How To Make Concrete in Minecraft in Easy Steps [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Concrete in Minecraft is used for crafting colorful and decorative structures, offering 16 color options but lacks durability and blast resistance.
  • Obtaining concrete involves finding it in trail runes or crafting it using concrete powder and water, with concrete powder made from sand, gravel, and dye.
  • Crafting concrete requires making concrete powder contact with water, where it solidifies into concrete upon touching the water.

If you’re looking for a block that enhances the color palette of your base in Minecraft, you might want to consider concrete. Concrete may be a common material that you see in construction sites in real life, but in Minecraft, it isn’t all that common. Also, it isn’t as durable as you might think, especially when compared to other kinds of stones in Minecraft. At any rate, let’s look at how you can get some concrete.

Concrete is great for making colorful structures | JayDeeMC

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a block that is primarily used for building more decorative structures. It’s not a particularly durable block but is slightly harder than stone. However, its blast resistance is even worse than the common cobblestone. The only reason why anyone would use concrete is because of its versatility with colors. Concrete blocks have 16 colors and can be used for a variety of themes.

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How to Get Concrete

There are only 2 ways of obtaining concrete in Minecraft:

  1. Finding some in trail runes
  2. Crafting

Concrete in the Trail Runes

Trail runes are the only place where concrete is available naturally in Minecraft. But even then, they might not exactly be what you’re looking for. Since concrete comes in different colors, the one you find in the trail ruins comes in 2 colors: red and cyan. If you want concrete in other colors, you’ll just have to craft it.

Red concrete in the trail ruins | wattles

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Requirements for Crafting Concrete

Before we start crafting concrete, there are some prerequisites we need to take care of: concrete powder and water. Let’s look at how you can get each of these components.

1. Concrete Powder

Concrete powder is, as you’d expect it to be, the main component of concrete. There’s only one way of getting it; through crafting. Hence, to craft concrete powder, you’ll need these items:

  1. 4 Sand
  2. 4 Gravel
  3. Any 1 dye
The recipe for concrete powder


Sand is a pretty easy thing to obtain, both in real life and Minecraft. Simply head to the nearest pond, river, beach or desert and you’ll find more than enough sand for all your concrete requirements.

Red sand cannot be used in place of normal sand for concrete powder.
Naturally, there’s plenty of sand in the desert | JayDeeMC


Gravel is another resource in Minecraft that is quite abundant. It can be found in multiple locations. Therefore, to keep things simple, you should head on over to the nearby pond, river, sea, ocean or hills as it can be found their pretty easily. In the bodies of water we’ve mentioned, it will be found in the shallow end.

The grey blocks are gravel | JayDeeMC

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Dyes are used to infuse a color in an applicable item. There are 16 colors to choose from, and in Minecraft, each dye color is obtained from a different source. Some can be obtained by smelting specific plants, some can be traded, some can be randomly found at different location, and a few are created by combining 2 existing dyes, similar to how you may mix 2 colors to form a new one.

The color of the dye you use determines the color of the concrete powder, and the resulting concrete, block. At any rate, use this diagram to select your choice of dye and start looking for the required materials.

Use this diagram to create your choice of dyes | Minecraft Wiki

2. Water

Technically, you don’t need water in the stored sense. If you’re near a pond, river or any other water body, that is great. However, if you’ve got some kind of well, that’s fine too. Either way, you’ll need a lot of water that’s out in the open. Move on to the final part of the process, when you’ve got enough.

Water bodies like this one should be fairly easy to find | JayDeeMC

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Crafting Concrete

Finally, to craft concrete, you need to make the concrete powder block come into contact with water. This is easy enough, largely thanks to the fact that concrete powder obeys gravity. Few blocks in Minecraft obey gravity, and concrete powder is one of them.

Therefore, the simplest way to convert concrete powder into concrete would be to build a small elevated platform, directly above a body of water and drop concrete powder blocks from there. As soon as the concrete powder block touches the water, it will solidify into concrete and remain suspended above the water’s surface. Use a pickaxe to break down the newly-formed concrete and store it to your inventory.

The material of the pickaxe does not matter, but breaking a concrete block with anything but a pickaxe will drop nothing.
Just add water to the concrete powder block and it will turn into a concrete block | JayDeeMC

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Concrete is a great block for crafting colorful and decorative parts of your base. It’s really easy to craft too, so you can make as many as you’d like. But since it’s not a very durable substance, and very weak against explosives, you might want to steer clear of it if you’re building a base in a dangerous environment.


What is concrete?

Concrete is a block that is primarily used for building more decorative structures in Minecraft. It’s slightly harder than stone, but has significantly less blast resistance compared to cobblestone.

How can I make concrete?

Concrete can be made by making concrete powder come into contact with water. Since concrete powder obeys gravity, it can be made to fall into water from high places. Upon coming into contact with water, the powder will solidify and a concrete block will be found suspended on the water’s surface.

How can I make concrete powder?

To make concrete powder, you’ll need 4 sand, 4 gravel and 1 dye of any color. The color of the dye you choose determines the color of the concrete powder, and concrete, block.

Can I use red sand instead of sand for concrete powder?

No, you cannot use red sand in place of normal sand for concrete powder.


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