The Best Check Writing & Check Printing Software in 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Check writing software allows businesses to create and print checks efficiently. It offers customization, secure printing with MICR ink, and integration with accounting software, reducing errors and saving time.
  • These programs offer features like custom logos, secure check printing, financial record integration, and cost-effectiveness. They help meet banking standards and streamline financial management.
  • Notable software includes Online Check Writer, Checkeeper, CheckBuilderPro, Print Checks Pro, VersaCheck X1, and Checksoft, each with unique pros and cons, ranging from integration capabilities to customization and security features.

Check writing software has transformed how businesses handle their payments. In the past, companies had to manually write out many checks each month, which was time-consuming. Now, you can easily write and print your business checks with just a computer and a printer.

These software helps you correctly format and print the information on check paper, simplifying the task. Some of these check writing software stand out, offer excellent features, work fast and accurately, and are user-friendly.

In this guide, we’ll explain what check writing software is and why it’s important for your business. We’ll also highlight the best check writing software available and provide useful tips on using these tools effectively. With the right software, managing your business payments can be a breeze.

What is check writing software, and why do you need one?

What is check writing software, and why do you need one?

Check writing software is a program you use on your computer to make and print checks. This tool makes creating checks easier and has many helpful features, not just for printing checks.

Interesting Fact: You’ll often hear “check printing software” more than check writing, as the major problem they solve is printing checks for businesses.

It lets you add your business logo to your checks, print them with special secure ink (known as MICR, which stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), and work with your other financial or accounting programs. This helps in managing your finances smoothly.

Here’s why check writing software can be useful:

  • It automates the process of writing checks, which saves time and reduces mistakes.
  • You can customize your checks by adding your business logo.
  • It prints checks with special secure ink and has safety features to lower the risk of check fraud.
  • The software can automatically update your financial records, helping you keep accurate books.
  • It’s more cost-effective than ordering checks that are already printed.
  • The software ensures your checks meet banking standards and helps you easily manage your financial records.

Best Check Writing Software

Choosing the best check writing software is crucial for handling your finances, whether for personal use or business. Here are the top check writing and printing software options:

1. Online Check Writer

Online Check Writer

Online Check Writer, created by a small business owner in Texas, offers a comprehensive and secure way to handle various financial transactions. This platform supports various payment methods, including ACH transfers, credit card payments, and wire transfers.

It’s particularly useful for making credit card payments in scenarios that are not typically accepted, ensuring you still earn credit card rewards. The cloud-based service allows you to pay bills and manage accounts online efficiently.

It also integrates smoothly with major accounting platforms, simplifying your bookkeeping and tax processes. With features like ACH, credit card payments, invoicing, and check printing, Online Check Writer caters to diverse banking needs, ensuring flexibility and security in business transactions.

It’s trusted by over a million users worldwide and is recognized for its simplicity and comprehensive features. Whether you’re paying or getting paid, this tool streamlines your financial transactions effectively.

↪ Pros

  • Works well on both Windows and Mac computers
  • Supports multiple banks and different checks
  • Can spot fake checks
  • Allows payments through phone, email, and fax
  • Can mail checks for you

↪ Cons

  • The ongoing subscription fees may be expensive for small businesses

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2. Checkeeper


Checkeeper is an easy-to-use online check writing and printing software. It offers a 14-day free trial without needing a credit card.

With Checkeeper, you can write, format, and print checks on plain white paper. It’s ideal for both business and personal checks. The software has a drag-and-drop feature to customize your checks with logos, different fonts, and signatures.

If you don’t want to print checks yourself, Checkeeper can do it for you. They handle everything, even mailing the checks to your vendors, saving you from going to the post office.

Checkeeper works well with accounting software like QuickBooks and FreshBooks. It offers secure, encrypted handling of your financial data. Plus, with its powerful search tools and reports, you can easily keep track of all your checks.

↪ Pros

  • Offers top-notch security similar to banks with 256-bit encryption and complies with HIPAA, PCI, and SOC II standards.
  • It can print on almost any check paper for a neat and professional appearance.
  • Provides MICR font encoding, which is essential for check processing.
  • Compatible with popular accounting programs

↪ Cons

  • Some users might face issues integrating it with specific accounting software
  • Lacks an automatic check-signing feature

3. CheckBuilderPro


CheckBuilderPro is available for both Windows and Mac users. It’s versatile, allowing you to make business checks, personal checks, and deposit slips.

One of its key advantages is that there are no monthly subscription fees or charges per check you make or print. This software can do both if you need to print blank checks or complete them with payee and amount details.

You can customize your checks by adding logos, a signature and choosing different fonts. Keeping track of your transactions is easy with its check register feature. It also offers the functionality to print detailed custom reports and summaries, which helps reconcile bank statements efficiently.

For quick future transactions, it memorizes payee data. The Mac version is compatible with “Sonoma,” and the Windows version works with version 11. It’s important to choose the right version for your system when downloading.

