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Fix: Error Code 80070490 on a Windows Phone

Even though the Windows Phone Operating System has a few advantages over its competitors and is an OS befitting the modern-day Smartphone user, it is not without its fair share of issues and problems, much like all of the other shareholders of the mobile OS market. One of the most common problems that are known to plague Smartphones running on the Windows Phone OS, especially those of the Nokia Lumia persuasion, is the Error Code 80070490 problem.

The Error Code 80070490 problem leaves the user unable to download or update any Windows Phone applications from the Store as whenever they try to do so they are faced with an error message containing the code “80070490”. While the cause of Error Code 80070490 can be anything from issues at Microsoft’s end to an unverified Microsoft account, the following are the most effective methods that a Windows Phone user can use to try and solve the problem from their end:

Method 1: Make sure that the phone is set to the right date and time

1. Go to Settings > time + date.

2. Set the right time.

3. Set the right date.

4. Finally, make sure that the device is set to the right time zone.

Method 2: Manually sync your Microsoft account

1. Go to Settings > email + accounts.

2. Tap and hold the Microsoft account registered on the phone.

3. When a menu pops up, select Sync to manually sync the Microsoft account with the device.

4. If there’s a warning that says attention required on the screen, tap on it.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to verify the email address, and once the email address has been verified, the Error Code 80070490 problem will have been solved.

Method 3: Factory reset the device and set it up using a different account

If all else fails, the only option a Windows Phone user has left, as wearisome as it may be, is resetting their phone to factory settings and then setting it up using a different account. Resetting a Windows Phone affected by the Error Code 80070490 problem and then setting it up with an entirely different (preferably new) Microsoft account is bound to resolve the issue.


  1. It’s the corruption that results in the error, and diagnosing it would take too much time, so the quickest solution would be to do a new account.

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Fix: Error Code 80070490 on a Windows Phone

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