How To Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft [3 Easy Steps]

Key Takeaways
  • A blast furnace in Minecraft is a specialized tool for smelting ores, raw metals, and metal tools/armor. It works twice as fast as a regular furnace but can't be used for cooking like a furnace or smoker.
  • Players can find blast furnaces in villagers' armorer houses or trail runes in forest biomes, and they can also craft one using a furnace, 5 iron ingots, and 3 smooth stones.
  • While a furnace and smoker can cook food and process various items, a blast furnace is solely focused on smelting ores and metals at double the speed of a regular furnace.

A furnace is one of the most essential blocks in Minecraft. Without a furnace, you cannot obtain materials normally obtained by smelting, meaning that you won’t be able to craft more complex objects neither upgrade your gear. And while a furnace is good, a blast furnace is better.

Today, we’ll be discussing what is a blast furnace, how you can obtain it, and how does it compare to a normal furnace and a smoker.

A Blast Furnace | RajCraft

What is a Blast Furnace?

A blast furnace is the more advanced version of a furnace, with some drawbacks. While a furnace can smelt, cook, or burn just about anything you put in it, a blast furnace can only smelt ores, raw metals and metal armor and tools. However, they carry out the smelting process twice as fast as a normal furnace. They both have the same fuel cost.

A blast furnace | Minecraft Wiki

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Where Can I Find a Blast Furnace?

You can get yourself a blast furnace through 3 sources:

  1. Find one at an armorer‘s house in a village. Use a pickaxe to break it otherwise, you won’t get anything when it breaks.
  2. Find one in the trail runes in forest biomes. Use a pickaxe to break it otherwise, you won’t get anything when it breaks.
  3. Craft one yourself.
Armorers in villages have a blast furnace with them | RajCraft

Requirements for Crafting a Blast Furnace

A blast furnace is pretty easy to craft as it does not require any rare materials or something that may take a lot of time to procure. Nonetheless, here’s what you’ll need to craft a blast furnace:

  1. A furnace
  2. 5 iron ingots
  3. 3 smooth stones

Now, let’s discuss how you can get each of these items.

1. Furnace

Since the blast furnace is an upgrade to the original furnace. you’ll obviously be needing a furnace. In case you don’t have one, you can find one in a village or craft one easily.

    1. To craft a furnace, you should have a crafting table. Also, we recommend using any kind of pickaxe to make the mining process quicker. Once you’ve got these prerequisites down, proceed to the next step.
    2. Now, we’ll need cobblestone. Cobblestone is pretty common on the surface but the most surefire way to get some is by mining underground. We’ll need a total of 8 blocks.
      Digging and mining underground is the best way to get cobblestone
    3. Next, open up the crafting menu. Place the cobble stones exactly as shown in the grid.
      Place the cobblestones in the grid as shown below
    4. Place the crafted furnace in your inventory. Equip it and set it somewhere in your base.
      The crafting table (left) and the furnace (right)

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2. Iron Ingots

Iron ingots are pretty common, but they’ll take some time to be crafted. Here’s the whole process for crafting iron ingots. Keep in mind you’ll need a furnace for crafting iron ingots:

↪ Crafting iron ingots

  1. Iron can be found in caves, ravines and cliffsides. Use a pickaxe to mine it.
    Using a pickaxe to mine iron ore
  2. Next, you’ll need to smelt the iron from the ore. A furnace will be required for this. Furnaces can be found in villagesships and other such places. Anyhow, place the iron ore in the top slot in the Furnace menu.
    Place the iron ore in top slot of the Furnace crafting menu
  3. Then, you’ll need some fuel to operate the furnace. While coal can be used and is easy to obtain as it spawns near iron, the leftover wooden planks from earlier can also be used. Place the fuel in the bottom slot.
    Place the fuel in the bottom slot of the Furnace menu to starts melting
  4. Place the crafted iron ore in your inventory. Continue mining and crafting until you have 5 iron ingots.

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3. Smooth Stone

Smooth stones are obtainable through smelting stones, which in turned is obtained by smelting the normal cobblestone. Here’s the process:

  1. Open up the furnace menu.
    Open up the Furnace menu
  2. Now, add the fuel you obtained earlier in the bottom slot.
    Add the fuel to the bottom slot
  3. Then, add the cobblestone in the top slot.
    Place the cobblestone in the top slot
  4. Let the smelting process finish and you’ll have a stone ready. Place the stone in your inventory.
    The Stone will be crafted when the process completes
  5. Repeat this process 5 more times.
  6. Now, place the stones you crafted earlier in the top slot.
    Place the stones in the top slot
  7. Then, let the smelting process finish. The smooth stone should be ready as soon as the process finishes. Place it in your inventory.
    The Smooth Stone should be ready
  8. Finally, repeat this process 5 more times.

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Crafting the Blast Furnace

Once you’ve got all the required materials, it’s finally time to craft a blast furnace:

  1. Open up your crafting menu. Place the components exactly as shown.
    Arrange the components exactly as shown
  2. Place the Blast Furnace in your inventory.

Blast Furnace vs. Furnace vs. Smoker

The furnace has 2 other variants; the blast furnace and the smoker. Here’s how the three compare to each other:

FeaturesFurnaceBlast FurnaceSmoker
Works on food?YesNoYes
Works on ores?YesYesNo
Works on metals?YesYesNo
Works on metal armor/gear?YesYesNo
SpeedNormal2x of furnace2x of furnace

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Overall, the blast furnace is an essential tool for your base. Even though it may not be used for cooking purposes, it can still do a quicker job than a furnace when it comes working with metals. Furthermore, it isn’t hard to make one, so it would be a waste not to make one. We hope that this guide helps you out and that you’re able to craft the best gear possible as quickly as you can with the blast furnace.


What is a blast furnace?

A blast furnace is the more advanced version of a furnace, with some drawbacks. It can only smelt ores, raw metals and metal armor and tools but twice as fast at the same fuel cost.

Where can I get a blast furnace?

You can find a blast furnace at the armorer’s house in a village, at the trail runes in forest biomes, or craft one yourself.

What do I need to craft a blast furnace?

To craft a blast furnace you’ll need 5 iron ingots, 3 smooth stones and a furnace.

Is a blast furnace better than a normal furnace?

While a blast furnace smelts twice as fast as a normal furnace, it can only smelt ores, metals, and metal armor/gear. Unlike a furnace it doesn’t work on food. However, since it’s easy to craft, it’s worth having around.


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