YouTube TV Family Sharing: Everything You Need To Know

Key Takeaways
  • YouTube TV allows a single subscription to be shared among up to six family members, each with their own profile and personalized viewing experience, at no additional cost.
  • Users must be in the U.S., family members should be over 13, and the family manager over 18. The service restricts simultaneous streaming and requires all family members to reside at the same address.
  • The "Family Manager" can easily set up and manage the family group through the YouTube TV settings, inviting members via email, and controlling aspects like member addition or removal.

If you have been a part of the YouTube TV service for a while now, you must be aware of all the perks it comes with especially the live channel options. However, YouTube TV also allows subscribers to share their single account with their family members.

Although YouTube introduced the family sharing feature back in 2022 a lot of users still aren’t aware of this long-awaited addition that makes sharing one account to multiple members super simple. In this article, we will discuss all about YouTube TV family sharing and how you can set it up on your account. So let’s dive in!

YouTube TV Homescreen

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that lets you watch live TV from over 100 major cable networks including popular ones like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, etc. From live sports to must-see shows to unlimited storage recording options, YouTube TV is a great choice for anyone who loves to stream live content wherever they go.

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YouTube TV Family Sharing

Apart from being a go-to live streaming service, YouTube TV also allows users to share a single subscription with up to five other family members per household without any additional cost. Each family member not only gets their separate profile but also a customized experience tailored to their viewing preferences.

Additionally, subscribers can also enjoy the benefit of splitting the cost of a subscription by contributing between each member.

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Requirements and Limitations of YouTube TV Family Sharing

YouTube TV family-sharing isn’t all gloomy, it still has a few limitations and requirements you should know about before getting into YouTube TV family-sharing.

↪ Requirements

Although there aren’t any major requirements to subscribe to YouTube TV other than a few but if you are planning to share your account with other members, here are a few more conditions you need to fulfil:

  1. YouTube TV is only available in the United States.
  2. Family members must be at least 13 years old to be eligible for invitation.
  3. The family manager or admin must be at least 18 years old with a personal Google account.
  4. Once your family members join your plan they won’t be able to join another family group.
YouTube TV homepage | YouTube

↪ Limitations

In addition to meeting these requirements, family members also have a few limitations when they join your family group such as:

  • Simultaneous Streaming: Only three of your family members can consecutively watch live TV the other members will have to wait for them to finish.
  • Location Limitation: YouTube TV family sharing is only available for members living under the same roof and YouTube checks in every so often to confirm members’ location as well.
  • Family Manager: The entire subscription plan is managed by a single person—the Family Manager. This includes managing members, suggesting content and most importantly paying the fee.
If you wish to have unlimited streams, you’ll need to purchase the YouTube TV 4K Plus add-on for an additional cost, which allows simultaneous streaming on all 5 devices, along with 4K viewing quality for available content

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How to Set up YouTube TV Family Sharing

Before you can begin sharing your YouTube TV account with other family members, you will need to set up the sharing feature in the app. Here’s how to set up YouTube TV family sharing:

  1. Head to YouTube TV and log into your account. 
    Head to the YouTube TV website
  2. In the upper right corner, click on your profile icon.
    Click on your profile icon
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Settings.
    Select settings
  4. Under Settings, head to the Family Sharing tab and click on the Manage option.
    Head to Family Sharing > Manage
  5. This will direct you to a new Your family on Google window where you’ll need to click on the Get started button.
    Click on the get started button
  6. Next, click on the Create a family group button.
    Click on create a family group
  7. From here, a dialog box will open up with the title Ready to be a family manager? Here, you’ll have a short explanation of what a family manager is. Once you are good to go, simply press the Confirm button.
    Press the confirm button
  8. The send invitation screen should now appear. Here, select the people you want to add to your Family Group via their email addresses or from your contacts.
    Invite members to your family group
  9. And that’s it! You will receive a confirmation window indicating the successful creation of the Family group and the sending of invitations. Click on the ‘Understood‘ button to proceed.
    Select the understood button
For mobile users, the steps to get YouTube TV family sharing up and running are pretty much the same as for desktops. Apart from a few interface changes, you can follow the steps we have mentioned to remove members or even manage your YouTube TV family group.

