to build a giant, fully-functional yet classy computer in Minecraft? Or construct one of your own masterpieces that could make you famous and exhibit the inner creator inside you. If yes, then we are here to help you out!

Basic Houses

In the world of Minecraft, there are a lot of things that you can create. However, the most basic one of them all is house construction. While most people would go for large modern houses and aim for a higher goal. Some people like to keep it simple if they are playing survival game mode instead of creative.

Most of the basic houses would look like this. They are simple to build if you have a knack to make shapes out of most of the materials you use. The things that you would need to build a house like this would be oak wood, oak wood fence, stone, leaves and etc. These things can vary and not necessarily have to be the same.

Monuments Or Statues

People in creative find it interesting to build unique things or things that are mind-blowing. While it may certainly take a while to build these interesting pieces of art it’s also worth the while. These creations may sometimes require a large number of items that’s why it is important to only try this in creative.

This is what a normal statue would look like. They can be made of almost anything but you need to bear in mind every pattern so you don’t make things look ‘uneven’. Things for making most of these are pretty much up to you as they don’t have specific criteria. However, in the pictures shown above the materials used were sand, black wool, and pink wool.

Trust Bridge

This is a handy and fun creation that can be made by anyone as its extremely simple to build and use. All you need is to dig a rectangular hole about 8×2 dimensions. The rows can be increased but increasing the columns would result in utter failure. After digging the hole you need to place any wooden or stone blocks on the left and right side of the hole leaving 1 column. Next is go behind all the blocks that you placed opposite to the hole and then mine under them to place sticky pistons. The next step is to place the tripwire on all the blocks facing the hole and attach strings to them so that they connect to one another like a bridge. Lastly, fill the entire hole with lava.

Make sure that you apply the sticky pistons the same way on the other side and place the tripwire along with string the same way on both sides.

Connect the string on the opposite tripwire for every each one of the trip wires.

When everything is set and if done right, try to walk into the lava. As soon as you do that the trip wires will be triggered that will cause the pistons to move the block of grass in front of them causing to create a bridge. You can’t sprint or jump otherwise you will end up falling the lava. This trick can come in handy to fend off most of the people making them think its a trap can be activated by the creator only. Little did they know it can be activated by anyone. Although, with a few adjustments it can be made to work only for the creator as well.

Armour Wardrobe

Everyone would love a battle-ready wardrobe to aid you whenever a battle is brewing. This handy technique can instantly make you wear any sort of armour and also equip with you with weapons just by stepping on a measly pressure plate.

It is a bit tricky to make and the parts required for it are also a bit difficult to find in survival mode. In order to make this neat creation. All you need are a few dispensers, red stone powder, red stone repeater, stone pressure plate, and some wooden blocks. Next, you need to place the dispensers in an orderly fashion.

Next, place wooden blocks on the left, the right and backside of the stacked dispensers. After that dig a hole underground and place a block in front of the stacked dispensers then place a pressure plate on top.

Lastly, place the red stone repeaters as shown in the picture and connect the red stone as shown in the pictures as well.

Crank up the red stone repeaters to level 3 so all the dispensers work properly. Add armor, leggings, shoes and etc in the dispensers and then step on the pressure plate to make it function.

Rides/Roller Coasters

The interest really develops among players when they get to experience something very exciting especially when you get to try it out with other people.

One of the most common things that you can build and use with everyone are roller coasters. They are extremely simple to make. If you increase the length of them and also give height to the roller coaster, then it is sure to be one heck of a ride.

To build a roller coaster the things you will need will be any sort of platform, rails, and minecart. Place the blocks to create platforms for the railing to be deployed on. You can adjust the height and turns of the roller coaster so be creative, to create turns all you need to do is place blocks going right or left and place rails on those blocks and they will automatically tilt or rotate themselves. Lastly, you need to place a minecart and then you are good to go.

Modern Houses

The beauty of houses resides in these types of houses. Modern houses are the essentials of people with an extremely creative and gifted mind. These houses only require things that a normal modern house would take like cobblestone, cobblestone stairs, birch/oak wood and etc.

The main thing to keep in mind while building a modern house is the shapes that you will mend into the structure. These shapes are the pure essence of a modern house making them look stunning even if a slight change is made. Bear in mind it can also result in a horrible creation if you keep going crazy with the shapes.

Using these essentials into making your own personal paradise in either survival or creative will surely give you a lovely home to stay in. Or you can just use it as an attraction for others to show off your creativity.

Shaders used in the game were SEUS-Renewed-1.0.0

Resource Pack used in the game was Flows HD 1.13


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