YouTube TV Remote: The Best Physical & Virtual Options

YouTube TV has quickly risen in popularity due to its ability to combine multiple live television channels in one place. Even multiple smart TV boxes have now included YouTube TV on their platform. Here arises the question: which remote is the best for controlling the YouTube TV application?

In this article, we’ll explore the best options for both physical and app-based YouTube TV remotes to enhance your viewing experience.

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Physical vs Virtual: Which is the Best For You?

When deciding between physical or virtual remotes, you have to consider this one factor, the age group of the users. Generally, if elderly people are also going to use the service you are better off with a physical remote as they have been using one their whole life and it will be easier for them, rather than teaching them how to use an app-based remote.

However, if only young people are going to be using it then an app-based remote will be better as operating it will not be an issue.

Why You Should Buy an App-Based Remote

  • Customization: App-based remotes offer a higher degree of customization, allowing you to set up features and functions tailored to your preferences.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Using a smartphone-based remote can save money in two significant ways:
    • Eliminates the need for purchasing multiple remotes for different devices.
    • Reduces expenses on separate batteries for each remote.
  • Convenience: With an app-based remote, there’s one less physical item to manage and keep track of.

Why You Should Buy a Physical Remote

  • Ease of Use: Physical remotes provide fixed controls for each action, reducing the chances of accidental presses which can occur with app-based remotes.
  • Independence: They operate without relying on other device batteries, ensuring uninterrupted control.
  • Consistency: No need to worry about external factors like a drained mobile battery affecting its use.

Best App-Based YouTube TV Remotes

Now that you have seen the pros of both physical and app-based remotes, you should decide which one you should opt for. We are now going to tell you about the best physical and virtual remotes for YouTube TV, starting with the best virtual remotes first:

1. Google Home Application

The best app-based application for controlling YouTube TV has to be the Google Home application. It stands out as a versatile and user-friendly tool for managing your home entertainment ecosystem, with seamless integration for controlling YouTube TV.

It is very simple to add your device to the Google Home application, you just need to allow the application to scan its surroundings and when it detects your device, it send a pair request to it. Enter the code displayed on your smartphone in your smart TV and the device will get paired. Just make sure your smartphone and the device are connected to the same internet network.

Once connected it will make your experience extremely easy. The Google Home app has a remote-control feature that lets you adjust the volume, pause or resume playback, turn on subtitles or captions, and access settings. You can also use voice commands with Google Assistant to control YouTube TV and other apps.

In case, Google Home application doesn’t recognize your device, you should try to scan once more. If still there is no recognition, it is possible that your device is not supported by Google Home. You can check the next application or another application in this scenario.

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2. Mi Remote

If you have a Xiaomi phone, you can use the Mi Remote to control the YouTube TV application. This app uses the IR blaster to control different devices. You need to configure the device by trying out the different configurations available for the brand of your device.

You will get to know if you found the remote, when the device responds to it. Once that is done controlling YouTube TV through Mi remote will be simple.

You can easily glide between videos, change the volume, and utilize many other features. The only drawback is that it requires an IR blaster and as most of the phones do not have it, they cannot use this application.

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Best Physical Remotes for YouTube TV

Now that you know about the best virtual remotes for YouTube TV, let’s take a look at the best physical options, starting with:

1. Sofabaton Remotes

The list had to be started with Sofabaton universal remotes. These remotes, mainly U1, U2, and X1, are full of features. They are compatible with more than 500,000 devices, guaranteeing compatibility with your device. In terms of YouTube TV, you can easily and proficiently control it through these remotes.

These remotes are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and other smart home devices. Sofabaton remotes also have a 2-inch AMOLED display embedded in them for visualizing the task you are about to perform. Moreover, using the Sofabaton remote application, you can program the remote buttons and use the application as a remote.

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2. Apple TV Remote

If you use an Apple TV, then you have the best option at your hand. The Apple TV remote is the best remote to control YouTube TV in this case. It comes with Siri integration, so you can also use the voice assistant to control the application.

The touchpad on the remote also makes it easier to perform actions using the remote. The remote is of a large size so it is easier to operate and more difficult to lose. The design is quite sleek and miniamlism but some users have reported it being too slippery. Overall, it is the number one recommendation if you have to use it in a apple ecosystem.

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Note: The Apple TV remote will only work with Apple TV and not with any other devices.

3. Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite is another great universal remote. It can control your YouTube TV and a wide range of other devices like your home theater system, gaming consoles, and smart home devices. It also has a charging hub and an application to control the remote. It is undoubtedly quite expensive, and this is the only reason it was not at the top of our list.

Choosing between this and the Sofabaton remotes will basically be dependent upon your own preference as feature wise they are almost similar. The Harmony Elite features a nicer and bigger overall screen that’s actually touch, with a focus on higher build quality but it comes at the cost of, well, cost!

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4. Amazon FireTV Remote

If you’re using YouTube TV on an Amazon Fire TV device, the Amazon Fire TV Remote is the best choice. It seamlessly integrates with your device and can easily control the YouTube TV application. It has voice controls so you can use the remote without even touching it and you can control other devices with it using Alexa.

Moreover, as it uses Bluetooth, there is no need for a line of sight between the device and the remote which allows for more flexibility than most other remotes out there. It’s also the cheapest option on this list and has great battery endurance, so it will be perfect for those on a budget.

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Note: The Amazon FireTV remote will only work with Amazon devices and not with any other device.


Here they are, the best physical and virtual remotes for controlling YouTube TV. If you’d like to use virtual remotes, we’d suggest that you try both of them. Please make an informed decision for physical remotes, keeping in mind all the aspects, as they are a bit expensive in some cases, and changing them after purchasing would be difficult.

For those already in the Apple or Amazon ecosystem, the choice is easy. Go with either the Apple TV Remote or the Fire TV Remote, respectively. For those looking for a universal remote, we reommend our first choice, which is Sofabaton. But if you need something morer premium and durable, consider spending extra to get the Logtiech Harmony Elite—the best of the bunch.


What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a service of YouTube where multiple news and other channels live broadcast. Subscribers of YouTube TV have to pay a monthly subscription fee to avail this service, where as YouTube is completely free.

What is a universal remote?

A universal remote is a single remote control device that can control multiple devices, such as TVs, DVD players, audio systems, and, in some cases, even lamps.

Do Apple TV remote and Amazon FireTV remote work on devices outside their ecosystem?

Apple TV remote and Amazon FireTV remote are not universal remotes hence they do not work on devices outside Apple/Amazon.


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