Accepting YouTube TV Family Sharing Invitations

Now that you have sent invitations to your family members, the rest of the process will be handled from their side. Here’s how to accept and join YouTube TV family sharing:

  1. Head to your Gmail account and open up the invitation you received. 
  2. Here, click on the Accept Invitation option.
    Click on accept invitation
  3. A dialog box with an explanation about your invitation will open up. Click on the Get Started button.
    Press the get started button
  4. Next, Google will ask you for confirmation to be a part of the family. Here, click on the Join Family button.
    Confirm by pressing the join family button
  5. And you are in! You’ll receive a Welcome to the Family! message. You can also explore who else is in your Family Group by clicking on the View Family option. 
    You’re now in a new family group

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YouTube TV Family Group – Add or Remove Members

If one of your members doesn’t use YouTube TV anymore or isn’t part of the same household anymore, you can easily remove family members from the group or add new ones. Here’s how to add or remove members from your YouTube TV family group:

  1. Click on your profile icon on the homepage and select Settings.
    Head to settings
  2. Next, head to the Family Sharing tab and click on the Manage button.
    Head to the manage link
  3. Now, click on the family member you want to remove.
    Click on the family member 
  4. Next, select Remove Member
    Select remove member
  5. You’ll be asked to provide your account details and confirm the removal of the family member. Click on Remove again and you are good to go.
    Press the remove button

If you want to add a family member in replacement to the one you just removed, you’ll need to open up the Family Sharing manager and from there tap on the Invite family member option to send invitations to new members.

Send invitations to family members
Family members need to be active when using YouTube TV as inactive members will automatically be removed after 90 days and will require a new invitation to join again.

Bonus: Leave or Delete a YouTube TV Family Group

YouTube TV family group also allows users to not only leave current family groups but also provides family managers the option to delete entire groups from the settings. Let’s look at both of them individually:

↪ Leaving Your Current Family Group

For users who don’t regularly use the service or are planning to join another Family Group, you’ll need to leave your existing one before joining a new one.

Here’s how to leave your current YouTube TV family group:

  1. Log into your YouTube TV account and tap on your profile icon.
    Open up settings
  2. From here, open up Settings > Family Sharing and click on the Manage option.
    Head to family sharing
  3. Next, click on the Leave family group option in the left menu.
    Click on Leave family group
  4. Google will ask you for your password and confirm that you want to leave.
    Confirm by pressing the leave button

↪ Deleting Your Family Group (For Admins Only)

Family managers can also delete entire groups if most of the members don’t use them as often.

Here’s how to delete your current YouTube TV family group:

  1. Open up YouTube TV and click on Settings from your profile icon.
    Click on your profile icon > settings
  2. Now, head to the Family Manager tab and click on the Manage link.
    Press the manage button
  3. Here, click on the Delete family group from the left menu. Enter your details and confirm your request. 
    Click on the delete family group option
  4. Once you delete the family group, only you’ll be able to use YouTube TV now.
    Confirm by pressing the delete button
Remember if you are leaving a family group or deleting one, you can only switch to a different family group once every 12 months.

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Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV

Hulu is another streaming service that also offers a Live TV version similar to what YouTube TV has. However, YouTube TV offers a few more channels especially local PBS stations that Hulu doesn’t have. Additionally, YouTube TV’s family sharing plan allows three devices to stream Live TV simultaneously as compared to Hulu’s family sharing which only supports two devices at once.

Overall, both of these services offer something unique so if Hulu is on your list make sure to thoroughly check it before deciding on one.

Is YouTube TV Family Sharing Worth It?

YouTube TV family sharing isn’t an add-on that will cost you extra money to get. Instead, it’s a free option that allows you to invite more people to YouTube TV. As YouTube TV itself is a paid service, you should consider a few reasons before getting it.

Although it costs around $73/mo once your first 3 months offer ends ($51/mo) it’s a great replacement for traditional cable and satellite television. It allows you to watch live TV on your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices with your family members.

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YouTube TV subscription plans

However, if you are someone who usually watches regional sports a lot you should stick to your current setup as it doesn’t have the best regional sports network (RSN) coverage. Additionally, as the service is only available for US residents, you can’t access it when traveling outside the United States.

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YouTube TV family sharing is a great way to watch live TV with your family members as long as they meet certain requirements. So if you are planning to watch live TV with your family members, YouTube TV family sharing is a great option for joining a budget streaming option.




Can I access YouTube TV on Roku?

Yes! Roku streaming devices come equipped with a dedicated YouTube TV app that offers pretty much everything a regular YouTube app does including YouTube TV. After downloading the app, you’ll be required to either sign in with an existing YouTube account or create a new one. Additionally, you’ll need to set up a payment method to enable the use of the service

What’s meant by DVR storage?

DVR also called Digital Video Recorder allows users to record videos and uses cloud storage to store them in secure servers. Some subscription services offer a tiny amount of DVR storage space but YouTube TV allows its users with unlimited space to record as many videos as they want.

Does leaving a family group remove your Google account as well?

Leaving the Google family group just takes you out of the group. Your Google account and all your personal Google services will stay the same.


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