How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft in 4 Easy Steps

While the cobblestone is the most commonly found block in Minecraft, the smooth stone is usually preferred by most players, due to its more refined appearance. Hence, we’ll be discussing how you can craft smooth stones, and how you can use them properly.

The smooth stone is quite useful in crafting

What are Smooth Stones?

Smooth stones are essentially blocks of plain stone with a more polished and refined look. Aside from construction and crafting purposes, they have no other importance. Because of how easy and inexpensive they are to craft, and their elegant appearance, most Minecraft players use smooth stones to make their bases.

Smooth stones offer a more refined and aesthetic look compared to regular stone and cobblestone

Requirements for Making a Smooth Stone

As we’ve mentioned earlier, making smooth stones is relatively simple and doesn’t require to go hunting for any rare materials. Here’s what you’ll need to craft a smooth stone:

  1. A Furnace
  2. Stones
  3. Fuel (coal, wood, etc.) for the Furnace

Now, we’ll discuss how to get each of these components:

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1. Crafting a Furnace

Furnaces can be found in villages. But the easiest way to get a furnace is to craft one. Overall, you should have one for your base, as it helps craft much advanced materials. At any rate, here’s how to craft a furnace:

  1. To craft a furnace, you should have a crafting table. Also, we recommend using any kind of pickaxe to make the mining process quicker. Once you’ve got these prerequisites down, proceed to the next step.
  2. Now, we’ll need cobblestone. Cobblestone is pretty common on the surface but the most surefire way to get some is by mining underground. We’ll need a total of 8 blocks.
    Digging and mining underground is the best way to get cobblestone
  3. Next, open up the crafting menu. Place the cobble stones exactly as shown in the grid.
    Place the cobblestones in the grid as shown below
  4. Place the crafted furnace in your inventory. Equip it and set it somewhere in your base.
    The crafting table (left) and the furnace (right)

Images sourced from VIPmanYT.

2. Obtaining Fuel

To operate the furnace and produce smooth stone, we’ll need some fuel. Coal and wood are the best options, as they are easy to obtain. Coal can be found alongside iron; in ravines, caves and cliffsides. Wood can be acquired from trees and can also be found in villages.

Wood can easily be obtained from trees

3. Obtaining Stones

Stones are found near mountains, or deep underground near the Overlord area. Another way would be to mine cobblestone with a pickaxe that has the Silk Touch. Since these methods are too troublesome, a much simpler way is to craft it using cobblestone and the furnace:

  1. Open up the furnace menu.
    Open up the Furnace menu
  2. Now, add the fuel you obtained earlier in the bottom slot.
    Add the fuel to the bottom slot
  3. Then, add the cobblestone in the top slot.
    Place the cobblestone in the top slot
  4. Let the smelting process finish and you’ll have a stone ready. Place the stone in your inventory.
    The Stone will be crafted when the process completes
  5. Repeat this process as many times you want.

4. Crafting Smooth Stone

Finally, we’ll discuss how you can craft smooth stone. The process is very simple and similar to what you’ve done when fulfilling the requirements stated above:

  1. Once again, open up the furnace menu.
    Open up the Furnace menu
  2. Add the fuel to the bottom slot.
    Add the fuel to the bottom slot
  3. Place the stones you crafted earlier in the top slot.
    Place the stones in the top slot
  4. Then, let the smelting process finish.
    The Smooth Stone should be ready
    The smooth stone should be ready as soon as the process finishes. Place it in your inventory.
  5. Repeat this process as many times as you want.

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Using the Smooth Stone

The smooth stone has a more aesthetic appearance compared to the regular types of stone, but other than that, it seems to have no other function. Well, that is not entirely true. The smooth stone is an essential ingredient required to craft the Blast Furnace and the Smooth Stone Slab.

Smooth stone slabs are very versatile when constructing something as they take less space and and elegant | YouTube

The Blast Furnace is basically a better version of the regular furnace, as it carries out the smelting process twice as fast, while consuming half the fuel. As for the Smooth Stone Slabs, they are blocks that take half the space of regular blocks and do not combine to form a single block, making them perfect for stairs.

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⤷ Crafting a Blast Furnace

To craft a Blast Furnace, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you’ll need the following components: 5 iron ingots3 smooth stone and a furnace. Once these have been obtained, proceed to the next step.
  2. Now, open up your crafting menu. Place the components exactly as shown.
    Arrange the components exactly as shown
  3. Place the Blast Furnace in your inventory.

⤷ Crafting Smooth Stone Slabs

To craft smooth stone slabs, follow the steps below:

  1. In order to craft a smooth stone slab, you need 3 smooth stones. Refer to the process stated in the previous section to craft smooth stone.
  2. Next, open up the crafting menu and place the smooth stone as shown.
    You can craft smooth stone slabs by arranging 3 smooth stones horizontally
  3. Place the smooth stone slab in your inventory.


The smooth stone is not a very useful material by itself. However, when combined with other materials, it can become the incredibly practical Blast Furnace. Therefore, one should never underestimate the value of even the most commonplace material in Minecraft, as it’s bound to have some use. Whether it’s used as a crafting component or by itself, that you’ll have to find out by yourself.


Is the smooth stone better than regular stone and cobblestone?

The smooth stone is only good-looking compared to the cobblestone and regular stone. Other than that, it has no advantages.

Is the smooth stone easy to find?

It is uncommon to find smooth stones naturally in Minecraft. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to just craft them.

Is the smooth stone useful?

By itself, no. However, the smooth stone can be used to craft the Blast Furnace and the smooth stone slabs.

Which one should I craft: the Blast Furnace or smooth stone slabs?

Crafting both is a simple enough process. However, if you don’t want to go the extra mile, we recommend that you craft the Blast Furnace as it is a very handy tool.


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