Is Terraria Cross Platform with Xbox, PS, Mobile & PC? [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Terraria, a hugely successful 2-D sandbox game from Re-Logic, has earned the highest number of positive reviews on Steam and still enjoys an active community with over 30,000 players online at any given time.
  • The game is available on many platforms like Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux, Google Stadia, and various mobile devices, with ongoing updates that keep attracting new players.
  • Terraria supports cross-play only on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and within the same console family. While it doesn't support cross-play between different consoles, third-party plugins allow Windows and mobile users to play together.

Terraria, the 2D Minecraft-esque sandbox from Re-Logic, is inarguably considered one of the greatest indie success stories within the industry. Since its release over a decade ago, the game has grown past many of today’s most popular titles, achieving the highest number of positive reviews ever recorded on Steam.

While Terraria’s best days might be behind it, there isn’t to say that the game does not have an active player base. Even today, the game has a proper, dedicated community with over 30,000 concurrent players, solely on Steam.

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For new players, this doesn’t mean the game is dying. In fact, one of the key factors that led to the game’s popularity was how easy it is to get into, and with developers continuing to introduce new features, the game remains welcoming to newcomers.

What Platforms is Terraria Available on?

Terraria is currently available to play on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, macOS, Linux, Google Stadia, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

↪ A Brief History

Terraria was originally released on Windows in May 2011. Since then, it has been ported to every popular platform to accommodate for the growing hype and attract new audiences. The project was initially developed by the then-indie studio Re-Logic, which did not port the game to other platforms for the first two years after its release.

The game sold 200,000 copies nearly a week after its release, and with strong performance numbers, Re-Logic sought to bring the game to the popular consoles of the time. Hence, in September 2012, it was announced that Terraria would be ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Terraria | Re-Logic

Shortly after its console debut in March 2013, 505 Games announced that Terraria would be coming to Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, with the ports developed by the Dutch studio Codeglue. Late in the same year, both Sony and Microsoft announced the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. A year later, Re-Logic released Terraria for both of these consoles.

As the game continued to gain traction, Re-Logic announced macOS and Linux versions, which were released in August 2015. This was followed by a Nintendo 3DS release in December 2015. The next year, Terraria was brought to the Wii U.

After a brief gap, during which the development teams for both the console and mobile versions were changed, a Switch port was announced in 2019. Terraria was subsequently released on Google Stadia in 2021.

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Is Terraria Cross Platform?

Despite being available on all major gaming platforms, Terraria only supports cross platform play on mobile devices, across iOS and Android. This means that anyone looking to play with friends on the mobile platform can do so, via the in-game Multiplayer mode.

Terraria on Android | Re-Logic

However, Terraria does not support cross-play between different consoles. PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch users cannot play together. Nevertheless, the game does offer backwards compatibility within the same console family. For example, the PS4 version is playable on the PS5. This backwards compatibility allows PlayStation users to play together across PS4 and PS5.

In the same way, Xbox One and Series X/S players can play together. For the Nintendo Switch however, you can’t login to the same world from a different device.

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How to Enable Cross-Play on Terraria Servers?

While there is no official way for users on different platforms to play together on a single server, the modding community has developed third-party plugins to enable this. These plugins allow Windows and Mobile (iOS & Android) users to log into the same server.

TShock, the server management tool for Terraria, supports cross-platform play through the “Crossplay” plugin. To set this up:

  1. Set up TShock for your Terraria server.
  2. Download the “Crossplay for Terraria” plugin from GitHub.
  3. Upload the Crossplay.dll file to your server’s plugin directory on TShock. To do this, go to your server’s FTP directory, navigate to /ServerPlugins/, and upload the file there.
  4. Restart your server.
Crossplay for Terraria | GitHub

This will enable cross-platform play on your Terraria server.

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Terraria, Steam’s most popular side-scroller, supports cross-play, but only in a limited capacity on mobile devices. The game also offers cross-platform support within the same console family, but it doesn’t include external cross-play functionality. PS4 players can play with PS5 players, but not with Xbox players. Re-Logic, the developers of Terraria, have not announced any plans for broader cross-platform functionality.


Does Terraria support cross-platform play between Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch?

Terraria only supports cross-play on mobile. Other than that, it doesn’t support any sorts of external cross-platform play functionality. You can however, use third-party mods to allow cross-play on a server for Windows and Mobile.

Does Terraria support cross-save within supported cross-play platforms?

Terraria does not support cross-save, even within the mobile ecosystem. Your game progress on Android is synced to Google Play Games, a feature not available on iOS.

Do Terraria’s developers have plans to introduce cross-play in the future?

At the time of this writing, the developers haven’t opened up about the possibility of external cross-play support in the future. The devs are actively pushing updates to the game, but haven’t commented on cross-platform support as of now.


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