New ChatGPT Plugin Allows Users to Create Shaders in Unity

With the recent boom in Artificial Intelligence, companies have improved their algorithms, allowing the technology to be employed by industries for work that was previously done manually. OpenAI, the firm behind ChatGPT, has been in the spotlight recently for the mind-blowing innovations it has added. A new addition allows you to create Shaders in Unity by just typing out the requirements.

A new plugin for Unity Developers allows you to create shaders by simply typing out your specifications. Users may now put down the features and adjustments they desire, and ChatGPT will develop the shader for them in no time.

The Directory can be accessed on GitHub, where a gif is also provided to demonstrate the technology at work. Which appears to be quite simple and straightforward to use.

ChatGPT Creating a Shader in Unity | GitHub

Imperfections in AI

A few users tried out the new feature and had varying comments on how well it worked. While it may be preferable to save time and money, the AI is not particularly accurate. You will still need to know how to build a shader so that you may point out the mistakes that are produced owing to the AI’s inexperience.

A user going by the name @rodelero pointed out on Resetera, how naive the tech looks for now. He said:

That little GIF shows it do something really simple, that I can’t imagine anyone would ever actually want to do, and produce a result that is looks low quality (seems heavily aliased, maybe compression?), pity you can’t actually see what the code looks like.

In principle this seems like it could be very powerful but I can also imagine people getting into a huge mess if it’s not operated someone that could write the code themselves.

With recent developments in the AI field, many users have integrated it as a part of their workflow. While AI might be best to get your help from, it is not perfect all the time. Current AI models, such as ChatGPT are based on information that is not up to date, causing problems with answers that you might require.

Google and Microsoft have also released their own AI Bots in order to compete with OpenAI’s successful implementation, although they are far from perfect. OpenAI will shortly release ChatGPT 2, which will, hopefully, include the most recent information and process it far better than the current one.


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