↪ Pros

  • Offers a free demo for both Mac and Windows users
  • Keeps a record of checks in a check register
  • Allows for bank statement reconciliation and report printing

↪ Cons

  • Only works with banks in the United States
  • Technical support is limited to an online form for assistance

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4. Print Checks Pro

Print Checks Pro

PrintChecks Pro offers an easy-to-use check writing, editing, printing, and checkbook management system suitable for various business needs. This software allows you to manage your checkbook and print accurate MICR-encoded checks using your mobile device, PC, or Mac.

You can use your bank’s personal checks, blank check stock, or pre-printed check stock in different sizes. The software is designed to work with all U.S. and Canadian bank accounts, making it widely compatible. You can find everything you need for check printing in their online store, including software and pre-printed checks.

PrintChecks Pro software is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. This makes it accessible on various devices, ensuring you can manage your check printing and checkbook wherever you are.

↪ Pros

  • Reasonably priced with a one-time payment
  • User-friendly for people of all skill levels
  • Compatible with both blank and pre-printed checks
  • Offers a handy mobile app for writing and checks anywhere

↪ Cons

  • Does not include complex features such as bill payment and budgeting tools.
  • Limited to working with bank accounts in the U.S. and Canada only.

5. VersaCheck X1

VersaCheck X1

VersaCheck is a complete check writing and printing solution that offers everything you need to format and print checks at home or for your business. This includes business check printers, MICR ink and toner, blank check stock, and check writing software.

With VersaCheck, you can create and print bank-approved checks while saving significantly compared to buying checks from the bank. VersaCheck X1, their flagship software, is designed for personal and business use. It comes with advanced security features to prevent check fraud and ensure safe financial transactions.

VersaCheck X1 can handle multiple accounts and banks, making it a powerful tool for various financial tasks, not just check printing. It can also send and collect check payments via SMS or email, manage bills and receivables, and organize finances efficiently.

↪ Pros

  • Integrates seamlessly with well-known accounting software.
  • Includes enhanced security options to protect against check fraud.
  • Versatile for both individual and business financial needs.
  • Capable of handling and organizing numerous accounts.

↪ Cons

  • The interface may be overly complicated for those who only require basic features.
  • Tends to be more expensive than other basic check printing software options.

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6. Checksoft

Checksoft Software

Checksoft Software is an all-in-one solution for personal finance management. It enables you to design and print your own checks, offering over 20 business and payroll check templates and 100+ personal check designs.

With more than 1,000 customizable backgrounds, logos, and graphics, you can create checks that fit your style. It integrates smoothly with major financial software like Quicken, QuickBooks, and Bookkeeper, allowing for easy data import and check printing.

For managing your finances, Checksoft includes features for balancing checkbooks, scheduling bill payments, and tracking spending. The account reconciliation tool matches transactions with your bank statement, ensuring accuracy. It offers custom financial reports for a detailed analysis of your expenses and an address book to organize contact information efficiently.

↪ Pros

  • Flexible for both individual and business financial needs
  • Includes extensive features for managing finances, such as checkbook balancing
  • Offers a variety of options to customize check designs

↪ Cons

  • Reports from some users indicate problems working with certain printer types.

Tips for using check writing and printing software

Tips for using check writing and printing software

Here are some concise tips to help you optimize your experience and ensure smooth, secure, and compliant operations with these check writing software:

  • Understand features: Learn all software functionalities, including customization and account setup.
  • Update regularly: Keep the software updated for security and improved features.
  • Use quality paper: Print checks on high-quality MICR check paper for better bank processing.
  • Secure data: Use strong passwords and secure your financial data, especially on shared devices.
  • Backup regularly: Frequently back up data to prevent loss from hardware or software issues.
  • Comply with banking standards: Ensure checks meet banking standards for format and information.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the best check writing software tailored to your needs can significantly streamline your financial management, whether for personal or business purposes. These tools offer a range of functionalities, from designing customized checks to integrating with accounting software, all while ensuring high-security standards.

With options suitable for various printer types and the ability to handle multiple accounts, these software solutions cater to a broad spectrum of users. The key is to choose software that aligns with your specific requirements, offering ease of use, compatibility, and advanced features to make your financial transactions as smooth and secure as possible.


How does check writing software work, and what are the benefits?

Check writing software keeps your bank details so you can write checks when needed. These checks match your bank’s rules and are suitable for making payments. The good things about this software are that it’s easy to design checks, accurate, and can handle many checks simultaneously. Some programs keep track of your checks and give you reports.

Can I send my checks online or mail them physically?

Yes, with some check writing software, you can email e-checks or mail physical checks to recipients.

Can I customize my checks?

Yes, you can customize how your checks look with different styles, backgrounds, logos, words, fonts, and signatures. You can even add special graphics and text to make your checks prominent.

Is check writing and printing software different?

Usually, check writing and printing are both in the same software. These tools let you write checks with all the details, like who gets paid, how much, and the date. Then, you can print these checks too. Having both writing and printing in one software makes things easier and faster.


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