How To Make A Brewing Stand in Minecraft [2024 Guide]

Key Takeaways
  • A Brewing Stand in Minecraft is a utility block used for brewing different kinds of potions and also serves as a cleric's workstation.
  • To get a Brewing Stand, you can find one in specific locations such as end ships or igloos, acquire it from a village church, or craft it using 3 cobblestones and 1 Blaze Rod.
  • Brewing Potions requires a Brewing Stand, blaze powder for fuel, water bottles, and specific ingredients for each potion type (e.g., Nether Wart for Awkward Potion, Glistering Melon Slice for Potion of Healing).

There’s nothing like potions in a fantasy game to help you out during a tough situation. Whether you’re having trouble during a boss fight, stuck in an unknown area, or an encounter with a tough enemy; potions are bound to help you out. In Minecraft, it’s the same case. But how does one go about brewing potions in Minecraft? With a Brewing Stand, of course.

The Brewing Stand is a block used to brew potions in Minecraft | @lofiiii

What is a Brewing Stand?

A Brewing Stand is a utility block that is used to brew potions, and also serves as a cleric‘s workstation. It can brew potions of several different kinds, provided that you have the required materials. It is essential if you want to progress in your Minecraft journey without any major problems or serious grinds for rare items.

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How to Get a Brewing Stand

There are several ways of obtaining a Brewing Stand:

  1. Finding one in an end ship. Contains 2 Instant Health II potions.
  2. Finding one in the basement of an igloo. Contains a splash Potion of Weakness.
    A Brewing Stand inside an igloo | RajCraft
  3. In a village church
  4. Crafting one

We’ll be looking at how you can craft the Brewing Stand.

Requirements of Crafting a Brewing Stand

In order to craft a Brewing Stand, you’ll need the following:

  1. 3 stone blocks of any kind
  2. 1 Blaze Rod

Let’s discuss where we can obtain each of these components.

1. Cobblestone

While you can use any kind of stone block to craft a brewing stand, cobblestone is the best option since it’s readily available in large quantities and accessible for beginners too. It can be found by digging just below the ground level. We’ll be needing a total of 3 blocks.

Digging and mining underground is the best way to get cobblestone | VIPmanYT.

2. Blaze Rod

Blaze rods are exclusively obtained from blazes. Blazes are found in nether fortresses and need to be killed by either the player or a tamed wolf for the blaze to have a chance of dropping a blaze rod, which is exactly 50%. Hence, you probably won’t have to hunt down a lot of them as you only need 1 blaze rod. However, keep in mind that eliminating the blaze through any other means will result in no drops.

Only a blaze can drop a blaze rod | Eyecraftmc

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Crafting the Brewing Stand

When you’ve got all the components in order, you can craft a Brewing Stand using your Crafting Table with this recipe.

Place the components exactly as shown

Once you’ve crafted it, place it in your inventory. Then, equip it and choose a convenient spot in your base to place it.

Place the Brewing Stand anywhere you like | RajCraft

Brewing Potions

Since you’ve set up your new Brewing Stand, it’s time to brew potions. Before that, we need to look at how the Brewing Stand menu works and what are the requirements to craft a potion.

↪ The Brewing Stand menu and requirements

The Brewing Stand menu is a bit different from the Furnace‘s. It has 5 slots as shown in the picture below. Here’s what must be placed in each of these slots to brew a potion:

  • Top-left: This is the fuel slot. Unlike a Furnace, which can use multiple kinds of fuel, a Brewing Stand can only use blaze powder as fuel. Blaze powder is dropped by blazes.
  • Top-center: This is the ingredient slot. Here, you’ll need to place the key ingredient of the potion.
  • Bottom 3 branched slots: These are the bottle slots. Depending on how many potions you need, you can place 1 water bottle in each slot. In some cases, other potions may be used instead of the standard water bottle.
Brewing Stand menu layout

Once you place the components in the correct slots, the process will start automatically. An arrow pointing downwards on the right, near the top-center slots, will act as a progress barFinally, here are some popular potion recipes and their requirements:

1. Awkward Potion

While we may have covered the basic requirements above, there is still something left for consideration. The Awkward Potion is a potion that can be a prerequisite to many other potions. Therefore, it’s best to craft it first, and then move on to other potions. Drinking it has no effect on the player, At any rate, to craft an Awkward Potion, you’ll need:

  • A Nether Wart
  • 1-3 Water Bottles
  • Blaze Powder as fuel
The Awkward Potion recipe | JayDeeMC

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2. Potion of Healing

Most of us associate a potion with healing capabilities (thanks a lot, Pokémon). And this holds true to a certain degree, as potions grant a variety of effects. The Potion of Healing restores your health by 8 points (4 hearts) instantly. At any rate, the requirements are:

  • Awkward Potion
  • Glistering Melon Slice
  • Blaze Powder as fuel
The Potion of Healing recipe | RajCraft

Adding Glowstone Dust to the potion will enhance it to the next level and restores your health by 16 points (8 hearts).

Potion of Strength

Exactly what it sounds like, the Potion of Strength enhances your melee damage by 3 points (1-and-a-half hearts) for 3 minutes. This can come in pretty handy against tense situations like when you’re surrounded or in a boss fight. Here’s what you’ll need to brew this potion:

  • Awkward Potion
  • Blaze Powder as both component and fuel
The Potion of Strength recipe | JayDeeMC

If you add Redstone Dust to this potion, it will increase the duration of the potion up to 8 minutes. Alternatively, you can add Glowstone Dust to the potion to enhance your melee damage by 6 points (3 hearts), but the potion will only last for 90 seconds.

Potion of Swiftness

True to its name, the Potion of Swiftness increases your movement speed, along with your jump distance by 20% for 3 minutes. Great for travelling long distances, here’s what you’ll need to brew the Potion of Swiftness:

  • Sugar
  • Awkward Potion
  • Blaze Powder as fuel
The Potion of Swiftness recipe | JayDeeMC

Similar to the Potion of Strength, you can add Redstone Dust to this potion, it will increase the duration of the potion up to 8 minutes. Alternatively, you can add Glowstone Dust to the potion to enhance your movement speed and jump distance by 40%, but the potion will only last for 90 seconds.

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The Brewing Stand is in the same league as the Crafting Table and Furnace in terms of necessities. The potions you brew through it are versatile and can suit your every need. Moreover, if you have the required potions, you can brew them anytime with the Brewing Stand. Therefore, make sure to stock up on those potions, especially before a boss fight.


What is a Brewing Stand?

A Brewing Stand is a utility block that allows you to brew all kinds of potions in Minecraft.

How can I craft a Brewing Stand?

To craft a Brewing Stand, you’ll need 3 stone blocks and 1 Blaze Rod. Since you can use any stone block, use cobblestone as it is very common underground. The Blaze Rod can only be obtained by defeating a blaze, which is found in a Nether Fortress. For the blaze to drop a Blaze Rod, either the player themselves must defeat it, or a tamed wolf can kill it.

What are the essential components of brewing potions?

The 2 essential components of brewing potions using a Brewing Stand are water bottles and blaze powder.

Which potion is the most important potion in Minecraft?

Since you can’t brew nearly any potion without the Awkward Potion, it is the most essential potion in all of Minecraft.


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