How to Get FOX Channel on DirecTV: Channel Numbers

Key Takeaways
  • FOX Channel, including its sports and news segments, is accessible on DirecTV. Channel numbers for FOX vary by location, and viewers can stream FOX content via the DirecTV app or website.
  • The best FOX shows include "The Simpsons," "Family Guy," "MasterChef," and "Next Level Chef." These represent the diverse and popular programming available on FOX.
  • Besides FOX, DirecTV offers channels like NBC, ABC, and CBS. Streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu are great alternative sources for a wider range of entertainment.

Television broadcasting has been a major force for decades, with only a select few channels leaving a lasting impact — FOX being a prime example. Boasting iconic shows like The Simpsons and The X-Files, FOX has garnered a massive viewership.

In this post, let’s take a look at the story of the FOX Channel on DirecTV, where to find it, how to watch or stream it, explore some of its best shows and movies, and discuss alternatives.

FOX Channel on DirecTV

The Story of the FOX Channel

Fox Broadcasting Company, popularly shortened as FOX, has its history dating back to 1986. Founded by Rupert Murdoch, the network quickly became known for its groundbreaking programming, including iconic shows such as “The Simpsons,” “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and “The X-Files“.

Over the years, the FOX Channel has evolved, adapting to the changing landscape of television consumption. In 2019, The Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox which also includes FOX Networks.

The impact of the acquisition extended beyond film and television. Disney’s ownership of 21st Century Fox included assets in the sports domain, with control over networks like Fox Sports and regional sports networks.

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History of DirecTV

DirecTV started back in 1994, bringing satellite TV straight to people’s homes. In 2015, it joined forces with AT&T, one of the biggest telecom companies globally. Then, in 2020, DirecTV got a makeover and became DirecTV Stream.

Now, DirecTV Stream gives you a mix of regular TV channels and modern streaming options, keeping up with the changes in how people watch TV.

Where Can I Find FOX Channel on DirectTV?

Absolutely, FOX is available on DirecTV, giving subscribers access to the latest FOX content. Keep in mind that channel numbers can vary based on your location. To get the precise channel number for FOX on your DirecTV, check the on-screen guide or visit DirecTV’s official website.

LocationChannel Number
Albuquerque, NM16
Arlington, TX4
Atlanta, GA5
Austin, TX7
Bakersfield, CA58
Baltimore, MD45
Boston, MA25
Bronx, NY5
Brooklyn, NY5
Brownsville, TX2
Buffalo, NY29
Charlotte, NC46
Chicago, IL32
Cincinnati, OH19
Cleveland, OH8
Colorado Springs, CO21
Columbus, OH28
Dallas, TX4
Denver, CO31
Detroit, MI2
El Paso, TX14
Fresno, CA26
Fort Lauderdale, CA7
Fort Worth, TX4
Hialeah, FL7
Houston, TX26
Indianapolis, IN59
Jacksonville, FL30
Kansas City, MO4
Las Vegas, NV5
Lawrenceville, GA5
Los Angeles, CA11
Louisville, KY41
McDonough, GA5
Memphis, TN13
Mesa, AZ10
Miami, FL7
Milwaukee, WI6
Minneapolis, MN9
Nashville, TN17
New Orleans, LA8
New York City, NY5
Oakland, CA2
Oklahoma City, OK25
Orlando, FL35
Palm Coast, FL35
Philadelphia, PA29
Phoenix, AZ10
Pittsburgh, PA53
Portland, OR12
Sacramento, CA40
Salt Lake City, UT13
San Antonio, TX29
San Diego, CA69
San Francisco, CA2
San Jose, CA2
Seattle, WA13
St. Louis, MO2
St. Paul, MN9
Tampa, FL13
Tucson, AZ11
Vero Beach, FL29
Washington, DC5

How to Find FOX Sports on DirecTV

FOX Sports is undoubtedly a sought-after channel, and its availability depends on the specific DirecTV package you’ve chosen.

Below, you’ll find the channel numbers for FOX Sports on DirecTV. Remember that certain channels may be available as add-ons to enhance your base plan.

FOX Sports ChannelChannel Number
Fox Sports 1219
Fox Sports 2618
FOX Sports Southeast649
FOX Sports Sun359
FOX Soccer Plus621

How to Find FOX News on DirecTV

FOX News provides a comprehensive source of news, ensuring you’re in the know about current events, politics, and more. You can locate FOX News on channel number 360.

How to Watch/Stream FOX on DirectTV

Masterchef on FOX
Masterchef on FOX

In addition to traditional channel surfing, DirecTV offers multiple ways to watch or stream FOX content. One option is the DirecTV satellite dish, providing high-quality broadcast signals for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Alternatively, users can access FOX shows and movies through the DirecTV app or website, allowing for on-the-go entertainment on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

If that’s not enough, FOX TV can also be seamlessly streamed on, giving you even more flexibility to enjoy your favorite content wherever and whenever.

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Best FOX Channel Shows & Movies

The Simpsons FOX TV
The Simpsons FOX TV

Now that you have access to the FOX Channel, or if you’re considering whether to purchase a subscription to FOX, here are a few shows that have aired on FOX. You can make your decision based on these:

  1. 9-1-1: Brave first responders tackle high-stakes emergencies in the action-packed and dramatic world of “9-1-1.” Led by a stellar cast, including Angela Bassett and Peter Krause, the show captivates audiences with its heart-pounding scenarios.
  2. The Simpsons: An enduring animated classic, “The Simpsons” brings laughter to the forefront with its witty humor and social satire. This animated comedy, spanning generations, continues to charm audiences with hilarious antics and iconic characters, defining the landscape of animation.
  3. Family Guy: Seth MacFarlane’s irreverent humor shines in “Family Guy,” pushing boundaries and tickling funny bones with a diverse cast of characters, earning it a dedicated fanbase. As an animated comedy, it remains a staple for those seeking comedic relief.
  4. MasterChef: A reality cooking competition led by Gordon Ramsay, serves up a sizzling blend of culinary expertise and intense competition. The show’s diverse challenges and international adaptations have made it a hot ticket in the reality TV genre.
  5. Next Level Chef: Gordon Ramsay elevates culinary competition with “Next Level Chef,” testing chefs’ mettle in a high-stakes cooking showdown that promises intense excitement. With fellow judges Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais, it introduces a fresh perspective to the culinary reality genre.

Alternatives to FOX Channel

While FOX has a fantastic lineup, adding some variety to your entertainment choices can be enjoyable. DirecTV itself offers a wide range of channels, including popular ones like NBC, ABC, and CBS, expanding your options for different shows and content.

If you’re looking for even more diversity, streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu bring an extensive library of shows and movies, allowing you to explore a broader range of entertainment at your own pace.

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In conclusion, DirecTV offers multiple channels to immerse yourself in the FOX experience. FOX Network has various channels that offer interesting content and have lots of different shows and movies.


Can I stream FOX on DirecTV?

Yes, DirecTV provides the option to stream FOX content through the DirecTV app or website.

What channel is FOX on DirecTV?

The channel number for FOX on DirecTV may vary, but it is typically found in the lower channel range, usually below 50. Check the table attached above, the on-screen guide or visit the DirecTV website for the exact channel number in your area.

Is there an additional cost for streaming FOX content on DirecTV?

In some cases, streaming FOX content through the DirecTV app is included as part of your DirecTV subscription. However, it’s essential to check your specific plan details for any additional costs related to streaming.


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